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CASE - Cleveland golf 101410

  1. 1. Success Story A Platform for Innovation TM Cleveland Golf Drives Product Innovation Through Simulation and Optimization Using HyperWorks Designing the Next Golf Club Calif., is a pioneer in the design and Much more goes into a golf club than simply production of advanced clubs and wood, iron and graphite. To shape the the developer of the number-one wedge Key Highlights performance, the distinctive appearance, in the golf industry. The company’s the personalized feel and even the sound engineering research team uses simulation Industry to virtually assess and tune the performance of the club striking the ball, manufacturers Sporting Goods must precisely engineer every aspect of of forward-looking designs to develop Challenge the design. market-leading woods, irons, wedges Meet changing regulations for golf club and putters. design and consistently introduce new products that are precisely engineered Once, this was a very painstaking for shape, feel, balance, sound and process, entailing months of prototype “Design engineers come to us with projects, performance. building and evaluation. Today, however, and we run analyses on everything from wall simulation-driven design has dramatically thickness to the center of gravity location,” Altair Solution Employ the HyperWorks suite of software reduced development time for new golf says Brian Schielke, a mechanical engineer for CAE design simulation clubs while allowing them to meet strict with Cleveland Golf. “We work to tweak the regulations more efficiently. original shape provided by the designer. Benefits •Time savings An extreme new shape might take months •Design optimization Market–leading golf club manufacturer to develop, but a shape that is not as severe •Increased rate of development Cleveland Golf, based in Huntington Beach, may require just a couple weeks.” Keywords: Sporting Goods, Cleveland Golf, HyperWorks, HyperMesh, OptiStruct, HyperStudy, RADIOSS, AcuSolve
  2. 2. Cleveland Golf Success Story “With simulation software like HyperWorks, we have been able to dramatically increase our rate of development. This not only allows us to produce better products but also it frees up our time and allows us to look into the future for the next great technology in golf.” John Rae, Research Manager Cleveland GolfRegulatory and clubs without going beyond the limits.” Shaping and BalancingBusiness Obstacles Adding to the challenge, the USGA recently with HyperWorksCleveland Golf continues to expand its changed the rules specifying groove size, Using Altair HyperWorks computer-aided impacting how future clubs will be designed.use of simulation because it operates in a engineering (CAE) suite of software todifficult regulatory and business environment. conduct simulations, the Cleveland Golf From the standpoint of the economicThe United States Golf Association (USGA) research team balances a variety of design obstacles, consumers are carefullyimposes limitations on golf club heads. variables, including: examining their expenditures and are notIt mandates, for example, the size of • Materials buying as many clubs as they did in the past;the grooves in wedges and irons and • Size so Cleveland Golf needs to create more newconstrains the dimensions of the head. • Shape and innovative products, not just variationsIt also determines the permitted coefficient on existing clubs. • Weight placementof restitution (COR) — or springiness — that • Thickness patternsis allowed in clubs. “Increasingly in this economy, it can be • Placement of internal ribs for durability, challenging for manufacturers to differentiate sound and feel“When the USGA made these rules, themselves from their competitors,” Timmonsno company was designing clubs that observes, “Using simulation is Cleveland To carry out their work and to simplifyapproached the size or COR limits,” says Golf’s greatest asset. It allows us to test the process of manipulating theseScheilke’s engineering colleague, Alex multiple iterations of a club design in ways factors, team members rely heavilyTimmons. “But as clubs have improved, we couldn’t try without simulation. Just a tiny on HyperWorks applications.we’ve reached those limits and have the amount of measurable improvement makescapability to go beyond them. Now we need a big difference, and simulation helps us “HyperMesh allows us to clean up theto figure out how to continue to improve get there.” geometry and trim surfaces easily,” notesModal analysis using RADIOSS shows the location and frequency Cleveland Golf uses AcuSolve™ by ACUSIM Software, Inc., a CFDof the clubs vibrations, leading to how the club will sound and feel. application available through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance, to evaluate the club’s aerodynamics.
  3. 3. Running impacts using RADIOSS shows the launch characteristics of the ball as well as stresses on the head.Timmons. “Geometry mapping is a really nice that the club head makes when striking increase spin. Using HyperMesh and shapefunction, too. We can bring in a new shape the ball, employing modal analysis using optimization to examine a variety of clubfrom CAD and mesh the whole club head in the HyperWorks RADIOSS solver. "We look shapes, as well as thickness locationsfive minutes and run it again. With OptiStruct, at sound as much as performance,” to keep the center of gravity lower,we can set design variables and objectives; Timmons says. “The club must sound and Schielke and Timmons were able toand it tells us where to put thicknesses in the feel good. We can change the shapes, grid maintain the high crown and still achieveclub as well as the center of gravity location.” the performance parameters. configurations, and thicknesses to dial in the sound.”The team members also use HyperStudy,which allows them to optimize material Simulation Saves Months ofproperties, along with AcuSolve™ The engineers know the sound golfers like Design Timeby ACUSIM Software, Inc., one of the in existing clubs. So, they compare new club Cleveland Golf Research Manager JohnComputational Fluid Dynamics solutions designs with previous parts in running their Rae noted, “With simulation softwareavailable under the HyperWorks Partner sound analyses. They also use a robot that like HyperWorks, we have been ableAlliance, to explore the club’s aerodynamics. strikes golf balls consistently, enabling the to dramatically increase our rate of engineers to test different design iterations development. This not only allows us toSimulation-Driven Design with and to measure the sound coming from produce better products but also it frees up the club. Additionally, engineers rely to a our time and allows us to look into the futureBlue-Sky Concepts considerable extent on player testing for for the next great technology in golf.”Creatively factoring these variables intosimulations has helped Cleveland Golf grow feedback on sound and feel and toto become an iconic and innovative leader compare Cleveland Golf clubs with others In fact, simulation both slashes designin club design. in the market. times and improves the final design. “With simulation we’ve saved months of“We do a lot of research on abstract A Crowning Achievement design time and might never have come toproducts,” Schielke says. “We not only Through Simulation the right design without it,” Schielke says.research what the market wants today Throughout the club design process,but also drive the market with blue-sky HyperWorks has helped Cleveland Golf both Looking forward, Schielke predicts engineersconcepts that the market may want five accelerate its time to market and improve will use simulation to cut the weight ofyears from now. Simulation is the easiest the quality of its clubs. clubs even further, while maintaining theirand most cost-effective way for us to carry traditional look. “Simulation will play a hugeout this kind of innovation. We’re really using For example, to create a distinctive role in weight reduction,” he anticipates,simulation to drive design, to determine theattributes of the club to correspond with appearance, engineers wanted one club to “and we increasingly will be simulating thewhat we want to achieve.” have a higher, more bulbous crown than the shaft, the grip, the whole club, not just traditional club and to feel and sound softer the head. Our focus is shifting from theIn addition to evaluating the structural than the previous model. The club also club head to the entire club and the swing.performance of prototypes, Cleveland Golf needed to deliver a lower spin, but raising We’re trying to bring the best engineeringuses simulation to predict the sound club weight with a heavier crown would that we can to golf clubs.”
  4. 4. About Altair Altair empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information. Privately held with more than 1,300 employees, Altair has offices throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. With a 25-year-plus track record for innovative product design and development, advanced engineering software and grid computing technologies, Altair has more than 3,500 corporate clients representing the automotive, aerospace, government and defense, and consumer products verticals. Altair also has a growing client presence in the life sciences, financial services Visit the HyperWorks library of and energy markets.Success Stories at A Platform for Innovation TM Performance Simulation Technology HyperWorks is an enterprise simulation solution for rapid design exploration and decision-making. As one of the most comprehensive, open-architecture CAE solutions in the industry, HyperWorks includes best-in-class modeling, analysis, visualization and data management solutions for linear, nonlinear, structural optimization, fluid-structure interaction, and multi-body dynamics applications. One Platform. One License. One Source. All Access. Altair’s HyperWorks platform for enterprise analytics has been opened to third-party applications, all of which are available to customers under one license using the revolutionary on-demand software licensing system. Altair extends the HyperWorks Platform from 28 internally developed solutions to over 50 applications with the addition of new partner applications. Customers can invoke these third party applications with little or no incremental cost utilizing their existing HyperWorks licenses. Altair Engineering, Inc., World Headquarters: 1820 E. Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI 48083-2031 USA Phone: +1.248.614.2400 • Fax: +1.248.614.2411 • • Altair®, HyperWorks®, RADIOSS™, HyperMesh®, BatchMesher™, HyperView®, HyperCrash™, HyperGraph®, HyperGraph®3D, HyperView Player®, OptiStruct®, HyperStudy®, HyperStudy®DSS, MotionView®, MotionSolve™, Altair Data Manager™, HyperWorks Process Manager™, HyperForm®, HyperXtrude®, GridWorks™, PBS Professional®, and e-Compute™ are trademarks of Altair Engineering, Inc. All other trademarks or servicemarks are the property of their respective owners.