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Do You Have Adequate Vitamin D Level | Mohammed Altaaf Sharif


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Vitamin D insufficiency has turned into a pandemic with around 1 billion individuals everywhere throughout the world having low

levels of vitamin D. Although sufficient levels of vitamin D can be delivered by the body with customary presentation to daylight,

vitamin D deficiency wins in Australia because of a few different variables like dietary propensities, expanding contamination and

hereditary qualities.In this Presentation Mohammed Altaaf Sharif sharing Adequate Vitamin D Level.

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Do You Have Adequate Vitamin D Level | Mohammed Altaaf Sharif

  1. 1. Do You Have Adequate Vitamin D Level Mohammed Altaaf Sharif
  2. 2. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to over a hundred health issues till now. Here are top health risks you might face due to low levels of vitamin • Brain damage • Cardiovascular Risk • Hypertension • Diabetes • Flu • Anaemia
  3. 3. Brain Damage A recent study led by researchers at the University of Kentucky showed that low levels of vitamin D can cause damage to some proteins in the brain of rats. The study also suggested that deficiency of vitamin D can affect the oxidative status of the brain, cognitive performance and memory power.
  4. 4. Cardiovascular Risk A population-based study of 9,949 adults showed that vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with increased risk of fatal cardiovascular events. The study considered adjustments for smoking, physical activity and other factors contributing to heart diseases and concluded that vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases (CVD) by 62%.
  5. 5. Hypertension Research based on a large scale observational data showed that people having low levels of 25- hydroxyvitamin D (a form of vitamin D) had a higher risk of developing hypertension.
  6. 6. Diabetes The number of diabetic people is increasing day by day and most of them might be deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is required to balance sugar levels in the blood by regulating the secretion of insulin. Research suggests that low levels of vitamin D increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.
  7. 7. Flu Do you suffer from recurrent cold and respiratory infections? Instead of blaming the seasonal changes, check your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has an important role to play in activating the cells of your immune system which help to fight infections.
  8. 8. Anaemia Anaemia occurs when your body does not have sufficient levels of red blood cells that carry oxygen to various parts of the body. But the main underlying reason for anaemia might be vitamin D deficient.
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