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  • 2. transportation, manufacturing, agriculture,
  • Assignment 1

    1. 1. Distance Education and the Internet TECH4101Dr. Alaa Sadik,Done by:Ayoob Al-Shukaili (90376)Khalfan Al-shuaili (89193)Instructional & Learning Technologies
    2. 2. Distance Educationand the InternetTECH4101Lecture One (Week 2)DefiningDistance Education Interactive Presentation
    3. 3. Defining Distance EducationBackground:1.The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century (seeWikipedia) →2.Developments in various fields of technology (giveexamples) →3.Offered new solutions for delivering instruction →4.Learners’ interests (in what?) were enhanced →5.Increase in the subject areas offered by distanceeducation →6.Became one of the formal means of education.
    4. 4. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Defining the meaning of distance education may provide agood starting point to recognise its elements.Use Google to search for:define:distance education
    5. 5. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Use Wikipedia to find more info aboutdistance education and distancelearning
    6. 6. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Discuss the definitions you found with yourteam
    7. 7. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Clarify the definitions using the informationyou found in Wikipedia and other sites.
    8. 8. Defining Distance EducationWhat is distance education ordistance learning?Distance education is defined as a complex communicationprocess which happen between students, instructor, content, andmachine using different types of digital technology, which aimedto make learning available for anyone in any place without noobstacles at anytime. It is an organized process that involvesadministration, staff support, technical support, and design andevaluation experts.
    9. 9. Defining Distance EducationDistance education or distance learning? There are some differences between distance education and distance learning….(Distance education) is more wider and organized, for example: distance educational institution has administration department, faculty department, staff and technical support department, and so on. On the other hand, (distance learning) we can say about it, random process without organization. 
    10. 10. Defining Distance Education History of distance education and technology (old technology) Broadcast Radio Broadcast Radio Interactive Interactive & TV & TV television television 1883 1964 1980 1921 1980CorrespondenceCorrespondence AIM project & the AIM project & the Internet / /Web Internet Web Education Education UK open University UK open University
    11. 11. Defining Distance EducationHistory of distance education andtechnology (modern technology)o Appearance of internet and social networko Advancement in the smart phone and it is impact on the field ofdistance educationoVideoconferencing & mobile learningoLearning become flexible, open, and distributed
    12. 12. Defining Distance Education Time for Presentation
    13. 13. Defining Distance EducationIn conclusion, many key features characterize distance education:1. The separation of teacher and learner;2. The separation among learners;3. The use of one medium to deliver instruction;and4. The use of a communication channel tofacilitate interaction and support learners.
    14. 14. The EndQuestions & Discussions