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Docker 101 @KACST Saudi HPC 2016


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This workshop will cover the Theory and hands-on of Docker containers, and Its eco system. The foundations of the Docker platform, including an overview of the platform system components, images, containers and repositories, installation , using Docker containers from repositories e.g. dockerhub, how to create a container using Dockerfile, containers development life cycle. The strategy is to demonstrate through "live demo, and shared exercise" the reuse and customization of components to build a distributed system case service gradually

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Docker 101 @KACST Saudi HPC 2016

  1. 1. Saudi HPC 2016 Tutorials @WALIDSHAARI 21st April 2016
  2. 2. § KACST to giving us this opportunity § Docker Inc. For allowing us use some of their graphics from docker slideshare § Christian Qnib @CQnib for the valuable HPC insights, and slide ideas for CNAME § All for attending
  3. 3. § vim/Emacs § Linux § Git § vagrant § Windows § Development/Operations/other § Devops § Configuration management tool § Containers § Schedulers § Containers management tools, or distributions § Cluster management tools
  4. 4. 0.0.3 March 2013 1.0 June 2014 1.1 July 2014 1.2 August 2014 1.3 October 2014 1.4 December 2014 1.5 February 2015 1.6 April 2015 1.7 June 2015 1.8 August 2015 1.9 November 2015 1.10 Feburary 2016 1.11 April 2016
  5. 5. Linux features? Name spaces? cgroups? Lxc? Union file systems Configuration management ? Virtualization technology? npm jar Packaging ? rpm deb tar.gz Virtual/environment management ?
  6. 6. Manual configuration Traditional VMs Less Portable Minimal overhead Most Portable Lots of overhead Configuration Management tools Containers Docker Intel Clear Containers
  7. 7. § There are other containers § Shifter § Didn’t like it,it made wrong assumptions about containers, and meant for CRAY, it exploits the current Docker registry system to build its own chrooted squashefs containers in loopback devices, does not have the full Docker advantages. § Singularity § Rocket § Back to the Linux/Unix philosophy,developed by CoreOS team § Intel clear containers § One possible solution to Container security
  8. 8. Container encapsulate an application completely with all of its software dependencies into a standardized unit for software portable across different platforms*.
  9. 9. Bin/Libs APP C Docker Engine Docker capable OS Bin/Libs App B Bin/Libs APP A
  10. 10. Bin/Libs Database Docker Engine Docker capable OS Bin/Libs Load balancer Bin/Libs Web ServerWeb Server Bin/Libs
  11. 11. • Open Source Devops platform • empowers developer to build and package services and applications • ship containerized applications as independent building unit “Lego” • Enables continuous delivery, and deployment • Portability, reproducibility • Behaves the same way in production, or other env. • Run standalone or distributed
  12. 12. § Docker Core Components: § Engine : Portable (light/heavy) weight run time, and packaging tool § Registry : Central repos to manage sharing of packaged Docker images, and enabled (build, ship, release, run) workflows ( the default registry Docker HUB) § Containers Eco System § Modular § Check Schedulers § Compliant § OCI § Holistic § End to end workflows
  13. 13. § cgroups by Google § namespace by IBM § selinux by NSA § iptables § Docker in March 2013 was a lightweight runtime and robust tooling to build and ship the encapsulated operating environment to run virtual containers on Linux for your distributed applications.
  14. 14. § Image: The basis of a Docker container § Docker Container: The standard unit in which the application service resides "running image instance" § Docker Engine: Runs on Linux, Creates,ships and runs Docker containers deployable on physical or virtual host locally,in a datacenter or cloud service provider § Docker Machine: Docker Machine is a tool that lets you install Docker Engine on virtual hosts,and manage the hosts with docker- machine commands.You can use Machine to create Docker hosts on your local Mac or Windows box, on your company network,in your data center,or on cloud providers like AWS or Digital Ocean. § Docker Registry: On-premises registry for image storing and collaboration
  15. 15. Containers • Packages up software binaries and dependencies "minimal" • Isolates software from each other • Container is a standard format • Easily portable across environment • Allows ecosystem to develop around its standard Container
  16. 16. § Deploy faster, and more often § Shorter time between deploys § Resource usage improved too (2x-10x) § Portability Freedom: Move containers around (laptop to workstation, laptop to servers, colo-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-colo, ...)
  17. 17. Network Storage I/OMemoryCPU CGROUP 1 CGROUP 2 CGROUP 3 CGROUP 4 CGROUP 5 CGROUP 6 CGROUP 8 CGROUP 9 CGROUP 7 - Other subsystems: • DEVICE • HUGETLB • CPUSET
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Host Isolation is achieved via Linux kernel namespaces Container 3 pbs_serve r pbs_sched sshd Container 2 mpi_task(s) pbs_mom sshd Container 1 mpi_task(s) pbs_mom sshd Mount IPC UTSNetworkPID USER
  20. 20. Container have several name spaces Host Container 2 mpi_task(s) pbs_mom sshd Container 1 mpi_task(s) pbs_mom sshd Mount IPC UTSNetworkPID Container 3 pbs_serve r pbs_sched sshd USER
  21. 21. Network namespace can be shared between one or more container Host Container 2 mpi_task(s) pbs_mom sshd Container 1 mpi_task(s) pbs_mom sshd Mount IPC UTSNetworkPID Container 3 pbs_serve r pbs_sched sshd USER
  22. 22.
  23. 23. 1- Go to 2- then start installation 3- Ensure git bash terminal is installed 4- invoke a git bash terminal 5- verify the docker-machine
  24. 24. 1- Initialize the Docker machine environment 2-Verify the Docker-machine docker-machine ls docker-machine env default 3-You might need to create a virtual default machine
  25. 25. You might need to create a virtual default machine docker-machine create --driver virtual box default
  26. 26. eval `docker-machine env default` docker run hello-world
  27. 27. docker search hello-world
  28. 28. docker search –s 20 alpine curl -s -S '' | jq '."results"[]["name"]' |sort
  29. 29. docker pull docker pull mhart/alpine-node docker pull python:2.7-alpine docker pull manomarks/worker docker pull redis:alpine docker pull postgres:9.4 docker history syed/linpack
  30. 30. $docker pull alpine:2.6 $docker images
  31. 31. $docker run alpine:latest cat /etc/alpine-release $docker run alpine:2.6 cat /etc/alpine-release $docker run alpine:2.6 uptime $docker run alpine:latest uptime
  32. 32. $docker history alpine:latest $docker history alpine:2.6 $docker history syed/linpack
  33. 33. docker images docker ps -a
  34. 34. -I interactive -t
  35. 35. for i in {1..10}; do docker run alpine uptime;done docker ps -a man docker-rm docker ps –a docker rm container [container...] Or: docker rm `docker ps --all -q` What if you want to remove: volumes associated with the container? Links associated with the container? Running container(s)?
  36. 36. docker stats docker ps -a
  37. 37. [walid@silverII ~] $ docker run seqvence/static-site
  38. 38. How to pass a signal to Kill?
  39. 39. docker run --name static-site -e AUTHOR="Walid Shaari"-d -P seqvence/static-site
  40. 40. § From the docker-machine § $ docker-machine ip default docker run --name static-site-2 -e AUTHOR="Your Name" -d -p 8888:80 seqvence/static-site
  41. 41. § Base § Child § Official § User
  42. 42. § § In your homedir § git clone § cd docker-birthday-3/example-voting-app/ § Follow instruction for compose, and swarm § Check example enteries §
  43. 43. To share the host network, PID, and IPC namespaces with the container, run the following command: $ docker run -it --net=host --pid=host --ipc=host alpine sh
  44. 44. • There is more • Schedulers • Nomad • Kubernetes • Mesos • Storage engines • ZFS • BTRFS • CEPH • Network overlays • And definitely there is more to be awesome!