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Victory plan


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Victory plan

  1. 1. East Cost strategy plan
  2. 2. Chapter 1 (The DEALERS Guide Lines Design &Image) *The dealers is located at a strategic place in KHOBBAR city with exits that provide safety in & out of the riders *The dealers needs to be at least 700mt" to provide for the whole project (Show room, Work Shop, Parking, Coffee shop) *The dealers should be as in the standards of the original dealers standers, but with minimum cost *The dealer is divided to: 1- Show Room (Bikes, Accessories, Clothing Line, Staff Offices, Cashers) 2- Work Shop (Working Aria with all the tools, Parts Storage) 3- Inside Parking (Parking for at least 50 bikes with personal locker, 2 Shower room) 4- Coffee Shop (Coffee makers, Pool Table , Ping-Pong Table, TV & DVD players, Internet access, Seats & chares with tables) *The dealers aim is to establish a comfort zone for all the bikers (FROM ANY BRAND) *The dealers should have class A cover plans for the customers.
  3. 3. Chapter 2 (Establishment Main blueprint) 1- Car Parking & Bike Parking with Sheds over the bikes. 2- Show Room. 3- Work Shop & Parts Storage. 4- Inside Bike parking (Each Bike has the parking with 1mt width & 2mt length and behind the bike a locker shelf for the riders gear and a protective lining on the walls for the bikes wile parking , a chart for each bike with info of the washing times and oil changes). 5- Coffee aria with all its accessories to welcome the riders 24/7. 6- Magnetic Card doors entrance for the Bike (And / Or) the personal with the member ship.
  4. 4. Chapter 3 (Market Strategy for Polaris & Victorybrand) *Polaris: 1- Considering the desert marsh is one of the best hobbies in Saudi, the market strategy should be focused on 2 lines A- The more affordable brands with leasing options from the banks B- The bigger models which can be sold to the military sector with separate maintenance contracts. 2- Because of the heavy computation of other cheaper brands, the market strategy should be aimed at the league of society whom share the love of the sport. 3- Establish a teem of Polaris riders registered in the "Saudi Arabian Motor Federation" and get the license for a desert rally around the Kingdom with sponsors for the activities with the help of the media. 4- Give the Polaris a boost using the Victory brand in a all day event of riding bikes and dirt bikes and put the idea of both brands are one in the fun and one cant go with out the other. 5- Planning AT LEAST 2 ride events every month for the public to give awareness about the product. 6- Worst case scenario get the older models to be sold with benefits to the small businesses owners of desert bike rentals.
  5. 5. *Victory: 1- To achieve the target of the bike sales we have to put in mind the reasons people go with other brands. 2- Pricing is an essential part that has to be considered with a good leasing plan and after sales promotion. 3- Before selling any unit there must be a well developed plan of activities & events for the riders LOCALLY AND INTERNASHONALLY. 4- Taking advantage of the person networking with others based on "Word of Mouth" strategy to market the brand. 5- The "Costumer is always right" is the main and most important method of making the sales. 6- Employing people with the love and passion of the sport with confidence of the community is 50% of getting the people to buy the brand. 7- Giving the choices of "AFTER MARKET" parts to the brand is also an essential formula to gain the customer interest. 8- A well trained personal in the work shop that can work on maintenance of the brand as well as "THE OTHER BRANDS" is 70% point of power to shift the bike owners business to our work shop. 9- A good pricing of the hour fees of the work shop is the 30% remaining of getting ALL the business for sure.
  6. 6. 10- A well organized database of every customer lovesand needs means a loyal customer for life.11- Having a back up plan of offers and market strategywhen the other brands try to get its customers back.12- Making a direct link with the mother CO and askfor support on the market strategy of the events.13- The Motto of the dealers is "If you have idea for us,say it don’t write it".14- Treating every customer as an INDIVIDUAL andnot as one of the customers.15- A local web site for the east cost with SMS option isa major advantage in getting the feed back from all thecustomers in important subjects (showroom, workshop,café, customer care, new ideas) & also give everycustomer his own page with his pictures ,videos ,personal info , blogs … ext.16- COOPERATION with all government authorities(SAMF, law enforcement departments, GPYW … ect) in maintaining a data base of the riders and issuing allthe necessary papers for any new rider as well as therenewal of the rest.17- Knowing the concept of success of the dealers isdivided to 4 parts, all have to work individually to gainthe max satisfactory of the customer. Bike Show Park Room Work Café Shop
  7. 7. Chapter 4 (Show Room guide lines) *Bikes: 1- Every person has his own taste in bikes and a bike that fits him, NEVER FORCE a model of bike on him and lit him have the freedom of the choice of his own taste. 2- Help the customer in making a picture in his mind of what his bike should look like (Paint, Accessories, …ext) 3- Every sales man should have a laptop with links to local web site for info of each bike and colors and parts catalog. 4- Every sales man should understand he is not selling a bike, but selling a LIFE STYLE. *Clothing: 1- Explain the clothing line is more than a fashion statement; it’s a safety concern for every one. 2- The sales man should help the customer in making the right choice of clothing and colors that fits him/her. 3- Conduct every season a sit down with the customers and ask them to CHOOSE THE GEAR they would like to wear & buy. 4- Not limiting the clothing line on only one brand. 5- Gather in every customer database his (Size, favorite brand, colors, …ext) 6- For every amount paid for sales, the customers collect points he can get exchange for merchandise. 7- Cooperate with local shops to produce (Mugs, Pins, T-Shirts, Patches, DVDs.. Ext).
  8. 8. 8- Change the show room ARRAGMENT every few months. 9- A GIFT of appreciation to all the VIP customers is a MUST for every major buy.*Parts & Accessories: 1- A major point is to have all the accessories in storage or shipped ASAP when needed. 2- Conduct a deal with other BRANDS SPARE PARTS distributor to have their parts on hand with competitive prices. 3- Distribute AFTER MARKET parts for ALL BIKE BRANDS. 4- The sales man should have the knowledge of HOW to accessories the bikes & GIVE IDEAS to the customers. 5- Have a database of all the most wanted accessories from all the bikers and make sure its provided to them at any time needed. 6- For every amount paid for sales, the customers collect points he can get exchange for merchandise. 7- Make sure the catalogues of all the brands is always available at all times as HARD & SOFT COPIES. 8- SMS & E-mail the customers when ever there is new merchandise, BUT DON’T SPAM THEM. 9- Always give SUGGESTONS ON THE CHEEPER PARTS 1st, and then give more expansive alternative. 10- In the Parts & Accessories DEP there must be ALWAYS PICTURES OF COSTOMIZED BIKES. 11- The sales man MUST NEVER EVER under mind any idea of the customer UNLESS it’s a SAFETY ISSUE. 12- The sales man MUST ALWAYS ADVISE THE CUSTOMER FOR A 2nd OPINION from other customers with the same parts requested.
  9. 9. Chapter 5 (Work Shop guide lines) 1- ALWAYS WORK HAND ON HAND WITH THE PARTS & ACCESSORIES DEP. 2- All the workers MUST know how to work on ALL BRANDS. 3- Working hours on the bike is determined on the MANUAL of the bike. 4- The PRICING of the hour MUST BE LESS than others at ALL TIMES. 5- Any out side job is ONLY done in agreed on work shops with a percentage of the cost. 6- The order of bike working on is done according to the costumer MEMBERSHIP RANK card. 7- Their MUST be at least 3 mechanics and 3 assistances & 2 painters with 1 assistance to work on all bikes. 8- For any long ride event arranged by the dealers their MUST be 2 personal from the work shop with the riders on a mobile work shop. 9- After the job is finished the bike MUST be washed before the customer pick up. 10- For every job hours on the bike, the customers collect points for free hours. 11- Any courses there is for the maintenance of the bikes should be acquired by the workers. 12- Hold an annual meeting of all branches to exchange the knowledge and new methods of maintaining the bikes. 13- Any SPECIAL PROJECTS of the dealers or INDIVIDUAL PROJECT of any customer must be kept TOP SECRET until the end. 14- At NO COST AT ALL should a customer be standing beside any other bike BUT HIS, unless there is
  10. 10. a written or verbal conformation by the owner of a bikestating he sent "…" to chick on his bike.15- All workers should give a one day more to the job tomake time for any delay they might face during the job.16- If a customer wants to work on his bike he shouldhave the permeation of the dealers manager and haveassistance with him at all times & the customer HAVETO put on the safety gear at all times.17- The customer have the right to bring his own parts& accessories, but the guaranty is limited to the installwork only and not of exchange for a damaged part.18- Any remote work out side of the work shop for thecustomers is considered to be over time for the workerplus the expanses of the transportation and any otherexpanses is paid by the customer after agreeing on therate estimation provided by the work shop for the jobneeded.19- All workers MUST work as instructed in themanuals; any mistake the worker will be heldresponsible for it at once.20- After every job on the bike there MUST be a testride and a final chick up on the bike.
  11. 11. Chapter 6 (Indoor Bike Parking guide lines) *Indoor Parking Aria Guide Lines: 1- The entrance of the parking is through a garage door that only opens using a security card holding the ID #, name, info, parking # …EXT. 2- Surveillance cameras are set on with recording on all angles of the parking 24/7. 3- The garage HAS TO BE padded with phloem or any other material to reduce the thunderous sound of the bikes. 4- NO ONE WITH OUT A VALID ID CAN GO INSIDE THE PARKING ARIA unless escorted by an ID holder or any of the dealers personal. 5- Any member parks in any other parking but his would get a warning at once. 6- The ID is issued based on 1 PARKING SPACE, if the customer has more than one bike he should pay for all the parking space he needs but uses 1 ID card for all the bikes. 7- The customer MUST PROVIDE THE PERSONAL WITH A VALID SPARE KYE kept in a safety box in the parking aria. 8- Every customer should provide the personal of the date & time he would like the bike to get washed. 9- Every week the workers MUST chick the oil level and tire pressure on all the bikes. 10- The parking aria MUST HAVE AN AC WORKING ALL THE TIME to preserve the bikes. 11- Provide the parking aria with 2 bathrooms equipped with showers & changing aria. 12- The member ship is not for the parking; its for the LIFE STYLE OF HAVING VIP SERVICE.
  12. 12. *The Parking Service: 1- Width 1mt. 2- Length 2mt. 3- Safety pad (To prevent any bumps or scratches on the bike if parked too close to the wall). 4- Riding gear storage shelf (Cabinet). 5- Total length from the wall to the end of the bike is (2.5 – 3mt). 6- Hanging writing pad with charts & info of the bike.
  13. 13. *Riding gear storage shelf (Cabinet). The shelf or cabinet is located behind every bike, and its main purpose is to equip every rider with his personal belongings in a safe place, the options of what to store is for the owner to decide, for example: riding gear, extra clothes, towels, shampoo & soap, extra mobile charger, medication needed at all times…EXT Every cabinet has 2 keys, one is with customer and the 2nd is kept with the dealers in case the 1st is lost. The customer should keep the key at all times with him and not give it to any one, the dealers is not responsible of anything lost if the key is miss handed to any one other than the original owner.
  14. 14. * Writing pad with charts: The main point of having such a pad is to have a record of each bike in the parking with the necessary info about the bike, maintenance time, washing times and so on, the chart is located behind the bike and hanged on the Gear cabinet door so the customer would know what is happing to his bike & having a weekly copy of the chart in the customer file in the dealers, the format should be as followed :ID# A-001 Name: Mobile# License plate# Sami A. Al-Shammary 05******** ١١١‫ي ي‬HOG/VIP ID # Bike Model Next maintenance ID Expiry date: time:SA0000001 Victory VISION TOUR 2009 01 / 11 / 2009 01 / 01 / 2010Week Wash date Wash Time Tire pressure Oil level maintenance time 1 SAT 1:30 pm Ok Ok NA 2 SAT 1:30 pm Low Ok NA 3 MON 9:00 am Ok Ok NA 4 SAT 1:30 pm Ok Low Mon 5 / 12 / 2009 5 THU 11:30 pm Ok Ok NA 6 THU 11:30 pm Ok Ok NA 7 8 9 10 11 12 PARKING AGENT PERSONAL REMARKBike needs to be checked for oil leaking, booked the work shop on MON 5/12 at 10 AMParking Agent ID #: 12345Name: S. JakeSignature:
  15. 15. Chapter 7 (Members café & Group guide lines) *The Members of the groups and life style provided: The HOG (Harley Owners Group) & VRA (Victory Riders Association) are the clubs devolved by the companies for their enthusiast customers as a separate department to give the experience of the freedom of riding the roads all around the world, and benefit of the life styles of been a proud owner of a brand name motorcycle. The card it self provides benefits in some places with discounts in hotels, restaurants, diners, cafés, airlines, but nothing in return in the Medal East as it should be. The members should benefit of our membership card, their for a cooperation with the local hotels, restaurants & others must be made with them to gain the offers and discounts for our customers whom would be enjoying the life style IN & OUT of the dealers knowing that they didn’t just get services of a work shop & parking, but got the VIP life style of card holders. Some of the brand names aimed for dealing with are: (Starbucks, Costa coffee, Al-Lewan, Chilies, Applebees, Tony romas, Johnny rockets, Hard rock café, Holydays inn and other resorts in the eastern region and Bahrain) Such cooperation is done with our help for the local business listed above by doing publicity events agreed on.
  16. 16. A proposal of having a NEW CONCEPT for member ship cardEXCLUSIVE to the dealers in the east cost is essential to set thestandards of a local motorcycle clubs in the region and also to beset for other regions in Saudi and in hope to get other GCCcountries and move to world wide under the POLARIS COcooperation. Front Back
  17. 17. The card it self is a magnetic card with info about theholders (ID#, name, phone #, bike info …ext) with amagnetic strip to open the parking aria doors or café, thecard MUST be printed with such design that inflict thepersonality of the holder to give him the since ofindividuality & the special care the club gives to EACHmember, and encourage the local rider groups to have ajoint card design that gives out their PRIDE of their groupand the ELITE club services provided.The card must be with the logo of VIP (VICTORYIMPERIAL PERSONAL) to make since of theimportance of the person who is considered as ELITEwhen he is an owner of the Victory motorcycle.For other motorcycle brand owners the VIP stands forthe original meaning (Very Important Person) which iswhat we aim for in getting their business to our place byproviding a class "A" services they lack off in otherplaces with the same methods.There will be 2 cards with 2 classes:1- Class "A" card holder whom would be a parkingcustomer as will as the Café, the customer is rewarded withmore discount rate on merchandise of the showroom andworkshop.2- Class "B" card holder whom would be ONLY allowed tothe café, and benefit of less discount rates.The VIP members of the club are responsible of thearranging of activities and events with the FULL support ofthe dealers, the ranking of the members and positions of thegroup is done by elections from the members them selves,such positions are like (President, VP, Road captain,Sweeper, Treasurer, Activity personal(s)… EXT) their jobsare to be the link between the rest of the club rider
  18. 18. members and the dealers on varies subjects like the (Road support, Arrangement with government authorities, planning the food & drinks in local dealers Riders day, Entertainment…EXT). Knowing that a WELL PLANED EVENTS is the main reason for people to join clubs & gain their money worth of joining in and making free publicity to others using the most effective method and that is WORD OF MOUTH.*The Café: The seriousness of the ATMOSPHERE provided to the customers is crucial, the place is an cream of the crop gathering point of the elite persons whom enjoy the sport and hobbies as will as a resting place that gives them the comfort of home & luxury of any other commercial café, there for the place MUST treat the members as deserved in the highest standards of accommodations of excellent brand name beverages and services, like: Coffee, milk & tea. Comfortable seating. Wide screen TV with DVD player with satellite subscription (Orbit or Show time). Pool table, ping-pong table. 24/7 Internet access. DVD shelf containing the favorite BIKE PROGRAMS. Posters of bikes and logos. Pictures of the MEMBERS on WALL OF FAME. Mugs for every member with his picture printed on them. EXT…
  19. 19. The café is the place where all the proud owners gatheraround for resting, gathering up, planning rides, socializewith others & mostly have fun times.The more time spent and loved by all the members themore business is for the entire dealers, as they make thedealers their favorite "Hang Out Place".And as they do they would buy all kinds of merchandiseprovided on location.The members have all the freedom to decorate the placewith any of their belongings, pictures, activity agendas,posters, latest news, public announcements, and articles andso on...The more SATISFACTORY of any member, the moreWORD OF MOUTH publicity to other potential customersin the future.