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How to determine WH leads


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This powerpoint aims to help you understand more about Who-What-When-Where-Why-How Leads in articles.

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How to determine WH leads

  1. 1. WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE- WHY-HOW LEADS Report by: CABLAR, ANR. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  2. 2. WHO lead also called as: the name feature  Names make news  The who maybe: 1 person, several persons, or an organization.Lead should avoid featuring more  than 3 personal names. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  3. 3. What lead Also called as the: EVENT FEATURE Tells us about what happened, what will  happen, in that particular story or article. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  4. 4. WHY LEADTells us WHY that event happened, why  will that event happen. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  5. 5. HOW LEAD Tells us HOW the event had been throughout the timeline of the story. mostly appears in articles that  already took place. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  6. 6. When leadIt tells us the date and time  what time did it happen  when will it be.  (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  7. 7. Where lead Tells us of the whereabouts of a story; the place where it happened Where did it happen  Where will it be held  (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  8. 8. EXAMPLES (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  9. 9. WHO?President Corazon Aquino signed onWednesday a sweeping andcontroversial land reform programaimed at redistributing large tracts offarm acreage to millions of landlesspeasants. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  10. 10. WHAT?A naval convoy of three US warshipsand two “reflagged” Kuwaiti oil tankerssteamed through the Strait of Hormuzon Wednesday and entered the war-plagued Persian Gulf withoutinterference from Iran. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  11. 11. Why?To provide land to millions of landlesspeasants, President Corazon Aquinosigned a sweeping and controversialland reform program. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  12. 12. HOW?Staging a 48-hour walkout beginningtoday, nearly 100 South Koreanjournalists at a government-controlled television stationdemanded that government stop.dictating how they cover the news (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  13. 13. WHEN?Tomorrow, March 15, is the last dayof filing individual tax returns. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS
  14. 14. Where?Convalescent homes in Solano havebeen the sites for beauty contests andto choose representatives to the fifthannual My Fair Lady Pageant.Contestants are mostly in their70’s, 80’s and 90’s. (c) cablaralsaceUSTHS