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SPS Marketing Brochure


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Pre-Media Offshore Outsourcing for Publishers

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SPS Marketing Brochure

  1. 1. Scientific Publishing Services SPS is the international leader in typesetting and e-publishing in India with over 1.4 million pages produced each year
  2. 2. About SPS Established in 1995, SPS is an international leader in pre-press services by providing complete pre-press services to prestigious publishers of books and journals. Over the last ten years, SPS rapidly expanded to become a dominant typesetting and e-publishing vendor in the industry. Now, SPS has a workforce of more than 1,500 publishing professionals in India providing full service outsourcing, including copy editing, technical editing, composition, automated XML workflow, as well as business process outsourcing to the publishing industry. SPS has over 10 years of experience in delivering high-quality output with both journals and books, regardless of the content area. Also, SPS has an especially strong costumer centric strategy where editorial and production groups are dedicated to one publisher only. This focus has allowed for rapid growth without the loss of a single client in over 10 years. Consequently, building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers is a core-strength of SPS. Recently, SPS has expanded into the North American market with an office in Dallas, Texas, aiming to leverage the international, domestic strength with leading publishers and content developers. Springer’s collaboration with Scientific Publishing Services (SPS) dated back over a decade ago and this partnership has been intensified in 2005: the volume for journal production is currently at 500,000 pages annually. All Springer’s journals are processed in accordance with full service project management system whereby SPS is responsible for composition, communication with authors and editors, and preparation of final files for printing and e-deliverables. SPS ensures timely deliveries and quality in the product, services and communication. -Arjan Grootenboer, Executive Vice President, Springer Science+Business Media
  3. 3. SPS offers world-class services and solutions to publishers of What SPS does STM (scientific, technical, and medical) and non-STM books and journals. SPS can work with any content. SPS outsourcing solutions improve turnaround times with enhanced quality and at a dramatic cost savings over in house publishing. SPS services range from copy editing, language editing, composition, project management, and XML style sheet development. SPS processes more than 1.4 million pages per year with an annual growth rate exceeding 20% over the past ten years. SPS proprietary automation tools are so effective that we had a 40% increase in the number of pages in 2006, approximately 400,000 pages, without increasing headcount, a dramatic statement about the efficiency of the SPS outsourcing operation. SPS services • Composition (books and journals) • Project management (author-to-print solutions) • Image processing (including multimedia components) • Editorial services (copy editing and language editing) with proficiency in French and German • Market research (both data services and data administration) • Finance and accounting (including royalties) • IT services (including software development and database development and management) Please say thank you to the whole team (or teams) for all the good work performed, the great communication, service, cooperation, feedback, everything! It is much appreciated! - Head Production Control, Journals, Elsevier, The Netherlands
  4. 4. SPS copy editors are highly experienced in editing and provide three levels of service: • Light (correcting spelling errors and improving consistency) Copy editing • Medium (includes correcting basic grammatical errors as well as light editing) • Heavy (extensive rewording and rewriting) SPS has proprietary conversion and automated copy editing tools to convert text to any industry standard DTD (document type definition). These tools improve the editing process, enhance the turnaround time, and lower costs. SPS proprietary copy editing tools have the following special features: • Differentiating US/UK spelling as needed • Checking redundant words and references • Cross-checking references, figures and tables • Listing uncited and unlisted references SPS is always rated as one of the preferred vendors with customers because of our copy editing skills. “This is the best-typeset paper I have ever received. Great job!” - a customer from The Netherlands
  5. 5. Composition and XML coding Our composition technology supports SGML, XML, TeX, and MathML. Our workflow is fully automated and can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of any client. The XML workflow can be modified easily to meet a client’s requirements. XML can be supplied at various stages for online hosting and archiving as well. SPS offers a full range of composition services and expertise in the following: • 3B2 (Arbortext) • LaTeX Graphics • InDesign SPS has high-quality scanners and calibrated monitors • Quark to scan mono and color halftones. SPS also handles graphic origination for line art, fine line art, half-tones, and line and tones, which may involve substantial re- labeling and redrawing. SPS has an especially strong track record of redrawing sophisticated charts and illustrations in the life sciences and medical fields that require high levels of precision. I think I should write to say how excellent the SPS proofs are for the forthcoming issues of SHPS (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science). We have not had such good proofs for many years. SPS’s editorial work makes my life as an editor, responsible for checking proofs, immensely easier. Instead of checking minor editorial details, I can focus on bigger issues such as accuracy of references, foreign language spellings, etc., which is what I am supposed to be doing. Congratulations! SPS, thank you for your help with these proofs. - The Journal Manager, Elsevier, UK
  6. 6. Production tracking SPS has a proprietary production tracking system that allows the publisher and the author to see status on any content, anytime, anywhere. In short, outsourcing does not mean that the publisher loses control over the editorial or production process. In fact, many SPS customers find that our production tracking system provides more control than their in house system. SPS has an outstanding tracking mechanism for production monitoring and control. As soon as an article or a book is downloaded from the customer’s site, an entry will be made automatically in the tracking database, and will continue the tracking process until completion. Project management Every stage in the outsourcing process can be viewed by the SPS provides extensive project management services managing publisher or author. content from origination from authors to print ready. SPS provides full service project management for content developers, especially SPS can customize the functionality journals and books. including the following activities: of the tracking system for any client. 1. Timely follow up on any missing items Publishers can change their priorities based on any urgent requirements, 2. Emphasis on turnaround time and meeting schedules at and they can generate and view each stage customized reports. SPS integrates 3. Interfacing with authors both domestic and international this production tool with a tracking 4. Handling author corrections database, allowing for current status reports on any content, anywhere in 5. 24 hour follow up on all queries and questions from authors or the world. publishers 6. Approval of corrected pages 7. Ensuring the timely completion of an issue 8. Creating an issue planner 9. Publishing content online
  7. 7. Electronic proofing (e-Proofing) & Delta PDF e-Proofing is one of the unique services that SPS offers to publishers and authors by creating a secured website for articles or chapters. This web-based e-proofing feature mirrors the publisher’s website. Authors can view, download, and send corrections of their proofs online. SPS finds that this process reduces turnaround time of author corrections by as much as 40%, improving publication schedules and sales cycles of published content. In addition to this service, SPS also provides a unique Delta PDF file which The SPS e-Proofing system also automatically sends shows the changes that are made in the author text by copyeditors during email reminders to authors if they have not downloaded the editorial process. By using these files, publishers or authors need not the proof. Again, using the publisher’s web interface, proof read the entire article. They can simply view the changes made to the authors can see the status of the outsourcing process document which, again, reduces the correction process and turnaround time with SPS. to publication. The Delta PDF automation tool is one of the most innovative automation tools from SPS.
  8. 8. SPS today People Process • 1500+ publishing professionals in editing, • Following customer specific workflow production, and XML • Quality management system isolating • Content development specialty, many problems and complaints by department with PhD’s for quick resolution Infrastructure • 24x7 operations making US customer service convenient • Highly reliable networks with no down time • State of the art communication facilities with reliable backup • Robust security and business continuity in place with history of no data loss in SPS history with any customers
  9. 9. Case study 1 Customer profile The client is one of the most established international technical publishers in the world publishing 2600 journals and 2000 books per year. Business profile The client is interested in outsourcing all the pre-press activities of a particular high profile and fast track journal, including copy editing services, without compromising quality. The particular journal requires rapid dissemination of timely experimental research in diverse fields of biology. The journal has been published weekly for the past 40 years without interruption. The turnaround time, author submission to print publication, are very short, requiring a very short and efficient outsourcing workflow from a vendor. The challenges: • Very short turnaround time considering the weekly publication schedule • The client expects first proofs within three days of receipt of content and revised corrections and finals within 24 hours Time zone: Accurate and timely communication and customer service is the key issue since the client is in the United States Workflow: 1. The project is thoroughly analyzed to understand the delivery requirements and schedule 2. A dedicated production team comprising skills from all SPS departments is formed and briefed about the project- specific requirements 3. Night-shift operations are introduced to overcome the time zone problem, and customer relations are anticipated and managed effectively 4. Workflow is modified to ensure that the articles are processed immediately upon receipt without any delay in any of the departments 5. A flexible team is formed to absorb the additional volume and tasks at any point in time Client Benefits: Because of the effective review of the clients publishing process, turnaround time is reduced by two days for first proof and one day for revision and finals. The first proof is generated in three working days, revisions and finals are turned around in a day. Composition costs are reduced by 30% from on shore, in house costs, a significant improvement in profitability for the client. SPS Benefits: This major technical publisher is so impressed with the improvement in turnaround time for this key journal with outsourcing to SPS that the customer decides to transfer all of the major fast track journals to SPS within 18 months of the initial work.
  10. 10. Case study 2 The publisher is the world’s second largest publisher of STM journals and the largest publisher of STM books in the German language. The client has about 60 international offices in Europe, Asia, and the USA. The publisher also has over 5,000 employees and publishes more than 1700 journals and 5500 books per year. Business Situation: Rapidly rising costs for qualified technical personnel and reduced margins have driven the publisher to outsource the conference and workshop publishing division with more than 2500 products per year. For over 30 years these publications were managed by the publisher’s in-house staff and freelancers in Germany. The Challenges: • Quick turnaround time • Pre-conference proceedings have to be completed within 10 days including approval from authors and production editors • Uneven in house publishing work flow • Most importantly, the unpredictable volume has an impact on capacity planning. Often, many projects need to be handled simultaneously with volume twice that of capacity so manpower planning is critical to meet publication deadlines • Input is received through multiple formats: Word, Tex, and FrameMaker SPS Solution: SPS performs a thorough analysis of workflow and capacity planning for each project, and creates a workflow to meet the requirements of the project. Workflow: 1. A flexible team is developed to handle all pagination programs 2. To meet short deadlines, SPS staff is trained in all editorial and production activities such as composition and technical editing in order to handle the project independently 3. Macros and style sheets are developed to automate the majority of the manual pagination tasks to improve turnaround time Benefits: The publisher realizes a 35% reduction in typesetting costs and a substantial improvement in quality over in house work. Project turnaround time is reduced from 30 to 15 days, improving schedules and sales cycles. Outsourcing this publishing division to SPS helps the client to focus on their core activity of holding and managing international conferences resulting in a more manageable and profitable conference publications program. Beginning with 20 books in 2004, SPS now process over 450 books per year and is the only supplier for the client in this division.
  11. 11. Would you like to... • improve your turnaround time with content development? • reduce your overhead costs? • reuse or customize your content for increased sales in other platforms or other sales channels? • re-purpose existing content in other markets or platforms? • increase the value of the investment in that content? Then you should contact Scientific Publishing Services for a meeting to review the automated XML content development services For more information contact Jim Hill Business Development Manager Scientific Publishing Services 4202, English Ivy Drive • McKinney, TX 75070 214-684-9356 (Mobile) • 972-548-7209 (Work & Fax)