Health Advocate EAP Overview and Supervisory Awareness


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By taking advantage of an EAP, a company is eligible for benefits that will greatly improve the quality of its employees’ lives. Part I of the EAP training reviews the basics of management and encourages those in a supervisory position to use Health Advocate as a consulting tool when they have employees whose work performance is being impacted by their personal problems. This seminar presents techniques for supportively confronting an employee, making a referral to the EAP when appropriate, and prepares managers for the different reactions the employee may exhibit. It also lists the obstacles to a successful confrontation, as well as the danger of enabling. The goal of the training will focus on utilizing the EAP as a preventive resource.

Presented by Health Advocate.

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Health Advocate EAP Overview and Supervisory Awareness

  1. 1. 800 Corporate Drive, Ste 600 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 | 888.335.9545 Toll-Free | 2013 Webinar Series Employee Assistance Program Overview & Supervisory Awareness June 20, 2013 Presented by:
  2. 2. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. AlphaStaff Welcomes Our Featured Partner! 2 Dan Shields Assistant Vice President EAP and Work/Life Product Specialist Health Advocate, Inc.
  3. 3. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. We’re always at your side • Nation’s leader in healthcare advocacy and assistance • Distinguished roster of 8,200+ nationwide clients • Serving over 25 million eligible lives • Outstanding, experienced management team • Expert staff of healthcare and insurance professionals • Powerful and proprietary infrastructure • Strong brand recognized as objective and well- respected • Privately held company founded in 2001 • Financially strong, profitable and debt-free • Integrated multi-solution platform designed to reduce medical costs and improve healthcare outcomes • Winner of numerous major awards including Deloitte’s North America Technology Fast 500™, Best Places to Work, Healthiest Companies ABOUT US
  4. 4. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. EAP Provides short-term problem resolution with a licensed counselor to help address issues, such as: • Stress, depression, anxiety, crisis • Marital relationships, family/parenting issues • Work conflicts • Anger, grief and loss • Drug and alcohol abuse Work/Life Helps find supportive services and secure references to help with: • Eldercare, childcare • Legal concerns • Financial issues • Time management • Relocation issues Management Assistance Unlimited telephonic consultation to management, such as: • Confidential support to all managers and supervisors on “informal referrals” • Managers can use “session model” to enhance their interpersonal skills • Partner with HR & Management on Fitness for Duty evaluation and “formal referrals” Health Advocate EAP+Work/Life
  5. 5. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Clinical Service Features • Assessment and evaluation (problem identification) • Determination of clinical protocol with EAP affiliate/in-network provider • Short-term problem resolution • Case management and follow-up if referral is needed • Education about community service options, when appropriate Support Components • 50,000+ Masters Level Clinicians • Located in all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week EAP Features
  6. 6. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Unlimited telephonic and web-based support • Childcare services • Eldercare services • Identity theft • Financial issues • Legal concerns • On-Line Savings Center • On-Line Relocation Center • On-Line Learning Center • Skill Builders • Webinars Full Work/Life Features
  7. 7. 8
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Management Assistance Features • Unlimited telephonic counseling for Management and Supervisory personnel • Available to all levels of management team 24/7 • Improve managers’/supervisors’ interpersonal skills • Assist in resolving employee conflicts • Collaborate with management team and HR on sensitive cases
  10. 10. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Role of the Supervisor • Recognition • Documentation • Action • Referral • Reintegration SOLUTIONS
  11. 11. Recognition Signs that may indicate deteriorating work performance: • Increased Absenteeism • On-The-Job Absenteeism • Concentration Problems • Confusion • Spasmodic Work Patterns SPOTLIGHT ON SAVINGS • Lowered Job Efficiency • Friction with Other Employees • Unusual Behavior • High Accident Rate • Excessive Complaints
  12. 12. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Documentation • Early Warning Signs • Positive and Negative Work Performance • Don’t Leave it to Memory • Document Objectively • Your Own Records SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Documentation (continued…) • Did you record the documentation properly? • Day, Date and Time? • Action taken? • Anyone else involved? • Have you been objective? • Did you record the action taken? • Did you indicate your response? • Did you indicate the employee’s response? SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Documentation Examples: • January 17 – Employee stormed into my office and exhibited a temper tantrum. • January 18 – Employee came into my office at 9:20am pounded his fist on my desk, pointed his finger at me and yelled “You’ll never get away with this.” SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. Preparing for the Meeting What’s the plan? Recognition of changes in work performance • Pattern of concerns • Documentation/notes • Determine Performance Expectations • Consult with Supervisors/HR/Peers/Health Advocate SPOTLIGHT ON SAVINGS
  16. 16. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Action When Meeting With Employee • Create a comfortable, private setting • Be aware of personal bias –Be a good listener –Stay calm, don’t argue, don’t harass –Keep meeting brief SOLUTIONS
  17. 17. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. When Meeting With Employee: • Acknowledge past and present positive performance • Express concern • Describe performance decline • Describe performance expectations • Describe consequences • Give timeline/follow-up meeting • Offer Health Advocate EAP • Keep Supervisor/HR informed SOLUTIONS
  18. 18. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Action Facilitators to communication when meeting with the employees • Empathetic not sympathetic • Be aware of time • Be specific • Be aware of your non-verbal cues • Word choice is critical SOLUTIONS
  19. 19. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Action Employee reactions SOLUTIONS • Sympathy • Tears • Excuses • Apology • Promises • Diversions • Innocence • Anger • Pity • Bargaining
  20. 20. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Action Checklist for closing the discussion  Summarize discussion  Express appreciation  Reassure of confidentiality  Confirm next steps  Follow-up meeting SOLUTIONS
  21. 21. SOLUTIONS ReferralProcessSupervisor’sRole Recognizes. . . Documents. . . Consults Health Advocate/HR. . . Action. . . Follow up. . . Employee Refuses Assistance Further observation of Performance Progressive Disciplinary Steps Performance Unacceptable No further Action Performance Acceptable Employee Accepts Assistance
  22. 22. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Reintegration • Welcome employee back to work • Review knowledge, skills and abilities • Hold the employee responsible for work performance SOLUTIONS
  23. 23. Confronting an employee What are the barriers? • Anger • Sympathy • Fear • Guilt • Denial • Tact • Friendship • Policy Issues • Passivity • Time constraints • Accessibility to supervisors SOLUTIONS
  24. 24. Enabling Shielding a person from experiencing the consequences of their behavior Examples of enabling behavior: • Rescuing • Caretaking • Curing • Passivity • Not enforcing company policy SPOTLIGHT ON SAVINGS
  25. 25. Wrap-Up 26
  26. 26. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Conclusion Questions? Thoughts? Napping?
  27. 27. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Contact Us ! • . Copies of the presentation 888-335-9545 (Option 8) For more information contact: Dan Shields Assistant Vice President/Product Specialist 610.397.7693
  28. 28. Upcoming AlphaStaff Webinar Please mark your calendars !!! Date: Thursday - July 18, 2013 Topic: Employee Relations Best practices: EPLI Claims Avoidance
  29. 29. Simplifying business. Benefiting people. Thank you for your participation!