Overview & Best Practices for Facebook Sponsored Stories


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An overview of Facebook's Sponsored Stories offering and best practices for social advertisers.

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Overview & Best Practices for Facebook Sponsored Stories

  1. 1. Overview & Best Practices for !Facebook Sponsored Stories!
  2. 2. What is a Sponsored Story?! ! Advertisers are surfacing word-of-mouth recommendationsabout their brand by turning fan page content and organic user action into ads.! Facebook introduced Sponsored Stories to give advertisers an opportunity to run premium ads on premium locations –the Homepage and Profile pages.!Sponsored Stories allow users to interact with an ad by taking one of the following social actions: like, post, comment, interact with an app or check-in. !
  3. 3. How it Works!1 A person engages with a brand’s fan page, app, place or domain.! ! Normally, a story about this activity can be generated on their2 friends’ News Feeds, (which their friends may or may not see).! ! By including Sponsored Stories with a Facebook ad campaign,3 this person’s friends can also see the story appear on the right- hand side of Facebook. ! ! Brands can choose to deploy published content on their fan page4 as a Sponsored Story, which ensures that a fan’s interaction with that story is displayed in their friends’ News Feeds.!
  4. 4. Why Should You Care?! ! Because Facebook users care about what their friends think.! ! ! !Sponsored Stories give advertisers the opportunity to amplifytheir reach by allowing fans to help their friends discover your brand and connect with your campaign.! ! ! !
  5. 5. Key Product Features! !   There are 7 ad types for Sponsored Stories that surface different types of content! ! ! All Sponsored Stories are 240 px wide and have variable height ! ! ! Sponsored Stories give brands the highest share of voice on the most highly trafficked pages! !  
  6. 6. Overview of the 7 Sponsored Story Types! ! Credit: Facebook
  7. 7. Overview of the 7 Sponsored Story Types! ! Credit: Facebook
  8. 8. Sponsored Story: Page Like! ! Credit: Facebook
  9. 9. Sponsored Story: Page Post ! ! Credit: Facebook
  10. 10. Sponsored Story: Page Post Like! ! Credit: Facebook
  11. 11. Sponsored Story: App Used and Game Played ! ! Credit: Facebook
  12. 12. Sponsored Story: App Shared! ! Credit: Facebook
  13. 13. Sponsored Story: Check-in ! ! Credit: Facebook
  14. 14. Sponsored Story: Domain! ! Credit: Facebook
  15. 15. Sponsored Story Best Practices! ! Begin with running a marketplace ad campaign to encourage users to like your page and grow your fan base.! ! ! ! Test your content and marketplace ads before turning before turning them into Sponsored Stories.! ! ! !Identify the most compelling content on your fan page in termsof likes, comments or shares and turn that content into a “page post” or “page post like” Sponsored Story. ! ! !
  16. 16. Sponsored Story Best Practices! ! Keep your fan page engaging and encourage users to like,share and comment on the stories published to your fan page.! ! ! Consider personal objectives when choosing a type ofSponsored Story to deploy – which story or aspects of your fan page would like to amplify? ! ! ! Select a bid price that is within or above the suggested range to ensure your Sponsored Story is shown. ! ! ! Deploy a fan page post as a Sponsored Story to ensure your brand voice is shown on the most prominent place on Facebook - the News Feed.! ! !
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  19. 19. Identify Your Best Content! !
  20. 20. Deploy Sponsored Stories! !
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