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This is an guide on how to promote your blog on facebook using iframe on facebook pages.

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I frame app guide

  1. 1. Let’s Prepare The PagesThe concept behind the iFrame App is simple but ingenious. This app will display two differentpages, one for fans, and one for non-fans. You could show an invitation to click the “Like”button on the non-fans page with a promise to access incentives, bonuses, or simply moreinformation on the fan page. Basically, you can “bribe” your visitor to click the “Like” button.To use the app, just click on the big “Install this app” button.However, you need a Facebook Page to install the app. I won’t go into details on building aFacebook Page.Installing & Customizing The iFrame AppAfter you have built yourself a page, you can then continue to install the iFrame App. Click onthe “Install this app” button on the iFrame website and the app will ask for permission to accessyour basic information.
  2. 2. The app will also ask whether you want to add iFrame for Pages.After the installation, you need to register your app by filling in your personal information andclicking “Submit“.
  3. 3. Now you are ready to set up your iFrame. Turn on the “Fan Gate” if you want to displaydifferent information for those who have clicked the “Like” button (fans) and those who haven’t(non-fans).
  4. 4. For the content of the page, both in the “Fans view” and “Non-Fans view“, you can uploadcustom images or a custom HTML page. While images are easier to create, HTML pages willgive you more flexibility. If you know your way around HTML, you could put almost anythingthere.Here’s an example of the non-fans page, encouraging visitors to click the “Like” button beforethey can access the content of the fans page.
  5. 5. When used correctly, iFrame can really help you boost the popularity of your blog, products orbusiness by improving the probability of getting a “Like” from visitors. Even though you stillhave to bring traffic to the Page, you have already won half the battle.The tool is available for free until around June (three months after the March launching date),and the developer has promised that those who grab the tool in the free period will be able toenjoy it forever for free. So go and get iFrame App, try it, and let us know what you think aboutit