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intro for RailsGirls Ukraine


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intro for RailsGirls Dnipripetrovsk, Ukraine

Published in: Technology
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intro for RailsGirls Ukraine

  1. 1. 4-6 OctoberRAILS GIRLS Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  2. 2. The underlyings2011, Ukraine US$ 1.1 billion for the volume of IT outsourcing and software development services 25,000 of IT specialists working in the industry with 20% growth US$ 50 millions of investments into local startups
  3. 3. Awesome girls
  4. 4. But... ...still only guys involved!
  5. 5. Programming is not about
  6. 6. Its all about
  7. 7. There should be an event making programming approachable, and fun, and easy
  8. 8. Hands-on. Minds-on.
  9. 9. Coding is not lonely Coding is not ones and zeros Coding is not mathematical
  10. 10. Coding is art is creativity is community is craft is religion
  11. 11. So lets go have fun!