Summary about F.O.C.U.S.: Globe


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It's time to think "sustainable"! The youth exchange "F.O.C.U.S: Globe!" initiated by Mladiinfo FEJS MK and supported by the European commission through the EU program Youth in Action, brought together 34 young people from Macedonia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Latvia, Bulgaria and Ukraine in Skopje and gave them the opportunity to discuss and report about sustainable urban ecosystem issues, raise their awareness about global challenges and how they affect our everyday lives, and understand together the ecology of a changing planet, while learning about each other's countries and cultures.

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Summary about F.O.C.U.S.: Globe

  1. 1. Youth ExchangeYouth Exchange‘F.O.C.U.S. Globe’‘F.O.C.U.S. Globe’Macedonia 2013Macedonia 2013
  2. 2. 34 young peoplerepresenting over 7countries met inSkopje between 13thand 20th of May todiscuss topics aboutfinding a balancebetween living in bigcities while beingenvironmentalfriendly 
  3. 3. Expectations• Raise awareness on human impact onenvironment and ways to prevent it• Visible change (not just talk)• Learn from multicultural environment• To learn more about Youth in Action,Mladiinfo & other NGOs• Learn new skills• Share experiencing• Future Cooperation• To build a friendly team • To have fun• To discover Macedonian culture andtraditions
  4. 4. 1stday• We got acquainted and build up ateam• We gathered information aboutthe Youth in Action Programs• We enhanced our creativity bymaking posters around the topic‘Urban Environment as aConsequence of the Globalization’and raised awareness ofsustainable ways of living• We suggested every day actionsthat can help the protection of ourplanet
  5. 5. 2ndday• We discovered Skopjethrough the City game(history, environmentalsituation, local atmosphere)• We discussed globalenvironmental activities(Let’s Do It!, perma-cultureetc.)• Dipping into macedonianculture through nationalfood, music and dances
  6. 6. 3rdday• We visited an unspoiled natural heritage ofMacedonia : Matka Canyon (hiking, cave,monasteries, kayaking etc)
  7. 7. 4thdayClean Up day on Vodno – we collected garbage in theresting area of Vodno mountainBy our example we tried to encourage visitors to be moreresponsible and aware of pollution of the mountain
  8. 8. 5thday• We divided into 4 groups and preparedpromotion materials (video, fun page,interviews and summary)Right now weare working onthat 
  9. 9. 1. Many discussions on ecology, sustainabledevelopment topics and balance between modernday progress and contact with nature→ Muchsharing in informal conversations2. More official event → Non-formal learning process3. To discover Skopje, Macedonia → missionaccomplished!4. To build a team→ yep, managed 5. Sharing experience, educating other people → wespoke a lot about our countries and shared eachother’s cultures6. Dirtier Vodno→ cleaner than what we thoughtExpectations vs Reality
  10. 10. Suggestions for Everyday Actions• Promote information about recycling• Prevent waste of water and electricity at home• To use alternative sources of energy• Cycling as an everyday means of transport• To use plastic bottles many times and take water from home• Recycle• Do not litter, fines for littering• Respect others and nature• more trash bins around the city• Say ‘NO!’ to consumerism (reuse, reduce and THEN recycle)• Do not use plastic bags (take bags from home)• Alternative means of travelling-avoid planes for shorter trips• To buy local organic seasonal food from farmers or markets• Workshops to improve hand skills(gardening, build furniture….)• To be connected with nature and respect it• Shared gardens
  11. 11. Look for us in social medias:•