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Short presentation about our NGO - Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center European Club. About projects, activities and some contact information.

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KIEC EC_2013

  1. 1. Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center “European Club”
  2. 2. Our target: - formation of feeling of the European unification at the expense of spread of knowledge about Europe and advocacy of the all-European democratic values; - acquaintance with culture and languages of people in other countries, an exchange of experience; - education of young leaders; - encouragement to learning of foreign languages; - formation an active public position of youth.
  3. 3. The basic lines of activity of the European club: - Carrying out of interactive actions on the European theme; - Informing of the local public (the newspaper, a leaflet, bulletin devoted to the European subjects); - Advocacy of achievements of club, opening of own Internet page; - Cooperation with Mass media, local governments, state and public organizations, sponsors; - Lectures, competitions, conferences, seminars and educational actions for the European integration theme; - Communications with the European partners (information interchange, experience, the organization of trips and meetings); - The organization and development of scientific and cultural cooperation, information cooperation between educational institutions.
  4. 4. - Consultations about EU; - Participation in projects and exchange programs, study and trainings abroad; - Access to the specialized literature on Europe; - Holding conferences, trainings and seminars for youth; - A cinema club. We offer:
  5. 5. Actions The week of tolerance “Free hugs” The light of tolerance Let’s do business Ukrainian!
  6. 6. Trainings
  7. 7. Tasks: - Acquaint young people with achievements of European and world cinema, to expand knowledge about European culture and European values; - Create alternative centers of leisure for youth through the practice of Cinema clubs, started a new cultural tradition of viewing and discussion of film; - Form a network of partnerships and social integration of youth groups; - Teach the youth organization of cooperation and partnership in the field of informal education, and reducing competition between them; - Show youth opportunities program "Youth in Action" by engaging EVS-volunteers in project; - Stimulate the creativity of young people, intellectual development and ability to solve problems. Projects: CINEMAAlternative, 2009
  8. 8. Aim of the project is the organization of interactive school for youth for develop ecological tourism routes, investigation, protection and promotion of biodiversity of reserve and its impact on regional development. Projects: Kremenchuk Ecological Summer School KEcSS, 2010
  9. 9. Final product is 4 short movies about process of European integration Projects: Youth exchange “United Europe starts in me” (Wroclaw, 2010)
  10. 10. Projects: Debate Topics of debate : • Legalization of prostitution; • Nuclear power …
  11. 11. Projects: Cult.Cut Cinema club in new format: movie + some part of culture (dances, origami, tea, food…) Topics: • Balkan countries, • Japan, • India, • Great Britain, • subcultures, • April Fool’s Day…
  12. 12. Partnership project: "Still going back to the Crimea: a study of history and education in the field of human rights through visual means" Aim: to increase awareness of youth on human rights issues through research and visualization of the life histories of the Crimean Tatars. Final product: moving exhibition of photography.
  13. 13. Projects: The Europe Day In 2011 the main motto of Europe Day was “I divide the European values”
  14. 14. Projects: EUROPIK/European Photo Identity of Kremenchuk Aim of project: detect signs of the European identity of our city, to exchange experience in photography, enrich their knowledge of European values Final product: book with photos of our city.
  15. 15. Projects: “By the steps of world famous genius” – unique touristic road in Kremenchuk Aim of project is to contribute to shaping the image of Kremenchug like a city with European roots, through the involvement of the public to learn about cultural and historical heritage, related to the life and work of individuals, known in Ukraine and Europe, by developing a unique new tourist route in the form of board game "Steps of world geniuses" and a tourist brochure.
  16. 16. В рамках проекту проведені такі заходи: - Вуличне дослідження «Імідж Кременчука»; - Громадська дискусія; - Робочі групи з краєзнавцями; - Серія майстер-класів; - Розроблені настільна гра «Кроками світових геніїв», буклет «Незвичайні особистості в історії Кременчука» та екскурсія містом; - Квест «Кроками світових геніїв»; - Семінар для представників Мережі Центрів європейської інформації. Projects: “By the steps of world famous genius” – unique touristic road in Kremenchuk
  17. 17. Partnership project: Volunteering - the way to success.
  18. 18. Partnership project: My independence This project about young Ukrainians, 20-years-old, in young Ukraine, 20-years-old. It’s collection of texts and photographs, how in Ukraine provided opportunities for young people to exercise their rights to education, freedom of expression and respect for human dignity in terms of social inclusion / social exclusion.
  19. 19. Projects: International traveling festival of documentary films on human rights – DOCUDAYS UA
  20. 20. Partnership project: Competition of creative and search works "Ukraine in Europe, Europe in Ukraine through the eyes of youth 2011-2012" The competition aims to deepen knowledge of young people about Europe, the formation of the European outlook, necessary for citizen of Ukraine for successful self-realization at the present stage, heightening awareness of European identity of Ukraine and the region, studies intercultural ties between Ukraine and European countries.
  21. 21. Projects: FluxART Project realized together with German theater BAAl novo. Partner of project Kremenchuk Trinity theater. Stages of the project: • exchange of ideas on the interactive page; • regular meetings; • rehearsals, street actions, the exhibition; • final joint performance; • presentation of the project in Ukraine, Moldova, Germany.
  22. 22. The final product of the project was theatre performance that consisted of 3 parts: – the way Ukrainian theatre people see Dnieper and identification with it; – the way German partners see Rein; – common part. Uniting two rivers and creating single river of culture and art. Projects: FluxART
  23. 23. School participants gained the skills of ecological life style through informal learning, they learnt the ways of thrifty cooperation with nature and making person’s own negative impact on the planet’s ecosystem less. Also the participants learnt to carry out and describe ecological activities in towns. Projects: Kremenchuk Ecological Summer School KEcSS, 2012
  24. 24. The participants gained the necessary knowledge and skills during two sessions, work in creative groups, workshops dealing with journalism, photography and drawing, preparing street activities, meetings with experts. Every participant had a chance to learn elaborate all kinds of projects and activities. As a result of productive shared work the trolleybus was decorated using the style of Eco-Art. Projects: Kremenchuk Ecological Summer School KEcSS, 2012
  25. 25. In the beginning – educational training course for youth leaders from 8 regions. This leaders provide 48 educational seminars about journalism, freedom of speech and making electronic newspapers via online platform “MAMMEDIA” for school youth in their local communities. Partnership project: MAMMEDIA: Freedom, 2012
  26. 26. Projects: International traveling festival of documentary films on human rights – DOCUDAYS UA, NOV 2012
  27. 27. Youth in Action: We start actively participate in Programme from autumn 2012 19-26.11.2012 – Youth Exchange “Explore Cultural Diversity Through Voluntarism”, Gaziantep, Turkey
  28. 28. Project: “Cartoon Playground of the positive changes “Animation²”, FEB 2013 Project was founded in order to increase social self-consciousness and mobilization of the Ukrainian youth and civil education of the young people to technologies of the creating animation films with social direction. Was implement together with - Novosibirsk city civil organization “School of the growth” (Russian Federation)
  29. 29. Space of Ideas, FEB 2013 is the project that is created in order to improve people artistically and intellectually. Space of Ideas can be used for presentations, exhibitions and other cultural events that unite people.
  30. 30. The Space’s guests are offered tea and coffee with cookies (they can also bring their own food). Other options are: • Library, the collection of films, and board games • Wi-Fi, copying machine, scanner and printer • Charging cell phones • Observing the exhibitions, watching concerts and taking part in different events
  31. 31. Space of Ideas is created to fulfill the functions of informal intellectual gathering, local forum, informal informative center and simply a place for entertainment. In order to meet up with friends frequently there should be a proper place. Space of Ideas is the best one to do it because everyone here can feel free, being neither a guest nor a host.
  32. 32. Examples of international cooperation in frame of Youth in Action Programme: 15-22.03.2013 – TC “EVS in the world”, Diyarbakir, Turkey (prom) 13-20.05.2013 – YE “F.O.C.U.S.: Globe!”, Skopje, Macedonia (prom) 6-20.06.2013 – YE “B’Right Europe”, Sofia, Bulgaria (prom) 26.06-3.07.2013 – TC “Social inclusion for empowering employability”, Larnaca, Cyprus (prom) 1.07-31.08.2013 – Short-term EVS “Interactive train to coolture”, Leszno, Poland (SO) 1-8.08.2013 – YE “Know your rights: Speak up!”, Wroclaw, Poland (prom) 2-11.09.2013 – YE “GreenITIATIVE”, Rustavi, Georgia (prom) 16-24.09.2013 – YE “From Aquarium to the Seas”, Beşikdüzü, Turkey (prom) 20-29.09.2013 – YE “Let’s play together”, Ankara, Turkey (prom) 7.10-7.12.2013 – Short-term EVS “VIP: Voluntarism in promotion”, Sfantu Gheorghe, Jud. Covasna, Romania (SO) 12-18.10.2013 – YE “Ecological Orientation of Young People: Five Elements”, Minsk, Belarus (prom) 15-22.10.2013 – TC “Play your way to success”, Kakheti Region, Georgia (prom)
  33. 33. Our address: Chapaeva str., 36B Kremenchuk 39617, Poltava region, Ukraine Теl. +380672768826 Oleg (speak Ukrainian, Russian, Polish) +380501449467 Aliona (speak English ) e-mail: Fb: We are ready to cooperation  THANKS FOR ATTENTION