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EVS-opportunity in Kremenchuk


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Possible long-term opportunity of EVS in peaceful Ukrainian city Kremenchuk (in Central Ukraine). Our NGO in database:

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EVS-opportunity in Kremenchuk

  1. 1. EVS KREMENCHUK city in Ukraine
  2. 2. Ukrainian NGO Kremenchuk informative elucidative center "European Club" is looking for EVS-volunteers for long term (12 mnt) project!
  3. 3. where is Kremenchuk city situated?.. Kremenchuk is a city in Central Ukraine in 4-5 hrs by bus or train on South direction from Kyiv. Far from Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine occupied by Russia.
  4. 4. Kremenchuk is standed on both banks of biggest Ukrainian river Dnipro (like Kyiv). Banks connected by bridge and regular public transport connection.
  5. 5. Bridge and river one of the favorite places for making nice photos and walks.
  6. 6. In cold winter days (approx. -20 C happen not so often) you can cross the river by fit on ice. But we not recommended to do it. Yes, volunteers has insurance, but...
  7. 7. During summer you can improve your swimming competence. Average summer temperature +30 C (often +40 even)
  8. 8. Population in a city approx. 226 thousands of people. In ordinary days there are not so many people on the streets.
  9. 9. Typical landscape of Kremenchuk is highbuildings in post-soviet style and a lot of trees (how it not strange)
  10. 10. There are a lot of parks in a city. And people, when it's good weather
  11. 11. More about hosting organisation and locations of service
  12. 12. Hosting organisation: Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center "European Club" is situated in city center in Kremenchuk. Office of NGO called Space of Ideas using as an office during the day & as a place for cultural activities during evenings.
  13. 13. Main tasks proposed to volunteers in Space of Ideas: 1) Organizing movie screening, language classes, concerts, presentations, workshops, exhibitions etc; 2) Work on the promotion of NGOs` FB-group, web-site and Internet radio Space; 3) Help in creation new ideas and ways for implementation them.
  14. 14. Some activities (as a language classes and presentations about own country, table games) also will be organized in library. All initiatives from volunteer are appreciated :)
  15. 15. There are expected such outdoor activities as: -theatrical public events to promote library and reading; -hicks and picnics for youth, kids and adults with educational elements.
  16. 16. Partly volunteers will work in local schools: - provide language classes; - organize games for teenagers; - make presentations about own country, culture etc.
  17. 17. There is amazing nature around the city!
  18. 18. Hosting organization is covered travel costs from home to Kremenchuk (according to distance calculator), accommodation, food (100 EUR/month), local transport (10 EUR/month), visa costs, language support and pocket money 55 EUR/month
  19. 19. Volunteer will work 6-7 hrs per day and have 2 days off in a week. Mostly working days are from Monday till Friday. If we make events at the weekend, free time will be moved to weekdays. We are open from 10 till 21. It mean that volunteer sometimes will work at the first part of the day, sometimes – in a 2nd. Be ready!
  20. 20. We are not big team - just 5 people. And we are not crazy... it was our birthday. Come and we can celebrate it together this year :)
  21. 21. So if you are interested to get unforgettable experience in peaceful city (with amazing nature around) with a friendly team - send ur CV and Motivation letter to and we'll show our personal Kremenchuk's sea :) Huge thanks for photos to Vitaliy Bendik, Aleksander Sword, Bogdan Shtefan, Olesia Musienko, Ilya Dudnik, Mikhail Arkhipov, Aleksandr Grinchenko, Rumart, Sabina Pittu