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Poems Pari[1]

  1. 1. To, Dear Sir/Mam I am very pleased to share with you about our latest creation. We have created a fully illustrated, rich in graphics and pictorial neo age hindi nursery rhyme book. Named ‘Poems by Pari’ this book is not only enticing for children of age 3 to 6 but also its educative and informative as the content for rhymes is new and will help the child to recognize new gadgets as well the changing scenario around them. Added feature is its presentation. We have sketched the whole main character and props in accordance with every particular rhyme. The content of the rhymes deals with many subjects such as parts of computer, calendar, birthday celebration, names of vegetables etc. We have tried to redefine age old nursery rhymes though keeping the same decency and easiness for a child to adopt. The present players in nursery rhymes market especially in hindi lacks the amount of quality both in terms of illustrations and content. We have tried to keep the content in hindi simple yet attractive. The main thing is that we have used subjects that are light yet are omnipresent and the child starts learning about them in very early age. Such as car, laptop, computer, mobile, these all gadgets are nowadays very common and looking at our target group, i.e. parents who are living in metros and tier 2 cities, these things are necessity. So, children see these things right from their early days and have a curiosity for these things in their minds. If they will be taught about these things in a pictorial and rhymed way, it would be easier for them to grab and to know about these in their own way and ease. We have taken utmost care while writing these rhymes and kept the language easy to read and grasp. Child psychology concepts were also used while writing and designing. We have used vibrant and florescent colours and cartoon like illustration to keep it child like. Since children grasps things easily if told in pictorial and rhymed way that is why it can turn out a good mental feed for this age group children. The illustrations are rich in terms of colour selection and sketching and are eye catchy and attractive. The main character i.e. Pari is a real inspiration and we have used some terms in the poems which are actually spoken by this girl of age 3. In-order to keep the same innocence and reality alive, we took real photographs of the same girl and then they were sketched by a professional sketch artist to bring the same emotions and lively touch. Though the rhymes are in hindi but on every page we have written English alphabets along with the props which are used. The target group according to us is those parents who are working executives (both the father & the mother). Since they are highly educated and want to give quality education to their children right from their early ages, so the illustrations and content of this book will surely entice them and they would always be ready to buy this book. The attached sample provides a sneak peak of the whole book. We are sending along with this letter, two of our 20 rhymes fully designed and illustrated. First poem, ‘mere papa bajate guitar’ is a short and lovely description of a father by a 3 year old girl.
  2. 2. Second one, ‘aaj ham dekhane gaye the zoo’ is a tale of zoo visit. We have rhymed it with the names of animals and the sounds they make. This would be an interesting and informative rhyme which children can perform also. Looking forward in this respect we are also planning to launch a comic strip with the same character. The theme of this strip would be informative and interesting stories which are also educative. We are also working to launch an animated flash version of ‘Poems by Pari’. We are also in the field of mobile content production, so we are planning to launch an I-phone application on the same rhymes. About Us Recharge Talent Search is an 8 years old Events & Advertising firm based at commercial capital of Madhyapradesh Indore. Since its inception the firm has worked with the who’s who of the industry and is still working with some big names of the industry. From the year 2007, we have launched our creative studio and started designing work. Attached with this letter is our presentation which will give you a detailed description of the our work. With this book we hope to enter in the field of publishing.