Presentation on Recruitment & Selection"


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It’s not my summer Internship Project Report. It is only slideshow presentation on my Project TOPIC Recruitment & Selection”

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Presentation on Recruitment & Selection"

  1. 1. Summer Internship Project Presentation On “ Recrutement & Selections” G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management & Research P.G.D.M – (2011-2013) Presented by:- Under The Guidance Of: Alok Kr. Chaubey Ms. Bimla Singh TL cum Sr.Recruiter P.G.D.M. Roll no. 11015 At “Adecco India”
  2. 2. RECRUITMENT Recruitment is the process of finding the suitable candidates for the required position in an organization. Recruitment refers to the process of sourcing, screening and selecting people for a job or vacancy with in an organization. The process of identifying and hiring the best qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. “On that basis, the Recruiter of the organization finds out the suitable candidates who can fit into that job role.”Objective ofAdecco India
  3. 3. Recrutement Procédures Internal Recruitment External Recruitment Employees Referral Campus Call Back Job Fair Walk In Existing Data base Previous Applicants Head-Hunting Portals E-Recruiting
  4. 4. Adecco India Handle the full function of Recruitment Attract to candidates or contact to candidates through tele- phonic. Head hunting. Handling all applications / responses; Screening through CVs; Interviewing Candidates; Submitting relevant CVs of Candidates matching your criteria; Reference checks; Criminal, ITC checks, as requested by Client in writing; Arranging interviews with both the Client and the Candidate. Collect or download the candidates CV’s through JOB PORTALS.
  5. 5. Recruiting Yield Pyramid- At Adecco India Offer Acceptance(3:2)1- Initial contacts – 2002- Invited to Screening interview- 150 (4:3) Job Offer (5: 3)3- Invited for final Interview – 50 (3:1)4- Job Offer- 30 (5:3)5- Offer Acceptance – 20 (3:2) Invited for final Interview - (3 : 1) Invited to Screening Interview (4: 3) Initial Contacts -200
  6. 6. SelectionSelection in human resources management (HRM) refers to theprocess of selecting candidates to become employees. There aremany factors in the selection process. In addition to educationand other qualifications, HR staff must also assess how well acandidate will assimilate into the corporate culture as well. Thefirst step in the selection process is a well written resume andsolid answers to interview questions.Selection is the process of differentiating between applicants inorder to identify and hire those with a greater likelihood ofsuccess in a Job.Selection is the process of picking individuals (out of the pool ofJOB applicants) with requisite qualifications and competence tofill jobs in the organization.“Although, some selection methods can be used within anorganization for promotion or transfer for candidates.”
  7. 7. 1-Environmental Factors - Selection is influenced by several factors more prominent among them are supply and demand of specific skills in the labour market, unemployment rate, labour market conditions, legal an political considerations e.t.c.2-Preliminiry Interview-Preliminary interview helps reject misfits for reasons, which did not appear in the application forms.3-Selection Test- it includes several test, more prominent among them are: Ability Test- Aptitude Test Personality Test Achievement Test e.t.c.4-Employment Interview- One to one Interview Sequential Interview Panel Interview5-Reference and background Checks- Reference and background checks cover the Following: Criminal record checks Previous employment Educational record checks Civil records checks Union Affiliation Checks6-Selection Decision- After obtaining information through the preceding steps, selection decision – the most of all the steps-must be made the HR manager plays a crucial role in the final selection.7-Physical Examination- There are several objective behind the physical examination (TEST). Obviously, one reason for a physical test is to detect if the individuals carries any infectious disease. Second, the test assist in determining whether an applicants is physically fit to perform the work or not.8-Job Offer- job offer is made through a letter of appointment. Such a letter generally contain a date by which the appointee must report on duty.
  8. 8. Factor’s affecting Recruitment & selection 1. SUPPLY AND DEMAND-The availability of manpower both within and outside the organization . 2. LABOUR MARKET-Employment conditions in the community where the organization is located 3. IMAGE / GOODWILL-. An organization with positive image and goodwill as an employer finds it easier to attract and retain employees. 4.POLITICAL-SOCIAL- LEGAL ENVIRONMENT- , Government of India has introduced legislation for reservation in employment for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, physically1-RECRUITMENT POLICY- handicapped etc. • Organizational objectives • Government policies on reservations. 5.UNEMPLOYMENT RATE-When the company is not creating • Preferred sources of recruitment. new jobs, there is often oversupply of qualified labour which in • Need of the organization. turn leads to unemployment. • Recruitment costs and financial implications2-HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING- Determining The number of employees 6.COMPETITORS to be recruited and what qualification they must possess. The recruitment policies of the competitors also effect the3-SIZE OF THE FIRM-If the organization is planning to increase its operations recruitment function of the organizations. To face the and expand its business, it will think of hiring more personnel, which will competition, many a times the organizations have to change their handle its operations. recruitment policies according to the policies being followed by4-COST-organizations try to employ that source of recruitment which will bear a the competitors. lower cost of recruitment to the organization for each candidate.5-GROWTH AND EXPANSION-Organization will employ or think of employing more personnel
  9. 9. Research objective To know the perception of employees about various process, system and methods are used for Recruitment and Selection. To critically analyze the functioning of recruitment and selection procedures. To identify the probable area of improvement to make recruitment and selection procedure and more effective. To know about the managerial satisfaction level about recruitment and selection procedure To understand and analyze various H.R. factors including recruitment and selection procedure at Adecco India Pvt. Ltd. To Suggest for the improvement of the system and practices of recruitment and selection procedures.
  10. 10. Research design A descriptive survey was designed and executed among 30 employees of ADECCO INDIA PVT. LTD. A structured questionnaire was used here as data collection tool and statistical judgment is done through graphs for the purpose of the study. The questionnaire was distributed among the employees in organization. Rationale of the Study The project " Recruitment & Selection" is all about analyzing what all policies and procedures the The ADECCO INDIA is used for recruitment & Selection. It basically aims to analysis the EMPLOYEE perception in the organization about the RECRUITMENT & SELECTION procedures and policies..
  11. 11. Sampling Plan In order to know the perceptions of the employees, interviewing through questionnaire was done. The method which was used by me to gather primary information was RANDOM SAMPLING. Random sampling is a sampling in which the selection is chosen randomly(purely by chance, with no predictability). I also have been selected employees randomly who was doing their work in ADECCO INDIA . I have done this survey to know their perceptions about current policy, Procedures and systems are clear and easy or not. The employees of the ADECCO INDIA Pvt.Ltd. in the DELHI (Netaji Subhash Place-Pitampura) region became qualified for generating primary data for the purpose of the study.
  12. 12. Recommendation & Suggestions Suggestions for the improvement of the system and practices of recruitment and selection procedures. The following are the suggestions received from the Employees (Respondents) through the Questionnaire. These suggestions are based on their awareness regarding the recruitment and selection Procedures. • During the selection process not only the experienced candidates but also the fresher candidates should be selected so as to avail the innovation and enthusiasm of new candidates. • In the organization where summer training facility prevailing then such kind of practices must be learn and gain from their practical views. • Candidates should be kept on the job for some time period , if suitable they should be recruited during the selection process, the candidates should be made relaxed and easy. • Organization should follows all the steps of recruitment and selection for the selection of the candidates. • Selection process should be less time consuming. • The interview should not be boring, it should be make interesting . there must be proper communication between interviewer and the interviewees any the time of interview.
  13. 13. Limitations & ConclusionLIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The project gave me an opportunity to understand the HR practices and policies followed at Adecco India Pvt. Ltd, Pitampura (Delhi) , with special emphasis on Recruitment Policies and Procedures. However, some difficulties were encountered during execution of the project. These were as follows: It sometimes proved hard on the part of the Management Trainees to gain sufficient and valuable information from the employees , who inspite of their willingness to contribute and co-operate were unable to do so due to their constant workload and organizational pressure. Eight weeks is too short to give shape to a new Idea in an old set up like escorts. ConclusionBased on the analysis through the questionnaire response (perception) the following is the conclusion of the study.The Organizations follows the rules and regulations involved in their recruitment and selection procedures of the organization. However, there is some scope for improvement with regard to followings: The Recruiter’s at Adecco India are fully satisfied with the existing recruitment and selection procedures. The recruitment and selection procedures should not be lengthy. To some extent a clear picture of required candidates should be made in order to search for appropriate candidates. The Recruitment and selection procedures should be impartial.
  14. 14. Thank’sFor your Attention