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Monitoring large scale Docker production environments


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Monitoring large scale Docker production environments

Published in: Technology
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Monitoring large scale Docker production environments

  1. 1. Monitoring large scale Docker production environments Alois Reitbauer, Dynatrace @aloisreitbauer
  2. 2. Docker Adoption comes in two flavors
  3. 3. Why do we talk about monitoring?
  4. 4. 46 % of all respondants see monitoring as criticial for Docker in production
  5. 5. Get the full report
  6. 6. Why is monitoring so hard/different?
  7. 7. We are at the verge of a paradigm shift 90 % of 2013 best practices are about to become anti-patterns
  8. 8. Develop Big monolithic application. Small interconnected purpose-built services.
  9. 9. Two Pizza Box Teams 3 – 6 people teams can deliver features into production
  10. 10. New Rules in the Game You build it, you run it. Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon
  11. 11. Polyglot Development requires Polyglot Monitoring Wide and deep Built-in expert knowledge Monitoring is a platform feature - James Turnmbull Monitoring as a s Service Monitorama 2015
  12. 12. Ship Deploy Big Bang Releases of single special built applications. Small continuous service delivery of standardized delivery blocks.
  13. 13. Microservice drive web-scale monitoring Environments are usually 20 times larger Network Monitoring on the rise Machine-Assisted Problem resolution From Infrastructure to Application - Monitoring Micro Services, Adrian Cockcroft Keynote O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference
  14. 14. Problems tend to become complex 820 Billion dependencies Network Problem Mushroom cloud effect
  15. 15. The mastery – Liquid Environments
  16. 16. Deployments are no longer static 7:00 a.m. Low Load and Service running on minimum redudancy 12:00 p.m. Scaled up service during peak load with failover of problematic node 7:00 p.m. Scaled down again to lower load and move to different geo location
  17. 17. Monitor your Orchestration Layer
  18. 18. Monitoring Container Dynamics
  19. 19. Monitoring Netflix OSS Components
  20. 20. Network Monitoring is key
  21. 21. Monitoring as a Platform Feature Auto-Injection Self-configuration
  22. 22. Monitoring Requirements for Docker Visualize automation impact Automated problem analysis Monitor orchestration platforms Network monitoring core capability Massive scalability
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Thank you! Alois Reitbauer, Dynatrace Ruxit @aloisreitbauer