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Green Gardening On Maui


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Kathy Becklin, local REALTOR on Maui, describes the key aspects of Green Gardening. This presentation was given at the HOT TOPICS for the Realtor Association of Maui.

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Green Gardening On Maui

  1. 1. Green GardeningGreen GardeningKathy Becklin R(S)Kathy Becklin R(S)Founder, Grow Some GoodFounder, Grow Some GoodEducational School Gardens on MauiEducational School Gardens on Maui
  2. 2. What is GreenWhat is GreenGardening?Gardening?Definition: Garden - NounDefinition: Garden - Noun1.1. aa plot of groundplot of ground,,usually near a house,usually near a house,where flowers, shrubs,where flowers, shrubs,vegetables, fruits, orvegetables, fruits, orherbs are cultivated.herbs are cultivated.2.2. a piece of ground ora piece of ground orother space, commonlyother space, commonlywith ornamental plants,with ornamental plants,trees, etc., used as atrees, etc., used as apark or other publicpark or other publicrecreation area: a publicrecreation area: a aa fertile andfertile anddelightfuldelightful spot orspot orregion.region.Kathy’s Definition Green Gardening:Kathy’s Definition Green Gardening:Verb: To provide community needsVerb: To provide community needswhile making the naturalwhile making the naturalenvironment better for futureenvironment better for futuregenerationsgenerations FoodFood BeautyBeauty Culture / TraditionCulture / Tradition Shade / Cover / MaterialShade / Cover / Material Terms to understandTerms to understand OrganicOrganic SustainableSustainable PermaculturePermaculture Xeriscaping
  3. 3. What Does Your ClientWhat Does Your ClientWant?Want? Live off the landLive off the land Chickens and BeesChickens and Bees Organic land / bedsOrganic land / beds Rich soil / garden bedsRich soil / garden beds Tropical fruit treesTropical fruit trees Tropical oasisTropical oasis Lush and perfectly manicured byLush and perfectly manicured bysomeone elsesomeone elseHigh Green-FocusLow Green-Focus
  4. 4. Could you sell thisCould you sell thisHouse?House?
  5. 5. Could you sell thisCould you sell thisHouse?House? consume resources. Be a producer, not a consumer.
  6. 6. The BasicsThe Basics Building Good SoilBuilding Good Soil Minimize Use of Pesticides/HerbicidesMinimize Use of Pesticides/Herbicides Use Organic Fertilizers and AmendmentsUse Organic Fertilizers and Amendments Appropriate Water UseAppropriate Water Use Plant SelectionPlant Selection = Easy Maintenance= Easy Maintenance
  7. 7. Good Soil = minimalGood Soil = minimalproblemsproblems Great Soil = Healthy PlantsGreat Soil = Healthy Plants Healthy plants survive white flies,Healthy plants survive white flies,cabbage moths, nematodes, powderycabbage moths, nematodes, powderymildew, aphids and hundreds of others.mildew, aphids and hundreds of others. Lots of mulch and compostLots of mulch and compost Millions of living organisms in soilMillions of living organisms in soil Don’t treat your Soil like Dirt!Don’t treat your Soil like Dirt!TIPS: Get your soil tested at CTAHR for about $20. Makes a greatclosing gift!
  8. 8. Pesticides andPesticides andHerbicidesHerbicides Pesticides kill bugs – goodPesticides kill bugs – goodand badand bad Read and follow the labelRead and follow the label Knowing your problem is keyKnowing your problem is key Herbicides kill plants – goodHerbicides kill plants – goodand badand bad Easy solution is never good longEasy solution is never good longterm (i.e. Weed and Feed)term (i.e. Weed and Feed) Organic and natural pesticidesOrganic and natural pesticides Better but still use cautionBetter but still use cautionTip: If in doubt, don’t use it or hire a professional
  9. 9. Fertilizers &Fertilizers &AmendmentsAmendments All plants need foodAll plants need food Slow and natural is the bestSlow and natural is the best Compost PileCompost Pile 3 browns, 1 green + water3 browns, 1 green + water Mulch to reduce water use and weedsMulch to reduce water use and weeds Fertilizer N-P-K (i.e. 6-5-5)Fertilizer N-P-K (i.e. 6-5-5) Nitrogen – makes green / leaves & stemsNitrogen – makes green / leaves & stems Phosphorus – develop roots/flowersPhosphorus – develop roots/flowers Potassium – overall healthPotassium – overall health Organic fertilizers much lower numbersOrganic fertilizers much lower numbersbut longer term effectsbut longer term effects Most non-organic fertilizers areMost non-organic fertilizers arepetroleum basedpetroleum based Crop rotation – Legumes add nitrogenCrop rotation – Legumes add nitrogenthat most plants use!that most plants use!TIPS: Stir compost once a week – scares critters away and providesbetter aeration. The bigger diameter – the more breakdown!
  10. 10. Appropriate Water UseAppropriate Water Use Planned planting – put plantsPlanned planting – put plantswith similar water needswith similar water needstogethertogether After plants established, waterAfter plants established, waterdeep and less frequentlydeep and less frequently Drip IrrigationDrip Irrigation Rain GardensRain Gardens Gray Water SystemsGray Water SystemsTIPS: Drip systems use much less water and minimize weeds.Sprinkle in the morning when wind is low and moisture canevaporate through the day.
  11. 11. Selecting PlantsSelecting Plants A plan is worth a thousand plantsA plan is worth a thousand plants NativeNative plants require less water, less pruningplants require less water, less pruningand have fewer problemsand have fewer problems Many plants require little or no water afterMany plants require little or no water afterestablished. Bougainvillea and most succulentsestablished. Bougainvillea and most succulents Floral plants are not only beautiful – they attractFloral plants are not only beautiful – they attractbees and other pollinatorsbees and other pollinators Need a lawn? Seashore Paspalum grass is salt-Need a lawn? Seashore Paspalum grass is salt-tolerant. HINT -- Most weeds are nottolerant. HINT -- Most weeds are notTIPS: Grow from seed where possible. Select the smallest plant They have higher survival rates and in a year will be same size.
  12. 12. Easy MaintenanceEasy Maintenance Don’t overwaterDon’t overwater Remove orRemove orminimize theminimize thelawnlawn Compost – no haulingCompost – no hauling Mulch – reduce water and weedsMulch – reduce water and weeds Leave Room – Overcrowded meansLeave Room – Overcrowded meansmore workmore workTIPS: A small grassy area or path has asmuch impact as a sea of grass.
  13. 13. Why is Hawaii Unique?Why is Hawaii Unique? Micro-climate zonesMicro-climate zones Highest number of soil types in veryHighest number of soil types in verysmall areasmall area Many endangered endemic species –Many endangered endemic species –both plants and animalsboth plants and animals Long Growing Season – but still uniqueLong Growing Season – but still uniqueTIPS: Use observation not traditional seasons. What area gets themost the sun in winter vs. summer?
  14. 14. Beyond The GardenBeyond The Garden Gas Permeable surfacesGas Permeable surfaces Smaller lots / living spacesSmaller lots / living spaces Community gardens / orchardsCommunity gardens / orchards Artificial turfArtificial turf Tools – Hand, solar-powered, electric,Tools – Hand, solar-powered, electric,gasgas
  15. 15. ResourcesResources Maui County Landscape and Gardening HandbookMaui County Landscape and Gardening Handbook UH – CTHAR - College of Tropical Agriculture andUH – CTHAR - College of Tropical Agriculture andHuman ResourcesHuman Resources Extension: Maui Master GardenersExtension: Maui Master Gardeners Hotline: 808-244-3242, ext. 228Hotline: 808-244-3242, ext. 228Email:Email: Grow Some Good – Work & Learn DaysGrow Some Good – Work & Learn Days 22ndndSaturdays at Kihei Elementary. Sign up for newsletter atSaturdays at Kihei Elementary. Sign up for newsletter Maui Association of Landscape ProfessionalsMaui Association of Landscape Professionals Web – Ask Dr. GoogleWeb – Ask Dr. GoogleTIPS: When searching, always add Hawaii (i.e. xeriscape Hawaii)