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ALOE VERA DIET - WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Lose weight naturally!


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Aloe Vera Diet, also known as Clean 9, C9 and Clean 9 Diet, is easy to love. It’s such a great way to lose weight naturally in just 9 days. As well as losing weight, we feel energized with Forever’s healthy cleansing programme – and no wonder, when we look at the products contained in the stylish Aloe Vera Diet pack!
These products arrive in the exact quantities needed for the diet’s 9-day duration, which certainly takes the guess work from the process.
You'll see them all pictured in my Slideshare Presentation, but they're certainly well worth a mention here as well.
Let’s look at them, one by one:
2 litres bestseller Aloe Vera Gel (described by an eminent doctor as “A wonderful drink for good health!”) The cornerstone to a healthy diet.
15 servings Forever Lite Ultra healthy protein shake mix, packed with nutrients (choose vanilla or chocolate);
18 tablets Forever Therm – innovative formula special vitamin blend;
54 Forever Garcinia Plus softgels (natural weight management supplement derived from a tree native to Southeast Asia);
9 packets Forever (water-soluble) Fibre supplement.
You also get a tape measure, F.I.T. shaker and a fab info booklet to guide you through the 9 days.
What else do you get? Well – and this is mega-important – when you order your pack directly from a Forever Business Owner like me it reaches you complete with Forever’s 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! However, if you order via a third party website you run the risk of receiving a counterfeit pack or out-of-date products.
Not a risk worth taking, is it? Scroll to end for my FBO international store link.
Aloe Vera Diet is complete in itself, providing a perfect starting point for transforming your diet and fitness habits. This nutritionally balanced programme will let you see real results in just 9 days.
See some Clean 9 results here on Pinterest:
Or C9 can be used to kick-start the Forever FIT Programme, which you can find out about on the Pinterest board, with loads of pics, videos and links to features. This in essence is an advanced nutritional weight management and exercise programme designed to help you look and feel better in 4 easy-to-follow steps. Choose BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED depending on how you see your current level of fitness.
The choice is yours!
Order your Aloe Vera Diet and/or other packs complete with money-back guarantee here:

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ALOE VERA DIET - WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Lose weight naturally!

  1. 1. Why do we love Aloe Vera Diet?
  2. 2. It's a healthy cleanse that takes just 9 days! You get 2 litres of this Aloe Vera Gel described by a doctor as "A wonderful drink for good health!"
  3. 3. Nutritious meal replacement shakes You also get 15 servings of tasty Forever Lite with Aminotein (Choose Vanilla or Chocolate)
  4. 4. A natural weight management dietary aid 54 Garcinia Plus softgels - 6 a day!
  5. 5. A special blend of vitamins (including B6, B12 & C) You get 18 Forever Therm food supplement tabs - 2 for each day!
  6. 6. Water-soluble fibre supplement You get 9 packets of Forever Fibre - 1 a day!
  7. 7. FREE Foods in plenty
  8. 8. Anything else? YES! A tape measure, shaker and handy info booklet to guide you through the 9 days
  9. 9. Oh - and finally, if you buy from an official Forever site like mine ... A60-daymoney-backguarantee AnyC9boughtonathirdpartywebsitemaybecounterfeitoroutofdate. Thanks a million for dropping by!