2nd lab2 edtc6320


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2nd lab2 edtc6320

  1. 1. The Communication Cycle .
  2. 2. Introduction• The basic communication model is formed• By: An Encoder, The message, and the Decoder.• The encoder: encodes the message into signals ( natural Language).• The Message: Is send in Spoken Language.• The Decoder: decodes the message (translation).
  3. 3. The Encoder• Is the information source. Uses natural Language ( Signals, Native Language, a code)• To transmit a message.
  4. 4. The Message• A Channel to which signals are adopted for transmission.
  5. 5. The Decoder• The “Receiver” which decodes the message from the “Signal.”
  6. 6. Conclusion• The Communication cycle is formed by three Elements. The Encoder –The Message- The Decoder.• The Encoder transmits an idea, using a form of Spoken Language. The Decoder decodes the message to get the encoder’s idea.
  7. 7. The End• EDTC.6323 Created by: Alfonso Almeida 0271677