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Dealing with depression naturally


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Simple tips to treat depression naturally.

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Dealing with depression naturally

  1. 1. AROMATHERAPYAdd 12 drops of rosemaryessential oil to your bath water foran invigorating bath.
  2. 2. ART THERAPYCreate an original work of art toexpresses how you feel aboutyour life.
  3. 3. DIET THERAPYEat “good mood foods” like wholegrain bread, cereals and pasta.
  4. 4. ECO-THERAPYApply sunscreen and bask in thesun for 15 minutes to increaseserotonin levels.
  5. 5. HERBAL THERAPYAdd chilies to your food toincrease levels of dopamine(mood elevator) and endorphins(feel good chemicals).
  6. 6. HOME DÉCOR THERAPYDecorate with yellow home décoraccents since it has a positiveeffect on a depressed mind.
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  8. 8. Dealing with Depression Naturally teaches how totreat depression with:* Aromatherapy* Art therapy* Christian Bible therapy* Chromotherapy* Diet therapy* Eco-therapy* Herbal therapy* Home decor therapy* Music therapy* Phototherapy* Exercise therapy* Self-Psychotherapy* Social therapy* Talk therapy* Vitamin therapy* Writing
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