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  1. 1. Altro safety flooring... the safe and hygienic choiceFriday, May 17, 2013Home » Services » Altro Safety FlooringAltro Safety FlooringIf you need a slip resistant, durable surface then you need Altro safety flooring. Altros unique, patented construction incorporatesflexible, high grade vinyl with slip-resistant grains throughout, ensuring a durable surface that is slip-resistant for the life of theflooring.Why Altro safety flooring?Altro flooring is a slip resistant safety flooring that meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene, making it ideal for anycommercial, office or industrial space where slip resistant flooring is needed. All Altro flooring has a resilient and durablesurface that’s comfortable underfoot and can help reduce ambient noise levels whilst presenting a modern, stylish andprofessional image.Our professional serviceOur team of dedicated staff are qualified to supply and fit your safety flooring to the highest of standards and in line with healthand safety requirements. Our years of experience enable us to fit your floor quickly whilst causing minimum disruption to yourplace of work. We can fit Altro flooring in any size and type of environment including commercial, office and industrial buildings.Get in touch today to find out if Altro flooring could be the right choice for you.Altro flooring:Is slip-resistant, even when wet, throughout the lifetime of floorHas an impervious, grout free surfaceCoves to wall joints for rounded cornersContains Altrosan integral bacteriostat to combat bacterial growthIncorporates Altro Maxis Easyclean PUR for lifelong cleanability or Altro Easyclean Technology for improved cleanabilityAltro flooring is available with homogeneous and heterogeneous options in high quality PVC, which have aggregates throughoutthe wear layer of the floor to guarantee long-lasting performance.C & C Flooring are arguably the leading floor supplier in the UK, with over 15 years experience in supplying and fitting flooring forour clients. With a company philosophy of always going that "extra mile" for our clients, you can see why our company aretowering over our competitors when it comes to flooring and hygienic wall coverings. Having started out in the domestic sectorbefore moving into the commercial sector, we have a great appreciation of understanding of the industry as a whole and haveour fingers on the pulse when it comes to new technologies and designs.Altro, founded in 1919 is a world leading manufacturer of flooring and has developed a product that is innovative, unique andexciting. Their flooring designs and technologies have evolved with our evolving needs. Their patented construction of high gradevinyl is slip resistant, even when wet, durable and easy to clean. It contains Altrosan integral bacteriostat, a built in cleaningsystem which helps to restrict the growth of bacteria making it an ideal hygiene safety flooring for the most demanding ofenvironments.At C & C we recognise that under current health and safety legislation, it is the employers responsibility to ensure that theyGot an Enquiry?If you want more information fill inthis form. You will be contacted assoon as possible.Please fill in all required fields.Your name*Your email*Phone numberMessagePlease enter the BOLD letterbelowSUBMITSUBMITSERVICESSERVICES
  2. 2. provide their employees with a safe working environment. However, most accidents that happen in the work place are due toslips and trips but with Altro safety flooring in place, the risks of any slips or trips are greatly reduced. Most vinyl surfaces seemideal because they are smooth so therefore they are easy to clean. However, it is these types of vinyl surfaces that are highlydangerous when wet. The integral roughness of Altro safety flooring is what makes the surface slip resistant. It is the variants ofelements embedded in the vinyl that help to create the durable surface and Altro safety flooring has undergone rigorous testingby the manufactures to ensure the quality of the non-slip surface.Altro safety flooring is ideal in many commercial sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, leisure and even schools and colleges.It is very ideal in a healthcare environment for many reasons other than just its non-slip surface, it is hygienic, it does not stainwith spillages and is watertight and impervious in environments such as operating theatres and wards making a hospital farsafer with regards to infection control.We at C&C already have clients in the healthcare industry that they have provided Altrosafety flooring to.C & C flooring are experts in Altro safety flooring and have years of experience in fitting Altro safety flooring for our clients. Withclients such as Crown Plaza Hotels and Resorts, McDonalds, Land Rover and the Extra Care Charitable Trust, NHS hospitalsand many healthcare customers, you can be confident that we know our business. C & C Flooring have "yet to find a project toomuch to handle", so no matter what the size of the space or what the environment is, if there is a floor space, we will fit it. All ofour fitters are fully qualified in fitting Altro safety flooring to the highest of standards and our many years of experience means thejob will be completed fast and with very little disruption to you or your business.We strongly recommend Altro safety flooring to our clients because not only is it an evolution in the commercial flooring industrybut it cannot be beaten on its quality and durability and any client can see that Altro safety flooring is not only a safe and hygienicflooring solution but a cost effective flooring solution for the future.For more information about Altro flooring, safety flooring or any of the services we offer, call us on 01527 520 755 or 01527 830428 if out of hours, email us at or get in touch via our online enquiry form.STOCK CLEARANCE - If you are looking for carpets, vinyl, karndean, amtico or wooden flooring, there is no better... 3 weeks agoCopyright 2012 C&C Flooring. All rights reserved.Website designed and built by SEO BirminghamTweetTweet 110Like 32LIVE COMMENTSOur ClientsOur ClientsMenuHomeAbout UsServicesCarpets and Carpet TilesVinyl and Vinyl TilesResin FlooringAltro Safety FlooringDomestic FlooringTestimonialsGalleryBlogContactJoin our mailing listYour nameYour email addressContact DetailsOffice 27 / East Moons HouseOxleasow Road / RedditchWorcestershire / B98 0RET: 01527 520 755Email: map