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  1. 1. EN-15038of Associations of Translation CompaniesAt Comtec we have one mission – to support companies and their respective agencies in accessing newmarkets. How do we do this? By helping to promote products and services in the best way possibleusing our high quality translation, localisation and interpreting services.With over 30 years experience of helping exporters, we provide a solution tailored to the client’sbusiness objectives, language and project requirements. Using the latest technologies to simplify thetranslation process, combined with the technical know-how and expertise of our linguists, we deliver allprojects to the highest quality standards, on time and on budget.When you want to talk global business, it’s vital to select the best language services company to help you communicate effectively.Comtec supports companies from a wide range of business sectors, meeting their requirements for fast, high quality translationservices in all major languages worldwide.Our translators and interpreters work in more than 200 language combinations As we fully appreciate that global communication is a24/7 business and recognise that our customers may be working in different time zones, we are always available to deal with urgentrequests.Every word counts - just one small error can cause misunderstanding or embarrassment. With rigorous ISO9001:2008 recognisedquality procedures in place, you can be confident that every project we undertake at Comtec is accurate, authentic in tone andculturally appropriate.As youd expect, whether UK or locally-based, our language professionals only work into their mother tongue. With specialistunderstanding of particular industry sectors and the associated terminology, our team comprises experts across a wealth of subjectareas.Search... GO+44 (0) 1926 335 681info@comtectranslations.comYour Partner in » Services » Our Work » Technology » Why Us » Resources » ContactA leading provider of translation services to businessProfessional Translation Services fromone of the UKs Leading Translation AgenciesTo help your company maximise overseas salesopportunities and communication channels we:Provide tailored solutions to suit yourbusiness objectives, existing resources andbudgetEmbrace cutting edge technology to reduceproject costs consistently across all mediaProvide a single point of contact to ensureeffective communication in every projectDeliver 100% accurate translations everytime with rigorous quality procedures inplace to ISO9001:2008 standardHand-pick the most suitable translators toensure the right message is delivered everytimeWhy choose us?Our Work: Industries Case StudiesFor almost two years Comtechave continued to provide afast and efficient translationservice which has helped ussupport our increasinginternational customer baseEMS Global Tracking,TestBlog PostsCreating a translation glossary - why it isuseful, what to include and how to getstartedWhat is transcreation?Translation services for endangeredlanguages - Circassian and other languagesWhat Is Technical Translation - A QuickTranslation GuideGuidesA Guide to Using Languages in InternationalBusinessA Guide to Setting up your Website inMultiple LanguagesBlogs & GuidesYour translation partner in . . .SoftwarelocalisationMultimedialocalisationGet a Quote
  2. 2. Website by Real Point Design, SolihullEN-15038ion CompaniesT : +44 (0)1926 335 681 • E : • © 2013 C omtec T ranslations Ltd, 62 Brandon P arade, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire C V 32 4JE U nited KingdomC ompany Registration Number: 04534240 Registered O ffice: C omtec T ranslations, 2 C hapel C ourt, Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire C V 32 4Y SPrivacy policy Legal terms Freelancers