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Allyson Walpole Resume Fall 2016

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Allyson Walpole Resume Fall 2016

  1. 1. ALLYSON WALPOLE EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN – AUSTIN, TX (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, COMPUTER SCIENCE) GPA: 3.75 Expected to graduateMay 2018 WORK HISTORY DEVELOPER INTERN – ATHENAHEALTH (AUSTIN, TX) June 2016 – August 2016  Expanded a front-end module usingJavaScriptand Perl to graphically display databaseinformation  Collaborated with team to develop a form-based splash pageusingHTML, CSS, JavaScript,and Perl DISCRETE MATH & DATA STRUCTURES TUTOR – UT COMPUTER SCIENCE (AUSTIN, TX) September 2015 – December 2015  Reinforced principles of DiscreteMath such as Boolean logic and proofingmethods  Offered alternate approaches for difficultcodingproblems PROGRAMMING INTERN – DEALER WEBB SERVICES (CYPRESS, TX) October 2014 – April 2014  Created, managed, and maintained a web-based databasevia PHP and SQL  Collaborated with a team to assemblea front-end HTML interfaceto SQL databases RELEVANT COURSEWORK DATA STRUCTURES MapReduce, Linked Lists,Array Lists,Binary Search Trees, sortingand searchingalgorithms COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ARCHITECTURE Bit manipulation,anatomy of a computer, pipelining, assembly language PRINCIPLES OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS Operatingsystems,threading, virtual memory, I/O devices, user spacevs kernel space, disks,filesystems TECHNICAL SKILLS - LANGUAGES Proficient in Java Experience with PHP, SQL, JavaScript,Perl,HTML, and C Exposure to Python, x86 Assembly, and C++ PROJECTS MINI SHELL Created a mini shell usingchild processmanipulation,signal handling,and job management commands to facilitatemulti-processingcapabilities PINTOS Worked with a team on a small kernel operatingsystemwith functionality in areas such as virtual memory, processes and environments,threads and multiprogramming,user program handling,and multi-level filesystems ROLE RANDOMIZER Produced a role-randomizingJAR which matches a given listof roles to a given listof people PROGESS MODULE UsingJavaScript,Perl,and HTML, graphically displayed several modules based on a given metric applied over information in a databaseand implemented manual filteringover the data 832-280-5151 |
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