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Pace a pptproject


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Pace a pptproject

  1. 1. Ally LIS 557
  2. 2. Decide which readers to cover Pick the e-readers that seem to be the most popular among consumers/ your patrons Kindle Nook Sony Kobo LIS 557 2
  3. 3. Train Staff  Take the time to train all staff that help patrons on a regular basis how to use e-readers and perform basic functions.  Give them the chance to explore the e-readers on their own.  Staff that are to conduct the programming can be your resident e-book experts! LIS 557 3
  4. 4. Cover Basic Functions It’s always best to start with the basics Turn on/off Charging Registering Downloading titles Turning page, bookmark, highlight, etc. LIS 557 4
  5. 5. Decide How Many Devices To CoverIn Each Session Depending on the number of staff available to help with this programming, it might be easiest to limit sessions to only covering two e-readers Begin with a general welcome and introduction Break participants into groups according to their e- readers LIS 557 5
  6. 6. Ideas for Handoutshandouts are useful and patrons can take them home to consult later  A list of popular and  Quick tips highlighting all trusted sites where patrons of the extra features can find free e-books. available on the readers  A step-by-step of how to (text-to-speech, web borrow e-books from the browsers, etc.) library (if applicable)  Basic functions: turning  Screen shots of adding the page, highlighting books manually to the e- bookmarking, dictionary, reader from the computer. etc.  Troubleshooting  Which file types are readable by which readers. LIS 557 6
  7. 7. E-books and File Types Compatible with E-readersReader Plain Text PDF ePub HTML Mobi-pocket Broadband Kindle (.txt) (.pdf) (.epub) (.html) (.mobi, .prc) eBook (.lrf, .lrx) (.azw)Sony Reader Yes Yes Yes No No Yes NoKobo eReader Yes Yes Yes Yes No No NoNook Color Yes Yes Yes Yes No No NoAmazon Kindle Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes LIS 557 7
  8. 8. Demonstrate a Download Once the patrons have been grouped by their e- readers, take them to a computer station and demonstrate a title download. You can do this using a free site (like Project Gutenberg), your library’s e-book lending system, or another online e-book store. LIS 557 8
  9. 9. Share Time Not every patron that attends programming will be a novice with their e-reader. Give patrons a chance to share quick tips and solutions they’ve figured out on their own. Ask for e-book site recommendations, their favorite features on their e- readers, etc. LIS 557 9
  10. 10. Great Sites for Free E-books – Here you can download titles to and e-reader or read them online. The site features over 38,000 free books. – This site has many of the same titles that Project Gutenberg does, but they are specially formatted to work with Kindle. The titles can be downloaded to a computer and then transferred to a Kindle, or the books can be downloaded to the Kindle using Kindle’s web browser to access the site. – This site features public domain works and titles from the Creative Archives. – You must have a membership to access titles on this site. The free membership allows up to 5 downloads a month in .pdf or .txt format. The paid membership ($39.97 a year) gives the user unlimited downloads and access to formats better suited for Kindle, Nook, etc. LIS 557 10
  11. 11. Great Sites Continued – This is actually a search engine for free e-books. The site searches 34 other sites for the title you request. It is very helpful if you want to find out where to find a title, or if you want to know if a title is available for free. – This site features free public domain works and original works. This site does not have formats that work with Kindle. – Amazon does have free titles available for Kindle. - Barnes & Noble has partnered with Google Books to make more free e-books available for Nook users. – This site does have some free titles available for Kobo. – This site has some free titles available for the Sony Reader. LIS 557 11
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention! Questions? LIS 557 12