Rfid Based Roi For Corporate Asset & Personnel Tracking


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Scenarios that are providing real returns for users of S3Edge's packaged software for asset visibility and control for corporate asset and personnel tracking.

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Rfid Based Roi For Corporate Asset & Personnel Tracking

  1. 1. IT Asset Tracking<br />Personnel Tracking<br />Current: People and paper based process to track sensitive assets (Laptops and mobile computers, External hard drives and storage media, Backup tapes, Money bags) in branch office result in security and compliance measures which are Inaccurate and lacks real time results needed to detect and prevent problems when they occur – issues are detected well after they occur.<br />With RFID:<br /><ul><li> Tag all sensitive assets
  2. 2. Identify unwanted movements across ‘zones’ as they occur with portal readers.
  3. 3. Audit assets with Hand-Helds</li></ul>Value:<br /><ul><li> Electronic audit trail for asset usage
  4. 4. Compliant usage of sensitive assets
  5. 5. - Real-time security alerts</li></ul>Current: Manual process to identify and locate assets for servicing. Data entry is usually manual (in spread-sheets) and out of date. Inventory process is manual, error-prone and time consuming. Paper based audit trail for decommission of data center assets results in lack of visibility into asset status.<br />With RFID:<br /><ul><li> Tag all data-center assets
  6. 6. Utilize hand-helds to search / locate required asset.
  7. 7. Utilize unit tags + location tags to automate inventory audits and reconcile asset status in real-time
  8. 8. - Use perimeter readers to track assets as they enter / leave data center for compliance and security</li></ul>Value:<br /><ul><li> Automated inventory ==labor savings (reduced Opex)
  9. 9. Electronic audit trails ensures compliance (ex: SoX)
  10. 10. Lowered Cap-Ex by eliminating under utilized assets
  11. 11. Find missing or misplaced assets in near real-time</li></ul>Current: Preventing sensitive data breach and employee theft is an ongoing issue for any organization. Compliance of visitor requirements and prevention of ‘tail-gating’ is another security concern.<br />With RFID:<br /><ul><li> Provide Personnel and Visitors with access control BAP Tags</li></ul>Value:<br /><ul><li>Prevent unauthorized personnel in restricted areas
  12. 12. Identify tail gating where the employee card is read  but the access control card was not read
  13. 13. Enforce policies to restrict visitor area access.</li></ul>IT Datacenter tracking<br />Branch office asset tracking<br />ROI in terms of $ impact:<br /><ul><li>RFID technology provides an automated method of identifying the movements of assets and personnel across various locations / zones in real-time within an organization.
  14. 14. There is no need to spend hours doing asset inventory and real-time alerts identifying critical asset and personnel movement can be obtained.
  15. 15. Assets in the data center or front office can be identified and reconciled with existing Asset Management System.</li>