Employee engagement and social media - Rachel Miller


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Slides by Rachel Miller @AllthingsIC, Internal communication and social media strategist at All Things IC.

This was a Social Summer session on 18 July 2013 at Chartered Institute of Public Relations HQ in London.


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  • Gym teacher Dale Irby has worked in the same school for 40 years
  • Employee engagement and social media - Rachel Miller

    1. 1. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Employee engagement and social media Rachel Miller, AllThings IC @AllthingsIC 18 July 2013 SOCIAL SUMMER
    2. 2. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Orange is the happiest colour @AllthingsIC
    3. 3. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Our menu for today What is employee engagement?  What’s the evidence?  Making the right decisions @AllthingsIC
    4. 4. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Read all about it ShareThis:The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals (Wiley, 2012) ShareThisToo: More Social Media Resolutions for PR Professionals (Wiley, 2013) @Sharethistoo #CIPRSM @AllthingsIC
    5. 5. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Mixed messages? Pic via @GeorgePitcher
    6. 6. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM What is employee engagement?
    7. 7. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC #CIPRSM What is employee engagement?
    8. 8. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC What is employee engagement?
    9. 9. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM @AllthingsIC #CIPRSM Your role?
    10. 10. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Pic via @dds180 @AllthingsIC
    11. 11. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Pic via http://bobbiblogger.wordpress.com @AllthingsIC
    12. 12. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM @AllthingsIC #CIPRSM Innovation
    13. 13. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Pic via @olenka@AllthingsIC #CIPRSM
    14. 14. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM @AllthingsIC #CIPRSM
    15. 15. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Worldwide, 4 out of 10 employees are not engaged • Striving to maintain a higher level of employee engagement not only contributes toward short-term survival during economic volatility, but also is a key factor for longer-term business performance and better positioning when market conditions become favorable. • Companies that get engagement right can enjoy a surplus of competitive advantage in talent strategy and business results that is hard for others to replicate @AllthingsIC Aon Hewitt 2013Trends in Global Employee Engagement www.allthingsic.com/blog/rachels-resources/
    16. 16. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM You can find this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xqO3sfRZDAE @AllthingsIC
    17. 17. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Give your employees a voice and listen to what they say @AllthingsIC I am not a human resource, I’m a human being Make sure whatever you do is authentic - employees know the difference Engagement isn’t something extra, it’s what you do and the way you do it
    18. 18. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Engage for Success Engagement is: “A workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being”
    19. 19. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Engage for Success Engagement is: “Creating the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential”
    20. 20. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC www.engageforsuccess.org www.twitter.com/engage4success and #e4s www.blogtalkradio.com/engage-for-success www.allthingsic.com/blog/rachels-resources/
    21. 21. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM A seat at the table @AllthingsIC
    22. 22. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Creating the conditions… @AllthingsIC Aon Hewitt 2013Trends in Global Employee Engagement www.allthingsic.com/blog/rachels-resources
    23. 23. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Aon Hewitt 2013Trends in Global Employee Engagement Aon Hewitt defines engagement through three attributes that include the extent to which employees: • Say - speak positively about the organisation to co-workers, potential employees and customers • Stay - have an intense sense of belonging and desire to be part of the organisation • Strive - are motivated and exert effort toward success in their job and for the company
    24. 24. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Engage for Success Evidence?
    25. 25. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC What an engaged employee looks like Engage for Success
    26. 26. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “Focusing on employees brings real benefits such as improved workplace engagement, better staff retention, reduced recruitment costs and greater financial performance” @AllthingsIC Best Companies
    27. 27. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC
    28. 28. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Employee expectations have shifted @AllthingsIC
    29. 29. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Four ingredients for employee engagement success Engage for Success
    30. 30. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Visible, empowering leadership providing a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where it’s come from and where it’s going Engaging managers who focus their people and give them scope, treat their people as individuals and coach and stretch them Employee voice throughout the organisation, reinforcing and challenging views, between functions and externally. Employees seen as central to the solution Organisational integrity – values on the wall are reflected in day to day behaviours.There is no ‘say –do’ gap. @AllthingsIC Engage for Success
    31. 31. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology - not the other way around” Steve Jobs @AllthingsIC
    32. 32. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Internal communication professionals are curators, not creators @AllthingsIC
    33. 33. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Does social media fit?
    34. 34. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Biggest benefits of using social media for IC • Innovation and idea exchange (41.5%) • Employee engagement (38.4%) • Knowledge management and collaboration (30.8%) Getting employees to talk, share info and collaborate = most effective use of social media in global organisations (54.3%) Melcrum (2010): How to use social media to solve critical internal communication issues @AllthingsIC
    35. 35. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Messages become content A searchable record of knowledge can reduce time employees spend searching for company information (up to 35%) Additional value can be realised through faster, more efficient, more effective collaboration both within and between enterprises. When companies use social media internally @AllthingsIC The Social Economy: UnlockingValue and ProductivityThrough SocialTechnologies, McKinsey & Co, 2012
    36. 36. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Don’t view social media as something that is done ‘to’ employees, but ‘for’ and ‘with’ them @AllthingsIC Rachel Miller, ShareThis, (Wiley 2012)
    37. 37. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM A matter of trust @AllthingsIC #CIPRSM
    38. 38. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Guidance @AllthingsIC
    39. 39. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Create flexibility within boundaries for your employees @AllthingsIC 300+ examples of social media guidelines including 26 films: www.allthingsic.com/smpolicy
    40. 40. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Behaviours and values @AllthingsIC #CIPRSM
    41. 41. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Info and images: www.knowledgehub.local.gov.uk
    42. 42. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “Internal communication is as important as external communication. Social media use is as crucial a conversation as explaining the profession of corporate communication or role of employee engagement. There will always be a requirement for organisations to engage with online communities, albeit the tools may change over time” ” @AllthingsIC Rachel Miller, ShareThisToo (Wiley, 2013)
    43. 43. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM @AllthingsIC KEEPING UP? @BrianSolis
    44. 44. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC Illustrations www.businessillustator.com Who’s doing what? www.allthingsic.com/list and www.allthingsic.com/yammertime
    45. 45. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “The challenge is the ability to link business objectives, social media strategies and the bottom line. Executives need to see how social fits in to the overall vision and goals of the organisation in order to lead a top down charge that changes how employees and customers connect and collaborate. There must be a purpose coupled with tangible results” @AllthingsIC Brian Solis @briansolis: How social media is sparking organisational transformation. www.briansolis.com Jan 2013
    46. 46. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Don’t always use the c-word (communication) @AllthingsIC Rachel Miller ShareThis, (Wiley 2012)
    47. 47. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Showcasing talent @AllthingsIC #CIPRSM
    48. 48. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM@AllthingsIC • Investigate employee engagement research - it exists to inform your decisions • Promote behaviours that suit your culture • Identify and nuture your internal experts • Constantly plan, do, review • Enjoy! Key takeaways
    49. 49. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Keep in touch @AllthingsIC Google ‘Rachel Miller’ linkedin.com/in/rachelmiller01 Pinterest.com/AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com rachel@allthingsic.com Storify.com/AllthingsIC @AllthingsIC
    50. 50. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Thank you for attending Find out more at cipr.co.uk/social-summer