Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey Oct. 2011


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Examining Medicare plan selection matters for seniors.

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Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey Oct. 2011

  1. 1. Allsup Medicare Advisor® Seniors Survey Examining Medicare Plan Selection Matters For Seniors October 2011 Satisfaction, confidence and health condition 2-5 Changing Medicare plans and challenges 6-9 Current coverage and what’s important 10-11 Reviewing plans and receiving help 12-13 Free preventive services (from healthcare reform) 14-15 Methodology & background 16
  2. 2. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 2Nearly two in three seniors are very satisfied with their coverage. However, younger seniors aregenerally less satisfied. Satisfaction with Current Medicare Coverage 2% Total 65% 25% 4%4% 1% Age 65-69 58% 27% 9% 5% 3% Age 70-79 66% 24% 3%4% 2% Ages 80+ 72% 23% 3% Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not sure Not too satisfied Not at all satisfied Question: How satisfied are you with your current Medicare coverage? Would you say you are very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, not too satisfied or not at all satisfied? (sample size = 900) Source: Allsup
  3. 3. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 3Satisfaction with specific aspects of Medicare coverage is high, except for the inclusion of prescriptiondrugs. As beneficiaries get older, satisfaction generally rises. Satisfaction with Specific Aspects of Medicare Coverage 100% 89% 91% 88% 84% 85% 80% 81% 80% 72% 72% 72% 72% 70% 56% 60% 54% 53% 48% 40% 20% 0% Overall Ages 65-69 Ages 70-79 Ages 80+ Benefits worth premiums Co-pays/costs reasonable Accepted by doctors Include Rx drugs Questions: Do you feel that your Medicare benefits are worth the money you spend on your monthly premiums? Are the co- pays and out of-pocket costs for your Medicare coverage too high or pretty reasonable? Is your Medicare plan accepted by the doctors and specialists you want or do there need to be more options? Does your Medicare coverage include all of the prescription drugs that you need or is it missing some that are important to you? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  4. 4. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 4While satisfaction with current coverage is high, confidence in coverage if health gets worse is muchlower. Confidence in Coverage if Health Confidence in Coverage, by Age Worsens – Only 39 percent are very confident that their current Medicare plan would provide % “Very” Confident the coverage they need if their health got worse. Not sure, 5% Not too / not at % Not too/Not at Very, all, 16% 39% all confident Somewhat, 40% Question: If your health were to get worse, how confident are you that your current Medicare plan would provide the coverage you need? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  5. 5. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 5Older seniors are most likely to report their health has declined. Health Condition Since Enrolling in Medicare Overall 6% 68% 26% Ages 65-69 7% 76% 17% Ages 70-79 7% 63% 30% Ages 80+ 4% 67% 29% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Improved About the same Worse Question: Which best describes your health since enrolling in Medicare? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  6. 6. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 6The biggest challenge to changing Medicare plans is seniors’ concern whether their current doctor willaccept any new coverage.Biggest Challenge to Changing Medicare Plans Making sure doctor or healthcare 31% provider takes your coverage Making sure plan has adequate 18% coverage for pre-existing condition Finding an affordable plan 12% Coordinating with your other 8% insurance Comparing information and plan 5% details Not sure/Refused 21% Question: When you think about changing your Medicare coverage, what do you think would be the biggest challenge? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  7. 7. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 7Overall, 56 percent definitely plan to keep their current Medicare coverage, while 44 percent are notruling out changes. Older seniors are less likely to consider changes, while younger seniors are morelikely to change.Anticipate Changing Medicare Coverage in Next 12 Months 44% would consider changing 1% Total 4%5% 34% 56% 48% would consider changing 1% Age 65-69 7% 5% 35% 52% 47% would consider changing 2% Age 70-79 4%5% 36% 53% 1% 38% would consider changing Ages 80+ 2%5% 30% 62% Definitely change Probably change Not sure Probably keep current coverage Definitely keep current coverage Question: How likely are you to change your current Medicare coverage during the next 12 months? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  8. 8. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 8Overall, 18 percent report they have changed their Medicare coverage at least once. This is similaracross age groups, meaning younger seniors have already changed plans as often as seniors whoare decades older.Ever Changed Medicare Coverage Changed Medicare, by Age 30% Once More than 11% once 7% % Yes 20% 18% 18% 17% Never 10% 82% 0% Ages 65-69 Ages 70-79 Ages 80+ Question: Since you enrolled in Medicare, have you changed your Medicare coverage once, more than once or never? (Sample size=893) Source: Allsup
  9. 9. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 9For the minority of Medicare beneficiaries who have changed their coverage, cost was mentioned asthe top reason.Reasons for Changing Medicare Coverage Premiums were too high 27% Plan was discontinued 15% Co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses were too high 11% Better benefits/coverage 10% Moved to a new area 7% Old plan didnt cover prescription drugs needed 6% Wanted access to more doctors or specialists 4% Plan changed 4% Doctor/healthcare facility stopped taking old plan 3% Other 8% Not sure 6%Question: When you (most recently) changed your Medicare coverage, what was the primary reason? (Sample size=157)Source: Allsup
  10. 10. 10Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors SurveyOf those surveyed, those 80 and older were less likely to know what type of Medicare coverage they had.Current Coverage: Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Overall 63% 24% 13% Has Rx coverage 47%Age 65-69 61% 26% 13% Has Medigap coverage 25%Age 70-79 65% 26% 9% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Ages 80+ 64% 18% 18% Traditional Medicare Medicare Advantage Plan Not sureQuestions: Do you have traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage? (Sample size=900); Have you signed up or been enrolledin Medicare prescription drug coverage? (Sample size=898); Have you signed up or been enrolled in Medigap, also calledMedicare Supplemental Insurance? (Sample size=570) Source: Allsup
  11. 11. 11Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors SurveyWhen asked to choose the most important part of a good Medicare plan, seniors indicated access to doctors.This was higher than cost-related items such as co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses and monthly premiums.Access to Doctors Most Important to Good Medicare Plan All are important, 6% Other/not sure, 9% Cost for Accepted by monthly enough premiums, doctors and 11% specialists, 43% Co-pays and out-of- pocket Coverage for expenses, important 20% prescription drugs, 11% Question: For you, what is the most important part of a good Medicare plan? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  12. 12. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 12Of current beneficiaries, 69 percent have not reviewed their Medicare plan in the past year. Thosenewest to Medicare are most likely to have reviewed their plan.Have Reviewed Medicare Plan in Reviewed Medicare, by AgePast 12 Months 50% Not sure, 2% 40% 40% % Yes Yes, 29% 30% 26% No, 69% 22% 20% 10% Ages 65-69 Ages 70-79 Ages 80+Question: In the past 12 months, have you reviewed your current Medicare plan in comparison to other Medicareplan options available? (Sample size=900) Source: Allsup
  13. 13. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 13More than 40 percent receive no help reviewing their Medicare coverage. Among those receiving help,the most common response was a spouse or partner. The oldest beneficiaries are the most likely toreport the help of adult children.Received Help Reviewing Medicare Plan Who Helps Beneficiaries Review Plan (of those receiving help) 39% Spouse or 42% partner 42% 33% Non- 22% family, Adult 9% 25% children 19% 41% No one, Doctor or 20% 41% other 17% healthcare 17% professional 27% Employer or 16% 15% former Total (n=532) Family, 19% employer 11% Age 65-69 (n=163) 34% Age 70-79 (n=220) 14% Friends 18% Ages 80+ (n=149) 13% Multiple responses accepted 11%Question: Who helps you review and enroll in your Medicare coverage, or has helped in the past?(Samples size=900)Source: Allsup
  14. 14. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 14Forty percent of Medicare beneficiaries have used free preventive care services that became availableunder healthcare reform legislation. Older Medicare beneficiaries are less likely to have used freepreventive services.Has Used Medicare Free Preventive Used Free Medicare Services, by AgeHealthcare Services* Not sure, 70% 4% 60% Yes, 50% 40% % “Yes” 40% 43% 40% No, 34% 56% 30% 20% Ages 65-69 Ages 70-79 Ages 80+*Free preventive services include annual wellness exams,cardiovascular screenings, flu shots, medical nutritionaltherapy and glaucoma tests.Questions: Under healthcare reform, several preventive care services are now offered free to Medicare beneficiaries usingtraditional Medicare. Have you taken advantage of any of these free services since they became available this year? (Samplesize=570; note: only traditional Medicare participants are eligible for preventive care services under healthcare reform)Source: Allsup
  15. 15. Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors Survey 15A total of 54 percent of Medicare beneficiaries say they are likely to use free preventive services inthe next year. The oldest beneficiaries are least likely to take advantage of free Medicare servicesin the future.Plans to Use Free Preventive Likelihood of Using Free MedicareServices in Future Services, by Age Not sure, 70% 7% % Likely to 63% 60% 56% Not at all Very likely, 50% likely, 17% 28% 44% 40% 41% 41% Not very Somewhat likely, likely, 22% 32% 26% 30% % Not likely to 20% Ages 65-69 Ages 70-79 Ages 80+ Question: How likely are you to take advantage of any of these free services this year or next year? (Sample size=320; note: responses from those eligible who have not used free services already) Source: Allsup
  16. 16. 16Allsup Medicare Advisor Seniors SurveyMethodology & Demographics DemographicsThe Allsup Medicare Advisor® Seniors Survey was an independently conductedtelephone survey of 900 randomly selected individuals 65 years of age and over who Agehave Medicare coverage. 65-69 29%The survey was conducted between June 15-28, 2011, by Richard Day Research, an 70-79 43%independent market research firm based in Evanston, Ill. 80 and over 28%The survey is subject to a +/- 3 percent margin of error. Mean 74.8 Median 74About Allsup Gender Male 43%The Allsup Medicare Advisor® service is a Medicare plan selection service that helpspeople choose the most affordable and appropriate plan for their specific healthcare Female 57%needs. The service examines all of someone’s Medicare options to provide an in- Incomedepth, objective analysis and combines live, one-on-one personal guidance withconvenient access to online features. (Allsup is not a Medicare plan provider. It does Less than $50,000 34%not accept fees or commissions from insurance providers, i.e., Medicare Advantage, $50,000+ 33%Medicare Part D or supplement insurance plans.) Not sure/Refused 33%Allsup is a nationwide provider of Social Security disability, Medicare and Medicare EmploymentSecondary Payer compliance services for individuals, employers and insurancecarriers. Founded in 1984, Allsup employs nearly 800 professionals who deliver Full/part-time 11%specialized services supporting people with disabilities and seniors so they may lead Retired/not employed 89%lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible. The company is basedin Belleville, Ill., near St. Louis. For more information, visit contacts:Rebecca Ray, (800) 854-1418 ext. 65065, r.ray@allsupinc.comMary Jung, (773) 429-0940,