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Coursework evaluation

  1. 1. On this page I will be posting an evaluation for my products, mainly myTeaser trailer, and answering the following questions; To answer these questions I will be using some of the audiencefeedback I have received using questionnaires and from a focus group.
  2. 2. With my media products I have created a teaser campaign for a new movie. My products for this project were a;teaser trailer, Film Poster and a website. During the research section for each of these I looked at the codes andconventions of similar products and what is required within these. When looking at mine and comparing them and looking back over the codes and conventions I would say I haveincorporated the required and the majority of the codes and conventions as well as specific techniques used inregards to my teaser trailer. Within my teaser trailer I have incorporated the following; Short clips both fast and slow paced, brief interpretationto the film, text (which acts as a narrative) a time limit, including main characters – however I did not name them ascharacters which I should have done. I have also included different techniques used within trailers in terms of thenarrative, footage and the music used. With the narrative I did not use a vocal instead using text, with this text I said in the trailer ‘They’re coming’ – thetag line for the film, ‘For One thing only’ and ‘The time has come’ this narrative is notgreatly effective as it can be slightly distracting at times as not all audience members, especially my target audiencewould want to read a teaser trailer, therefore if I were to create this product again I would use a vocal narrative.
  3. 3. Despite including close up and medium shots to present the characters andthe emotions they are feeling, when considering the product and based onthe feedback we have received from both our target audience andprofessional feedback, more close up shots could have been included toimprove the trailer and make the emotions felt by the characters moreobvious.
  4. 4. These shots used within my teaser trailer were used to helpestablish the scene and environment. However, the mise enscene of these shots were not very good as we did not fullyconsider the lighting, props or costumes. Looking back atthese shots especially in the hall way, the lighting needed to bedarker to fit with the action and the mood of the trailer. Despite there being errors with the shots they effectively setthe scene and environment for the rest of the film as one ‘set’is used on more than one occasion with the trailer, and clearlyshow two separate periods of time.
  5. 5. These are the titles that were included in my teaser trailer as you can, and asmentioned, the names of the actors are not included which should be for atrailer for a film, regardless of if it’s a teaser trailer. The text used is notspecific or provides a clear or decisive idea to the film as they are quite openand open to interpretation. The 2nd title also links back to a scene within thetrailer which can make the audience more interested and wanting to knowwhat is happening. If I were to re-edit this trailer I would add in more titles and split up the filmtitle and release date and use a separate and larger font to distinguish it fromthe rest of the text used.
  6. 6. Another technique I used was a range of different camera shots, angles and movements throughout The entireproduct, especially at the beginning where I main actor is under the table and is looking scared and is talking thehimself, by filming this shot as a medium close up the audience are provided with a real understanding of hisemotion, scared and nervous being clear emotions.I also used music which fitted with the genre of the film and the trailer itself as during specific moments whenthere are more slow paced scenes, the music quietens, while when it picks up as does the footage/ scenes withinthe trailer. However, with the music towards the end of the product it is not as effective as it comes to an abruptend when it should fade out.I also used a collaboration of both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds, for example at the beginning of the trailerthere are ‘chiming noises’ which were recorded while we were filming, therefore the Actor could hear them,While the music itself and the sound at the end were both non-diegetic and were included at a later stage.The reasoning why I used the techniques mentioned was to help follow the code and convention of onlyProviding a brief interpretation of the film and by incorporating the factors mentioned I was able to clearly showthe genre of the film, the character involved, the environment and some of the emotions the characters feel. Thiscan entice the audience members to want to watch the film, and based on the audience feedback we received themajority of people I asked said they would watch the film.However, If I were to make this specific product again I would incorporate more or the codes and conventions ingreater depth and quality to make the purpose of their use more obvious and effective. With my other products, poster, I again followed the basic codes and conventions by including the name of thefilm, tag line, release date, actors and credits including the production company, Individuals associated the filmand images giving an indication to
  7. 7. As I have 3 different products which are all different forms of media used for thesame purpose, there needs to be consistency in the style of the products inregards to the colouring, the font and its sizing. When looking at the filmposter and the website, there is some similarities in terms of these factors as theyboth have black backgrounds with the blue arms reaching out around the text/content. This factor can also be linked to the teaser trailer as towards to end andon three separate occasions you see blue arms/ hands reaching out towards toactors of a bit of space. Therefore there is consistency in the product ‘ Bluehands/ alien hands’ which acts as a figure head/ logo for the film. Also as I have used three different forms of media, print, video and Interactive,which can each be used singularly to promote a film effectively, one more thanothers, but as a collective due to the consistency and due to the fact they areteaser products and do not provide a lot of information in regards to the film eachproduct helps to promote the other, and they all interconnect as the poster containsthe website address while the website contains the teaser trailer. Creating a chainreaction in products with an end result of promoting the film.
  8. 8. With the three products they all have similarfactors which are used as a figure head and torepresent the movie. Each product has consistencywith one another.
  9. 9. When looking at each product individual and considering the codes andconventions required within each product and looking at the aesthetics of theproducts they are not as effective as I would have hoped as they do not follow allof the codes and conventions and could be improved. For example with the filmposter another image could/ should be included, involving one or more of thecharacters within the film, as it would make the product more personal andeffective. As well as making the product and film more appealing for the targetaudience.While the website is quite plain and much more could be included to make itmore appealing such as banners relating to the film as well as making it moreinteractive with comment sections and forums for discussions in regards to thefilm.When looking at these two specific products and comparing them to one another theposter is more effective as the layout is clear and organized while the website isn’t asmuch. The positioning of the text and images with both of these products is important and willeffect the appearance of the product as well as the opinions formed by those who view theproduct.
  10. 10. From my audience feedback I have learnt how I can improve my main product (teaser trailer) andhow to make it more effective in representing the genre and promoting the film.The two main factors which were brought up, especially in the focus group was in regards to themusic and the footage, despite not being criticised it was stated that it could be improved as themusic was a bit too quite for some of the scenes and should have been louder/ higher pitch tomake it more effective and scary, and to make it fit more with the scenes within the trailer thismaking the clips stand out more.Also in regards to the music towards the end of the clip people commented on the fact that it justinstantly stop, where it should fade out along with the text used Invasion Coming Soon‘therefore if I were to create this product again I would change the music and the text at the end ofthe trailer so it fades out.The text was another factor my audience members commented on as it is quite distracting and anoff putting form of narrative, therefore they would have preferred to have heard the text ratherthan read it, and as a result it would be more effective with the product, and would make it moreattractive as you would no longer need to have the text within the trailer and could include subtitles as a replacement or just the names of the actors. Also from my audience feedback I would say this specific product would appeal more so to ayounger audience rather than the chosen audience, mainly due to the fact it does not have intensehorror aspects or gore Therefore it would be appropriate for a younger audience
  11. 11. Based on the feedback I have received from my targetaudience as well as the professional feedback I received, if Iwere to re-film and re-edit the teaser trailer I would include more intense horrorscenes, as well as scenes which made the genre of sci-fi more obvious possibly inthe same scenes which include more elements of horror. I would also includesmoother transitions so the product fades in and out, also between each clip theyfade into one another and then when the pace of the trailer picks up increase theuse of straight cuts to build up to a specific point. Also in regards to the music used as with the transitions ensure that it fades inand out. While also adjusting the volume of the music to fit more with specificclips and to create more tension which builds up to the a specific clip beforefading out.
  12. 12. Throughout my whole project and for each different product I used differentprograms with different technology to create my products as they are eachdifferent forms of media and each program had appropriate tools and settingswhich would help to ensure the product was as effective as possible and includedthe required factors, however for my final task (website) I used mediaconvergence as all of these products were included into the website.I also used a variety of different programs, such as; Photoshop(Film Poster)however with this specific product I should have also used Indesign as it wouldhave allowed me to position the text more effectively and that all other contentwas centred to the page, this is something I wasnt able to do as effectivelythrough Photoshop however I was able to edit and manipulate the images andtext used. When researching for this product I used both primary and secondary researchby looking at similar products to see what was included, as well as researchinginto the codes and conventions of posters. I also used the social networking siteFacebook to gain some feedback through the use of sending a list of questions tomembers of my target audience as the age range of 16-19 are a key age group who usesocial networking therefore it was any easy contact/ information gaining method.
  13. 13. I also used programs such as; Wave pad, Dreamweaver and Premierepro during the production of my products I used these specificprograms as like Photoshop and Indesign they allowed me to createthe specific products effectively due to the tools and settings. They alsoallowed me to save my products as a specific file which could beconverted/ imported or uploaded at a later stage. When planning myproduct this was particularly helpful as through the Internet andwebsites such as YouTube, and other film websites I was able toresearch into the style of trailers as well the layout of a website for afilm product. This was helpful as it gave me an insight into whatconventions I must include in my product to make it look professional,and it gave me insight into how to make the product as appealing andattractive to the audience.