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The                                                                                           Measuring Cup               ...
INSIGHT 2:                   The Pies have ItMove over fancy cupcake and make room for the humble            surge in inte...
INSIGHT 4:                   Mobile MattersFood trucks? Nope. Eating on the go? Nada. We’re talkin’           the wave of ...
INSIGHT 7:                   Counter revolutionIt’s an everyday struggle between life and prep as the         2010 YOY Pag...
INSIGHT 10:                         Sit down And Stay AwhileEntertaining with a little help from some friends — better    ...
BONUS:                     To Your health                                            About Allrecipes.comAnd finally, as t...
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Allrecipes' 11 Trends for 2011 Measuring Cup Report

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Allrecipes' 11 Trends for 2011 Measuring Cup Report

  1. 1. The Measuring Cup What American Families are Eating and Cooking 2011 InSIghTS & TrendSEvery cook relies on their community of suppliers andsages to get their meals to the table. With new technolo-gies bringing support systems to everyone’s fingertips, agood portion of the queries, questions, and recipe sharinghave gravitated online. In October 2010, 71 million cooks(1/3 of all internet users 18+ years of age) visited foodsites, consuming 1.2 billion pages of content and creatinga rich and diverse community resource.As the #1 online food destination with more than 435million annual visits, is uniquely positionedto recognize the attitudes, behaviors and trends influenc-ing the carts and kitchens of the American family. With amix of members that span age, cooking level and region,Allrecipes’ active community offers key insights into thecurrent and emerging trends among home cooks fromcoast-to-coast.Here’s what we found to be the most compelling emergingtrends in 2010:INSIGHT 1: Little Shop Around The Corner These days, the typical % Of Home Cooks Shopping grocery-shopping consumer At Local Venues Monthly makes several stops when they shop: the discount 27% Bakery big box, the neighborhood grocery store, and, with 27% Farmer’s Market more frequency, the local 22% Fruit Stands farmer’s market. Given the growing loyalty to all items 20% Wine Shop local, it’s time to welcome back the butcher, the baker, 17% Butcher Shopand the chocolate maker. While these artisan suppliers 12% Co-op Groceryhave already captured the hearts and minds of foodies,now everyday folk are beginning to, once more, gravitate 9% Cheese Shopto the locally-owned specialty shop. Good service, special 3% Chocolate Shoporders and not only do you get to know the person behindthe counter, you really get to know your cuts of meat. Source: 2010 Food Trends Survey Measuring Cup 2011 Insights & Trends 1
  2. 2. INSIGHT 2: The Pies have ItMove over fancy cupcake and make room for the humble surge in interest helped along by the appeal of otherpie. No matter how you slice it — berry or pumpkin, apple homey efforts such as canning, vegetable growing andor shoofly, sweet or savory — pies are picking up in popu- apron wearing. Cakes are still being baked, and cupcakeslarity across all regions of the country. In 2010, page views frosted, but filling a pastry shell with fresh-bought ingre-for pie and pie crust recipes were up more than 20% dients is, well, just like Mom used to say, easy as pie.YOY. This is not only a seasonal happening, but a serious When Making Pie, What Do You Usually Use For The Crust?  Frozen Or Refriger- ated Roll-Out Dough (39.3%)  Make Your Own (33.4%)  Ready-Made In Tin (9.6%)  I Don’t Make Pies (8.0%)  Other (4.9%) Source: 2010 Food Trends SurveyINSIGHT 3: Speed Scratch Even with all that pie harm if the admirable goal is to bring together family and baking going on, the ma- friends, spend a little less time prepping, and a little more jority of consumers are time enjoying one another. not making their crusts from scratch but buying YOY Growth 2010 Speed Scratch Recipe Growth (PV/Recipe) them from the grocery store fridge or freezer All Convenience Food recipes 30% case. Harried schedules, • Recipes Using Prepared Frosting 1025% multiple commitments and busy family lives • Recipes Using Refrigerated Biscuit Dough 239% have created a need for • Recipes Using Cookie Mix 127% cooking speed. Many • Recipes Using Pie Crust, Refrigerated/Frozen 105% well-versed cooks would • Recipes Using Snacks and Chips 97% swear making home- made pie crust is quick • Recipes Using Pudding and Pie Filling Mixes 70% and easy, but the truth • Recipes Using Cake Mix 66% is most household cooks • Recipes Using Baking Mix 65% pride themselves on • Recipes Using Dry Soup Mix & Canned Soup 26% making daily “home- cooked” meals equally • Recipes Using Dry Food Mix 5%speedy as they are delicious. According to a fall 2010 • Recipes Using Pasta Sauce -13%home cooks survey, 76% of home cooks are shaving time Source: Omniture, Allrecipes.comand ingredients from meal preparation using pre-madeingredients. Some might call it cheating, but what’s the Measuring Cup 2011 Insights & Trends 2
  3. 3. INSIGHT 4: Mobile MattersFood trucks? Nope. Eating on the go? Nada. We’re talkin’ the wave of a finger. Phones are easily stored in apronmobile apps for your appetizers, main course and dessert. pockets and laptops or tablets actually take up less coun-Coupons, too. Mobile means in the kitchen, at the store, ter-top space than traditional cookbooks. The connectedand everywhere in between. Growing across all age cook has more recipe options within easy reach as thegroups, the consumer is searching for recipes, check- mobile device is fast becoming one of the most coveteding competitive pricing and making grocery lists with gadgets for the kitchen. % Of Home cooks Using Mobile Find Create grocery Watch Cooking While Cooking Devices For Meal Preparation recipes Shopping Lists Shopping Videos In Kitchen Smart Phone 63% 60% 67% 9% 38% Tablet 50% 61% 42% 23% 34% Laptop Computer 96% 34% 5% 35% 54% Desktop Computer 97% 32% 3% 32% 14% Source: 2010 Food Trends SurveyINSIGHT 5: gotta have a gadgetSpeaking of gadgets, the desires are becoming smaller,literally. There is a major shift happening with the kitchen 2010 Top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Gadgetswish list from craving restaurant-style high-end stoves toother, more accessible, chef-like accoutrements. Meaning 1. Silicone Spatula Set 6. Salad Spinnera microplane grater or mandoline is more than a fancy 2. digital Meat 7. Cake decorating Settool, it’s the beginning of a consumer’s creative cooking Thermometer 8. Bamboo Cuttingadventure. That cake-making set could be the start of a 3. Microplane grater Boardswhole new career. Gender plays a role here, too. The mostpopular tool for men: the meat thermometer. The better 4. Mandoline 9. Candy Thermometerto grrrrrill with! The favorite among women: colorful 5. Kitchen Scale 10. Apple Peelersilicon spatula sets. Not only are they efficient, heat-resis- Source: 2010 Food Trends Surveytant tools, they look pretty darn good, too.INSIGHT 6: VeganomicsWhat’s been bad for the economy has been good for thegreenhouse and the self-effacing vegetable is an emerg-ing star. As general interest in home-grown, organic and 1 2 3 4 5heirloom vegetables continues to soar, this root-boundrevelation is not just about growing your own. It seemsconsumers have taken a shine to veggie delights, and as Top 5 Motivations For Cutting Back On Meata result are consciously cutting back on eating meat, too. (% of respondents)Even restaurants are getting into the act with popularMeatless Monday offerings. The main consumer motiva- 1. Healthier (75%) 4. Better Recipes Availabletion is health, but the reality is: it’s good for the body, the For Meatless Meals 2. Cost (35%)bank account and the environment. (25%) 3. Concern With Obesity 5. Environmental Impact (32%) (19%) Source: 2010 Food Trends Survey Measuring Cup 2011 Insights & Trends 3
  4. 4. INSIGHT 7: Counter revolutionIt’s an everyday struggle between life and prep as the 2010 YOY Pageview Growth For Meals Preparedcountertop is becoming the frontline in an ongoing battle Using Countertop Appliancefor kitchen real estate. Fighting for territory with thestove top is the school science project, a multitude of -6% Indoor Grillcharging devices, the laptop, as well as the Panini maker,waffle iron, baby meal maker, roaster, rice steamer, stand 9% Bread Machinemixer and buffet serving tray. While adequate storage is 18% Microwavealways a struggle, it’s clear what gets used stays on top.Which means that small cooking appliances, and their 31% Slow Cookerease of use, are overtaking the stove inch-by-inch and 43% Blenderdish-by-dish. Resistance is futile. Source: Omniture, Allrecipes.comINSIGHT 8: Beyond The BarbecueOne quick look at men’s most researched recipes speaks meaty volumes: Most Popular 2010chicken wings, chili, burger and steaks. No great surprise the majority of their Recipestop choices are meant to be cooked over an outdoor open flame, which certain-ly explains a passion for the meat thermometer (see Gotta Have a Gadget) but 1. Pick Me Up Pancakes From Scratch also makes clear why many men 2. Tray’s Spicy Texas Chili are the primary cook when the 3. Baked Blazing Hot Wings family hosts a crowd. What is inter- 4. Da Best Chicken Wings esting, however, is the continued emergence of a crop of male cooks 5. Barbecued Chicken Wings who actually feel just as com- 6. A Hick Burger Like No Other fortable in the kitchen as behind 7. Tim’s Fantastic Rib Sauce the barbecue — particularly the 8. My Dad’s Wings 20-somethings. Looks like years of fending for themselves while Mom 9. Brandon’s Naked Buffalo Wings was busy in the workforce has 10. Crispy Fried Chicken Wings made them chef adept. Source: Omniture, ManTestedRecipes.comINSIGHT 9: In The Spirit Top 5 Reasons Consumers Drinking More At HomeIt can be safely said the economy is driving consumers todrink — at home. Wine, beer, and cocktails have become part of 1. Save Money (56%)the make-it-yourself mix as hanging out at the house enjoyingan alcoholic beverage runs the gamut from simply sipping a 2. Entertaining Moreglass of wine to attempting to recreate a memorable restau- At Home (22%)rant cocktail experience. Granted, for those younger, a gameof beer pong is certainly less expensive than a night of drink- 3. Like Creating My Owning at a local hangout. But honestly, consumers are becoming Signature Cocktails (13%)more discerning about what they choose to imbibe. Curiosity 4. Inspired By New Varietiesabout wine, home microbrews and clever cocktails provide Of Liquor (12%)the inspiration. Sharing it all with friends: price (is) less. 5. Recreating Restaurant Experience At Home (11%) Source: 2010 Food Trends Survey Measuring Cup 2011 Insights & Trends 4
  5. 5. INSIGHT 10: Sit down And Stay AwhileEntertaining with a little help from some friends — better Home Entertaining Format Popularityknown as the potluck — is not going away anytime soon. (% of home cooks)At the other end of the hosting spectrum, serving guestsa formal sit-down dinner is still holding on as the most  Monthly  Special Occasionspopular form of special occasion celebration, Emergingin between is a fashionable blend of the two worlds: the Casual Sit- 53%casual sit-down dinner. This isn’t about pizza on the couch, Down Dinner 27%it’s more like a semi-formal dining affair. Guests arrive incasual attire, appetizers are most likely store-bought, the Appetizers 20%main course is fresh-baked lasagna served with a respect- & Mingle 39%able but inexpensive Italian Red. The goal is an eveningwell-spent, not a spendy evening. 17% Potluck 35% 14% Buffet 44% Formal Sit- 10% Down Dinner 49% Source: 2010 Food Trends SurveyINSIGHT 11: The real Melting PotThe search for recipes is all over the map — culturallyspeaking. As the popularity of items like bok choy andtamales demonstrate, food is helping diverse cultures finda route to mainstream understanding as cultural cuisinecan often awake a sleeping palate. The next big step iswatching the at-home cook intermingle seemingly dispa-rate ethnic fare in order to capture the cultural blend ofcouples and relatives that make up the modern family.When it comes to embracing diverse family traditions,tamales served with turkey is great start to giving every-one a seat at the global 2010 Fastest Growing Ethnic 41% 38% 36%Cuisines (YOY % Growth Ethnic Recipe PVs) 28% 23% 23% 17% 14% 14% 15% Indian Mexican Italian Polish French Spanish Chinese Korean Japanese South AmericanSource: Omniture, Measuring Cup 2011 Insights & Trends 5
  6. 6. BONUS: To Your health About Allrecipes.comAnd finally, as the New Year resolu- Allrecipes, the world’s largest foodtions begin to form, healthy eating site, receives 435 million annualis always at the top of everyone’s visits from home cooks who dis-list. But there’s a new eating attitude cover and share food experiences through recipes, reviews, photos,we’re keeping an eye on. Tiring of profiles, and blog posts. For 14 years,wacky and weird diets, it appears the the Seattle-based site has served asroad to health is becoming paved a dynamic, indispensable resourcewith good eating intentions rather for cooks of all skill levels seekingthan bizarre diet interventions. 85% trusted recipes, entertaining ideas,of home cooks feel they made better everyday and holiday meal solu-food choices in 2010 vs. the previous tions and practical cooking tips. All-year. Top dietary changes include recipes has 16 international siteseating more fruits and vegetables, around the world providing insights into the kitchens and cooking pas-reducing consumption of processed sions of home cooks everywhere.foods and using of healthier oils and Allrecipes is part of Lifestyle Com-fats for meal preparation. From all of munities @ RDA, a division of Theus, wishing you a happy and healthy Reader’s Digest Association, year. For additional information regard- ing Allrecipes, please visit www.all- Changes Did You Make In 2010(Vs. Previous Year) To Improve Your Family’s Diet? About Robin Avni More Fruits And Veggies 86.0% Robin Avni is the founder and prin- cipal of robinavni | lifestyle top- ics, insights + trends, an indepen- Less Meat 32.8% dent consultancy specializing in consumer insights, cultural-trend analysis and content development Organic 24.7% for the lifestyle marketplace. A re- spected national lifestyle expert, Robin has applied her timely in- Less Processed Foods 62.6% sights to Fortune 1000 companies, national advertising agencies and award-winning media properties to Whole Foods 30.4% create a compelling portrait of the lifestyle trends and cultural forces that are shaping the mindset and Smaller Portions 54.0% purchasing behavior of today’s con- sumer. She is a featured speaker at Better Preparations/Cooking Methods corporate and industry events and 58.1% (e.g. Less Frying, Etc.) a contributing columnist for WGSN, a global trend forecaster. For ad- Healthy Oils and Fats (e.g. Olive Oil, Avocado, Etc.) 63.4% ditional information, please visit Eating 21.9% Low CarbSource: 2010 Food Trends Survey Please Contact: Stephanie Robinett Director, CommunicationsThe Measuring Cup report is derived by analyzing the site behaviors and search 206.708.9271data from over 435 million annual visits to, along with survey data stephanier@allrecipes.comfrom Allrecipes’ online surveys. This report was co-authored by andRobin Avni, consumer insight and lifestyle trends specialist. Measuring Cup 2011 Insights & Trends 6