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Insight 2:                    Video is VitalIt’s no surprise food videos represent a growing trend. In thepast 15 years, f...
Sharing FoodInsight 5:                                                                                   79%              ...
Insight 8:                   Organic Goes Mainstream                                          Today, the majority of home ...
InternetInsight 11:Dining Delivers                                                                                        ...
SuperInsight 14:Fast, Super Local                                                                               Top 15 Rec...
About                                                  Methodology Allrecipes, the world’s largest digital ...
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  1. 1. The Measuring Cup What American Families are Eating and Cooking 1997 — 2012 THEN & NOWFifteen years ago, a group of five cookie-loving anthropology graduatestudents launched—one of the web’s first social media sites,with all of its contents created by its community. A few years and a few dozenwebsites (,,, etc.) later, thesites were rolled up into one— As use of the Internet grew amongbusy, family-focused women, Allrecipes grew as well. Today, the site that startedwith a single cookie recipe has grown to become the world’s largest digital foodbrand, with 17 sites and 9 apps serving 25 million cooks in 22 countries.Much has changed in the world since Allrecipes first launched in 1997.In honor of its 15th anniversary, Allrecipes reran its first on-site surveyfrom 1999 to capture a snapshot of these changes. Measuring attitudes andbehaviors related to online recipe websites, Allrecipes discovered the impactdigital food resources have had on the shopping and cooking behaviors of First Recipe Posted on Allrecipes:home cooks over the past 15 years. Neapolitan Cookies IInsight 1:Smartphones are Use of Smartphones for Meal Planning and Preparation (Numbers represent all home cooks,the Main Ingredient not just those with smartphones) 12% Shared a recipe idea on a social siteMobile phones as a kitchen companion are one of themost significant changes of the past 15 years. In 1997, 14% Viewed a digital shopping list in storethe typical cell phone weighed 10 ounces and was usedprimarily for making phone calls. Today, half of women 15% Viewed a cooking videowith mobile phones are carrying smartphones,pocket-sized computers ready to assist with an 16% Redeemed a digital couponastounding range of tasks. In 2012, more than or grocery saving offerone-third of online cooks use smartphones 18% Created a digital shopping listto look up recipes, while others use themto create digital shopping lists (18%), 22% Snapped photo of a dish while eating outredeem digital coupons (16%), andwatch videos to improve their 23% Looked at a recipe while in a storecooking skills (15%). 29% Snapped photo of a dish they prepared 35% Looked at a recipe anywhere Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then & Now 1
  2. 2. Insight 2: Video is VitalIt’s no surprise food videos represent a growing trend. In thepast 15 years, food video has moved from basic cooking shows,to mega celebrity chefs, to sensational reality series. What mightnot be evident is that cooks are rapidly switching their viewingbehaviors from the big screen (TVs) to small screens (laptops andmobile devices). Today, three-quarters of women watch cookingvideos online. Furthermore, the percentage of women who considerhow-to videos a must-have for recipe websites has nearly doubledin the past 13 years (from 45% in 1999 to 74% in 2012), and this Today, three-quarterstrend is expected to grow. Nearly half of cooks (43%) believe that of women are watchingin 15 years, more people will learn how to cook from videos than cooking videos online.from their parents. 45% 74% in 1999 in 2012 Food and Tech Insight 3: Appetites Go Global The ease and appeal of finding recipes online is not just a U.S. phenomenon. Digital food and recipe resources can now be found around the globe. While tastes and food Top 3 Search Terms customs vary by country, cooks are more • US – Chicken, Cookies, Meatloaf alike than they are different when it comes to finding recipes online. The top digital • UK – Cake, Chicken, Pizza resource for recipes globally is search engines (43% of online cooks) followed very • Australia – Chicken, Cake, Pizza closely by recipe sites (42%). And the #1 search term worldwide? Chicken, of course.Insight 4: Interactive Advertising SoarsAccording to eMarketer, in 2000, CPG brands Online Display Ad Spendingspent $134 million in online ad spending. Twelveyears later, their investment in online advertisinghas grown exponentially, projected to reach 3.16billion in 2012. Digital media has the unique abilityto speak to a wide audience on platforms availableat all points of need – desktop, tablet and mobile –through a diverse portfolio of interactive executions.As more consumers move online, and dollars follow,ad products will continue to evolve from static $134 Million $3.16 billiondisplays (the standard ad unit in 1997) to solutionsand entertainment for the consumer – offering cou-pons, video, relevant content and more, targeted tothe right person in the right place at the right time. 2000 2012 Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then & Now 2
  3. 3. Sharing FoodInsight 5: 79% Attractive photoHas a New Meaning 78% Plans to make Shoppin - eggs - flour - vanilla g list - brown - choc sugarFifteen years ago, the social channels we know and trust ola chips tetoday didn’t exist. In 2012, the social web is a mainstay 75% Top motivations Peer ratingswith sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest,and Allrecipes all ranking among the top 50 most-visited for sharingwebsites. Their impact on shared food experiences issignificant: one-third of female cooks consider it important Top motivations for sharing recipes include: attractivefor food websites to provide opportunities to share recipes photos (79%), cook plans to make the recipe (78%),on social sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest). recipe has positive peer ratings/reviews (75%). Fast FeaturesInsight 6: “Dish recommendations”at Your Fingertips Up 1,210% Community ratings Digital shopping list, menu planner,When asked to choose only one cooking resource to use Expected recipe scalingfor the rest of their lives, half of home cooks selected food websitecooking websites (44%), followed by cookbooks (19%), features Upand parents (9%). Use of cooking websites has surged 558% Up more207% in 15 years. than 300% Preferred Cooking Resource Cooking websites In Allrecipes’ “Then and Now” survey, many of the 44% features cooks expect to find on food websites showed Cookbooks strong growth. The fastest movers included “dish 19% recommendations,” up 1,210% in 2012 compared to 1999, My mom or dad 9% community ratings up 558%, while digital shopping list,Printed recipe cards menu planner and the ability to scale serving amounts all 7% increased more than 300%. from family/friendsInsight 7: Show Me the Recipe The widespread availability of free cooking resources Do recipes make on computers and mobile devices has increased cooks’ cooking simpler? appetites for using recipes. According to a 2012 survey, 16% of home cooks are now using recipes all the time 73% say when cooking, up from just 9% (80% growth) 13 years ago. YES Surprisingly, even though it’s easier to find recipes today, recipes haven’t simplified cooking as much as one would expect. Only 35% of cooks responded positively when asked whether recipes make cooking easier, compared 35% say with 73% of cooks who responded positively to this same YES question in 1999. 1999 2012 Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then & Now 3
  4. 4. Insight 8: Organic Goes Mainstream Today, the majority of home cooks (58%) report Home cooks picking picking recipes where they can use organic and recipes where they can natural ingredients, an increase of 66% since use organic and natural 1999. This represents a rise in the collective ingredients consciousness of home cooks who are looking 58% closely at food labels (59%), and shopping for locally-sourced ingredients (62%). Interestingly, only 44% report being very health conscious 35% and always eating healthfully. Perhaps home cooks are using organic shredded cheese and veggies from their local farmers’ market to make a cheesy lasagna, followed by pre- packaged but all-natural cookies? 1999 2012Insight 9: Changing Challenges for Dinnertime Families with kids say finding time is one of the hardest parts of getting dinner on the table: 22% for households with kids, vs. 16% for those without. To mitigate this, home cooks with children at home are much more tech-savvy than their childless counterparts, leveraging digital devices and tools to get things done quicker and easier. Home cooks with children are 76% more likely to have created a shopping list on their mobile device, 56% more likely to look at a digital shopping list in store and 73% more likely to have redeemed a digital coupon on a mobile device than families without children.Insight 10: y 10% sa an 67% sayWhere Fridge and cost i s le up 243% home cooking is cheaper obstac !Wallet Intersect up 133 %In 1999, the U.S. economy was happily in the black, the I lov 68% want recipe allrecip eaverage median household income was up 10%, and es.comonly 3% of home cooks reported cost as the hardest website couponspart of getting dinner on the table. Today, cost hasincreased 243% as the hardest part of getting dinneron the table. The solutions? Sixty-seven percent saythey cook at home because it’s cheaper than eatingout (up 9%) and 68% believe it’s important that recipewebsites offer coupons (up 133%). Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then & Now 4
  5. 5. InternetInsight 11:Dining Delivers  1999 Survey  Product Packaging +508%  2012 SurveyRecipe sites are now the most frequently used Internet sites +207%recipe resource for home cooks (86%), surging 207% Newspapers -9% Magazines +21% Relatives +136%from 1999, eclipsing cookbooks (66%), magazines Cookbooks -1% Friends +148%(53%), and even friends (43%). Over the past 15years, the use of recipe websites has evolved froman occasional diversion, catering primarily to hard-core foodies, to a must-have everyday resource forthe majority of American home cooks. Cooks todayvisit websites and food blogs (now estimated tonumber more than 164 million worldwide) coveringall types of cooking styles, dietary needs, regionalcuisines and food passions.Insight 12: Generational Joys of Cooking Whether or not you like to cook may have more My kitchen is always to do with your age than culinary preferences. 34% 47% 55% well stocked As cooks move through life stages, motivations I am very health conscious for cooking change. To illustrate, today’s Millennials 52% 39% 47% see cooking as optional, fun, and exploratory;and always try to eat healthfully for mid-life, family-focused Gen Xers, it’s a must; I regularly read while for today’s Baby Boomers in more diet- ingredients on packages 47% 56% 63% restricted stages of life, cooking is less frequent I am cooking more than with less freedom. 69% 52% 41% I have in the past I really enjoy cooking 87% 75% 78%  Millennial  Gen X  Baby BoomerInsight 13: More Tools Mean More TimeDigital tools continue to make meal planning easier. Said “finding time to plan and cook” was the mostWhen asked in 1999 what was the most difficult thing difficult thing about getting dinner on the tableabout getting dinner on the table, 29% said “finding timeto plan and cook.” Today this number has dropped 39%as home cooks use websites and mobile phones to findrecipes and menus quickly and easily, make organizedshopping lists on the fly, and download coupons with theclick of a button. Home cooks also report a 212% increasesince 1999 in the importance of recipe websites offeringmenus and meal planning solutions. 29% in 1999 down 39% in 2012 Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then & Now 5
  6. 6. SuperInsight 14:Fast, Super Local Top 15 Recipesand Superstores of All TimeSupermarkets look nothing like they did 15 years ago. Large chains aredevoting more and more space to hot, ready-to-eat food, local farmers’markets are a part of every city’s weekend landscape, and superstores 1. orld’s Best Wthat sell everything from electronics to produce are Lasagnasprouting up around every corner. Yet with all these (14M page views)options, when comparing 2012 with 1999,24% more consumers say shopping foringredients is the hardest part about 2012 2. anana Banana Bread Bgetting dinner on the table. (13.5M page views) 3. ood Old-Fashioned Pancakes G (13M page views) 1999 4. asy Sugar Cookies E 24% increase ( 11M page views) 5. wesome Slow Cooker A Pot Roast (10M page views) There’s anInsight 15: 6. The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies (9.5M page views)App for That 7. asic Crepes B (8.5M page views)One word describes the future of meal planning: digital. The grocery 8. est Chocolate Chip Cookies Bshopping experience is being revolutionized as consumers turn to devices (8M page views)to help them plan meals, create lists and shop. In the last decade, retail-ers have introduced savings and loyalty cards, eliminating the need to clip 9. hicken Pot Pie IX C (7.5M page views)coupons from the weekly flyer. When polled, 90% of consumers believe15 years from now printed coupons will be extinct. Eighty-two percent of 10. uffalo Chicken Dip Brespondents also believe they will be paying with their mobile device, and (7M page views)64% of consumers believe groceries will be delivered direct to their door-step which, ironically, means the future might hold a return of the milkman. 11. Easy Meatloaf (7M page views)15 years into the future... 12. Carrot Cake III (6.5M page views) 13. ream Cheese Frosting II C (6M page views) 14. est Big Fat Chewy B Chocolate Chip Cookie 90% believe 82% plan to 64% believe (6M page views) the printed coupon pay with mobile groceries will be will be extinct device delivered 15. Alfredo Sauce (5.5M page views) Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then Now 6
  7. 7. About Methodology Allrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, receives 750 Data provided is from an online survey of million annual visits from family-focused women who connect 1,020 U.S-based panel participants and and inspire one another through photos, reviews, videos and 1,208 Allrecipes community members in blog posts. Since its launch in 1997, the Seattle-based social site July 2012. No incentives were used to re- has served as a dynamic, indispensable resource for cooks of all ward or incent participation. The survey skill levels seeking trusted recipes, entertaining ideas, everyday questions were based on questions from and holiday meal solutions and practical cooking tips. Allrecipes Allrecipes’ 1999 Motivations survey, to is a global, multiplatform brand providing insights into the lives provide food and technology trend data of women everywhere based on activity from 17 websites, 17 for the past 13 years. For more information mobile sites, 9 mobile apps, and 14 eBooks serving 22 countries on survey methodology such as response in 11 languages. Allrecipes is part of Meredith Corporation, the counts for each question or details on leading media and marketing company serving American women. question order or format, please feel free For additional information regarding Meredith, please visit www. to contact us. For additional information regarding Allrecipes, please visit Please Contact: Stephanie Robinett Director, Communications 206.708.9271 Measuring Cup 1997 — 2012 Then Now 7