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Allrecipes Just a Dash 2012 Trends Measuring Cup Report


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Allrecipes Just a Dash 2012 Trends Measuring Cup Report

  1. 1. Just a Dash 2012 Trends Recap What’s HOT Biggest 2012 zz Bitters Industry zz Moonshine 2673% Grilled bacon jalapeño wraps Prediction zz Seaweed zz Peruvian #Fails The Grandma trend: dishes 173.3% Canning recipes zz Insects 1168% Meatloaf These may have made 316% Paleo foods it onto a restaurant 157% Pork menu or two, but they didn’t make it into 133% Kale chips: The “gateway drug” to adding enough kitchens of this leafy green vegetable to every meal! home cooks to be 122% Mashed cauliflower considered a trend. 113% Tzatziki 99% Lava cake 90% Green smoothies 82% Slow cooker 2.0: It’s not just for chili SLEEPER anymore! Home cooks are using this tool for cakes, stuffing, and so much more! HITS 221% Breakfast What’s NOT strata 159% Swai fish 152% Homemade 49% Fettucini alfredo protein bars What the heck is swai fish anyway? It’s an inexpensive 46% Portobello mushrooms 148% Tamale pie white fish that is sweet and 134% Venison flaky, like tilapia. 38% Teriyaki 37% Chicken tetrazzini Top 34% Cannoli 33% Grilled tuna 31% Hot dogs Foods 31% Cannelloni 31% Kabobs  Talapia  Samon  Jambolaya 25% Enchiladas Tilapia Salmon JambalayaSource: and Omniture The Just a Dash report is an early addendum to A dash more @ the upcoming 2013 Measuring Cup Trend Report.