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I Am A Red Raider: A Marketing Campaign Designed with Engagement in Mind


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In many instances, social media is an after thought when creating a marketing campaign, leading to messaging that isn't a perfect fit. When creating a new marketing campaign, the marketing team at Texas Tech University decided to use a concept that would inherently lead to social media engagement through both traditional and digital marketing tactics. Texas Tech chose to tell individual stories of faculty, staff, students and alumni, while also accepting submissions from readers of their stories to continue telling the story of being a Red Raider. In addition, many departments and areas of the university were able to use the messaging to continue the campaign, including a natural translation for new students and athletics, different areas supporting current students, and the fact that alumni will always be Red Raiders. The results from this campaign have been staggering, with national press from two digital billboards in Times Square and the announcement of it on a variety of social media channels, to the sheer number of times the #IAmARedRaider hashtag has been used, and the stories being told through it, the campaign has been extremely successful. Thanks to the social media component, this campaign has worked its way into daily interaction with Texas Tech.

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