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Rx Prep User Onboarding Analysis


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Competitive Analysis of how RX Prep onboards its new customers, and an analysis of best practices.

Published in: Design
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Rx Prep User Onboarding Analysis

  1. 1. RxPrep 
 User Onboarding Competitive Analysis By Allison Davies UX/UI Designer
  2. 2. (PNG File Name)
  3. 3. RxPrep 1 Main product offering is: NAPLEX review • online courses, test banks, study materials Prep for Federal or California Law exam (MPJE & CPJE) • complete courses • video lecture • question banks • course manual Math skills review Top selling drugs review
  4. 4. RxPrep 1 • Sample QB CTA doesn’t lead to another page. • Instead, modal appears for users to complete. • Missed opportunity to get user into possible trial account or to gather more information on future buyers.
  5. 5. • If users click out of modal, they lose their work. • No information collected about users for RxPrep to encourage purchase later on. • Good engagement of user because of low investment required to see what their product offering is.
  6. 6. • Status messages make good use of color to indicate correct or incorrect answers. • Incorrect box pulls info from case and explains what user failed to consider when answering the question. • Good use of color to highlight correct multiple choice option.
  7. 7. RxPrep 4A Incorrect Answer Error Status Message
  8. 8. RxPrep 4B Correct Answer Error Status Message
  9. 9. RxPrep 5 Global Navigation Product Options
  10. 10. • Good visual representation of digital products. Allows users to feel like they’re purchasing something tangible. • Users can save time by adding product to cart, and choose which length of time for QBs from a drop-down menu. • Clicking More leads to Product Detail Page. Opportunity for company to overcome skepticism, or give very detailed information about why the product is great and meets users’ needs. RxPrep 6 Product Listing Page
  11. 11. RxPrep 6C • Clearly shows cost and options for length of time. RxPrep could display discounted cost of 90 day and 6 month access, a missed opportunity. • Bulleted price list and drop down selection menu is clean, and makes good use of white space on the page. • Screen captures of platform interface allows user to feel like they’re purchasing more than just text on an internet page. • Another upsell opportunity taken advantage of at the bottom and side of PDP Product Detail Page
  12. 12. RxPrep 6D-F Screen Captures
  13. 13. • Description gives brief rundown of user benefits answers the question, will this get the job done to help me pass my exam? • If users are still hesitant, they can click to view free sample questions (see RxPrep 4 slide) or videos (modal appears). RxPrep 6C
  14. 14. RxPrep 6 Product Listing Page • If user decides to add to cart on this page, a modal appears.
  15. 15. RxPrep 6A • Users immediately see confirmation that they’ve added a product and what it is, and may choose to either checkout or shop for other products. • Good use of space for upsell, and displays well cost and length of time options.
  16. 16. RxPrep 7 • Excellent call out during checkout process that countdown begins on day of product purchase. Also early in checkout, so users can decide if they’d like to start using product now.
  17. 17. RxPrep 8
  18. 18. RxPrep 9
  19. 19. RxPrep 10 Exit checkout funnel confirmation