Allison Byrd Portfolio Updated 2.9.11


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Allison Byrd Portfolio Updated 2.9.11

  1. 1. design portfolio 233 Westwood Drive Morganton, NC 28655 Cell (828) 443-3551 Fax (828) 433-8788 Allison N. Byrd
  2. 2. © 2011 JIGSAW SOLUTIONS *Highlighted  area  to enhance  detail  only 25,000  square  feet   showroom  space 8th  FloorHigh  Point,  NCApril  2011  Market  Floor  Plan
  3. 3. 25,000  square  feet   showroom  space© 2011 JIGSAW SOLUTIONS *Highlighted  area  to enhance  detail  only 9th  FloorHigh  Point,  NCApril  2011  Market  Floor  Plan
  4. 4. April  2011  Market  Floor  PlanHigh  Point,  NC © 2011 JIGSAW SOLUTIONS
  5. 5. Product  Development  Sheets JulieJe  Lamp  CollecLon© 2011 JIGSAW SOLUTIONS
  6. 6. FRANCIS GARROU BOUTIQUE HOTEL VALDESE, NC Being a native of Burke County, it is my desire to design a hotel that embodies the rich heritage of the community in which I was raised. Valdese is a small town filled with rich culture and unique history. ALLISON N. BYRD I APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY I INTERIOR DESIGNFRANCIS GARROU HIGH SCHOOL I VALDESE, NC I BOUTIQUE HOTEL PROJECT
  7. 7. FRANCIS GARROU BOUTIQUE HOTEL VALDESE, NC “The  concept  that  space  can  have  a  quality  other  than  emp5ness  is  difficult  to  grasp.  When  a  building is  entered,  floor,  supports,  walls,  and  a  ceiling  are  seen,  all  of  which  can  be  studied  and  perhaps enjoyed,  while  the  space,  in  the  sense  that  one  is  accustomed  to  think  of  it,  is  void:  the  absence  of mass,  filled  by  air.” ALLISON N. BYRD I APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY I INTERIOR DESIGNFRANCIS GARROU HIGH SCHOOL I VALDESE, NC I BOUTIQUE HOTEL PROJECT
  8. 8. Hand  Rendered  PerspecLve-­‐  Home  InteriorMedium:  Chartpak  Markers  Prismacolor  Pencils
  9. 9. Sustainable  Building  Design  CompeLLon2nd  Place  Local  CompeLLon  WinnerThe  design  and  placement  of  the  buildingsencourage   interac5on   between   tenantsand  connects  them  to  the  community.  Thebuildings   inhabit   the   en5re   site   crea5ngoutdoor   common   areas   that   promoteoutdoor   living   along   with   the   privateterraces. Focus  on  sustainability,  universal design,  community  preserva5on  and affordability. LEED  Pla5num  cer5fied. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Our   design   strategy   for   the   project   embodies   the   spirit   of   our concept,   regenerate.   The   design   strategy   strives   to   promote regrowth   and   rejuvena5on   to   the   tenants   by   crea5ng   a   healthy, sustainable  living  environment.  For  the  designated  site  in  Raleigh, North   Carolina,   this   residenLal   apartment   building   and community   building   meet   the   needs   of   CASA   (Community Alterna5ves  for  Suppor5ve  Abodes). N Drawings  produced  in  Revit  Architecture.
  10. 10. Sustainable  Music  Recording  StudioHoward’s  Knob,  NCLinear   and   simplis5c   forms   are   theinspira5on   for   the   shell   of   the   ApexRecording   Studio.   By   using   a   push-­‐pullmethod   with   rec5linear   shapes,   thebuilding’s  exterior  as  well  as  the  interiorbecome   more   interes5ng   while   s5llstaying  cost  efficient  for  the  client.  Themusic   recording   studio   should   be rr community buildingsituated   at   a   loca5on   that   promotessustainable   prac5ces,   offers   visi5ngar5sts   s5mula5on   through   natural   andenvironmental   aesthe5cs   as   well   as teaching  area rr Nsolitude  from  the  public  eye. office E BR iso iso iso rr enclosed  walkway K air  lock LR BR recording  studio storage residential live  room machine  room control room  a Drawings  produced  in  SketchUp  and  Photoshop. engineer’s  space control  room  b air lockloading  dock
  11. 11. “Apple  Retail  Store” Hand  Rendered  PerspecLve “Yacht”Hand  Rendered  PerspecLve
  12. 12. Urban  Hotel-­‐  Guangzhou,  ChinaThe   atrium   and   lobby   have   been   divided   into   three   spaces   by   the   central   water   feature;   each   area   is   connected   tothe  other  by  bridge  or  stairs.  The  design  concept  of  coalesce  is  shown  through  the  merging  of  Chinese  and  westerncultures,  mo5fs,  and  design.     The  furniture  and  accessories  portray  both  curved  and  straight  lines  allowing  theirforms  to  blend  in  a  cohesive  way. Drawings  produced  in  SketchUp.
  13. 13. North  Carolina  Museum  of  Natural  Sciences.  Raleigh,  NC.  Café,  Retail  Store,  and  Coffee  CartFor   the  café   in   The   Museum   of   Natural   Sciences   in   Raleigh,   there   will   be   common   areas   for   interac5on   withscien5sts  and  students.  Design  includes  an  informal  bar,  performance  stage,  wireless  internet,  areas  strictly  forsocial  purposes,  and  video  monitors. 1- Main dinner entrance after 5pm 2- Custom built hostess stand 3- 3-form partitions 4- Lounge with laptop plug-ins 5- Custom buffet 6- Open kitchen 7- Backlit wall feature 8- Upholstery wrapped columns 9- Custom booth seating 10- Performance stage 11- Entrance for breakfast/ lunchDrawings  produced  in  SketchUp. 12- Terrace Drawings  produced  in  SketchUp.
  14. 14. CreaLve  VisualizaLon  ConLnuum Quick  Sketch:  People
  15. 15. “Vienna  Way  Residence” Venice  California Acrylic  on  Canvas “My  Home”Acrylic  on  Canvas
  16. 16. “Embrace the world around you.Design to make the difference.” -Allison N. Byrd