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191010 alliesand morrison_grahammorrison_ihbc_bauhausbrutalism

Graham Morrison delivered the keynote speech for the Institute of Historic Building Conservation’s (IHBC) London Branch day conference, "From Bauhaus to Brutalism and Beyond: Conserving Post-War Buildings and Places".

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191010 alliesand morrison_grahammorrison_ihbc_bauhausbrutalism

  1. 1. What needs to be considered in the conservation of post-war buildings and places? Talk at IHBC Conference: From Bauhaus to Brutalism and Beyond Graham Morrison, Partner 10 Oct 2019 SLIDESHARE Allies and Morrison
  2. 2. History in Architecture – Construction techniques ‘As hangs a flexible line, so but inverted will stand the rigid arch’ Robert Hooke’s Law of Inversion (1675)
  3. 3. • Nature: Chicken egg Ratio 1:100 Shell structures– span to width ratio
  4. 4. Romans: Pantheon (126 AD) Ratio 1:26 span 43m Shell structures– span to width ratio
  5. 5. Camelot: CNIT Paris (1958) Ratio 1:850 Span 219m Shell structures– span to width ratio
  6. 6. • Wimberly: Windward city market (1957) Ratio 1:1000 Span 78m Shell structures– span to width ratio
  7. 7. • Matthew: The parabola (1962) Ratio 1:500 Span 40m Shell structures– span to width ratio
  8. 8. Completed Structure 1962
  9. 9. John Pawson
  10. 10. night view of original facade