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The harlem renaissance


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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The harlem renaissance

  1. 1. The Harlem RenaissanceBy. Dominique Lauren Erica Allison
  2. 2. What Was The Harlem Renaissance ?• Harlem Wine The Harlem Renaissance was a time period that spanned from the 1920’s and ended with This is not water running here, the 1930’s and the Greatstreams These thick rebellious Depression. It was hurtle flesh and bone past fear That a cultural movement, born by the abundance of money dreams. on Down alleyways of being spent enjoyable pastimes and the fierce message of the Civila wine Movements. This is Rights that must flow on Not caring how or where, So it has ways to flow upon This movement in the air. as the “Jazz Age” Where song is also known By F. Scott Fitzgerald . So it can woo an artful flute With loose, elastic lips, Harlem New York became the mecca for Its measurements of joy compute middle class African Americans, as the hot With blithe, ecstatic hips. spot of the newer, richer African American, it• only madeCullen that Harlem would be the Countee sense location of this new Renaissance.
  3. 3. Jazz And The Blues Blues• *Blues music during the Harlem Renaissance ranged from "up-beat & downright bawdy."• *Popular blues singers were Bessie Smith, Mami Smith, & Mahalia Jackson• *Blues & Gospel music were considered similar types• *Back then, instead of just calling it "blues", they called them the "crazy blues", because it was so upbeat & new Jazz• *Jazz originated in the 1920s in New Orleans• *Famous Jazz singers were Fats Waller & the band Minor Drag• *Originally was spelled "jass", & people referred to it as "hot jass"• *It usually consisted of groups of 3-6 people• *It was also usually played in speakeasies, small clubs & dance halls
  4. 4. Louis ArmstrongArmstrong was one of the first blacks to "cross over" and become solely known for his musical talent not the color of his skin .During his career he played and sang with some of the most • Genre’s: Dixieland, Jazz, Swing, and famous musicians of that time Traditional Pop • African American jazz trumpeter and singer including Crosby, Duke Ellington He came to be a well known in the 1920s as and Bessie Smith a cornet and trumpet player • His deep gravelly voice was instantlyArmstrong appeared in over a recognizable and he was greatly skilled at dozen Hollywood films scat singing • His charisma and skill made him popularFirst African American who hosted with both black and white audiences. a nationally broadcasted radio • Was Awarded the lifetime achievement award in 1972 show
  5. 5. Ella Fitzgerald• Was the “First Lady of Song” “Lady Ella”• Won 13 Grammys• Her career started by, winning a drawing and singing “The Object of my affection”• Recorded at least 200 albums. Song: A-Tisket, A-Tasket
  6. 6. Billy Holiday (Lady Day) • Had a unique vocal style • Actually born Eleanora Fagan got her professional name from her favorite actress Billie Dove and her musician of a father Clarence holiday • When she was 18 she released her first debut single "Riffin the Scotch" which sold over 5,000 copies • She was quoted as being "the first girl singer... who actually sung like an improvising jazz genius." • Frank Sinatra said she "remains the greatest... musical influence on me." • Ended her singer career as one of the most influential women singers of her time Appeared in 6 Feature Films
  7. 7. Langston HughesJames Mercer Langston HughesWas one of the first writers to use“Jazz Flow” style poetry.He stressed the term “Black isBeautiful” while the world saidotherwise.One of the most influential artistsof the Harlem Renaissance.The Langston Hughes Medal The night is beautiful, So the faces of my people.16 poetry booksOver 17 books, both fiction and non. The stars are beautiful,Wrote 12 major Plays So the eyes of my people Beautiful, also, is the sun. Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people. Montage of a Dream Deferred ~”My People” By L. Hughes
  8. 8. Hubert HarrisonWent To New York at Age 16.Went to College at night.Was a member of theSocialist Party where he metradicals such as ClaudeMcKay and Candler Owen.Was Known as the “BlackSocrates”He Lectured about Civil Rightsfrom street corners and waspublished in the New YorkTimes
  9. 9. JeanToomerWas a poet andwriter. A Certain ManVery Influential in man wishes to be a prince A certainthe HarlemRenaissance.this earth; he also wants to be OfFirst book “Cane” is master of the being-world. A saint andconsidered his best cannot exist in the first: Consciencework. The second cannot exist without conscience.Studied MedicineOnly recognized for who has enough conscience Therefore he, To be disturbed but not enough to behis work after hisdeath. Compelled, can neither reject the one Nor follow the other...
  10. 10. Claude McKay • *first published in 1912 "Songs of Jamaica" • *Jamaican born poet and novelist • *Wrote the most popular novel written by and African American in that time: "Home to Harlem • *found work in shipbuilding yard later in life
  11. 11. Josephine Baker• Dancer, Singer, and Actress• Full Name: Freda McDonald• Dropped out of school at age 12• Married 5 times, with 12 adopted children• Performed on stage and in film• Refused to perform there was Madonna. “Before for segregated audiences. Before Marilyn. There was• Had a movie made about her : The Josephine Baker StoryJosephine” (1991)
  12. 12. Marcus Garvey • born August 17th 1887 in Jamaica“Men who are in earnest are • printer, journalist, publinot afraid of consequences.” sher, and entrepreneurMarcus Garvey founded the UNIA • • was in jail from 1925 till 1927 for mail fraud
  13. 13. Art Tatem• Famous Pianist• Born with one blind eye and a partially sighted other one.• At 18, he played at a radio station, eventually they gave him his own show.• Established Himself by winning “Culting Contests”• Played in many big time Jazz circles.• Had a total of 69 tracks.
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