Guide for Disaster Relief Donations


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The Guide for Disaster Relief Donations provides some quick answers about the ins and outs of providing aid to disaster victims.

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Guide for Disaster Relief Donations

  1. 1. effective emergency assistanceGuide for Disaster Relief Donations 2 0 11
  2. 2. Sponsor Content 1As insurer and asset manager Allianz 2 PurposeSE is preparing for more frequently 4 Facts and figures on disaster reliefoccurring natural disasters. However,our financial solutions do not always 6 Challenges facing donorsreach the people most affected by 8 ”Climate change is anti-social“ – climatologist Mojib Latifthese disasters as they lack access on future natural catastrophesto basic insurance. Instead, they relyon donations and aid to help them 10 Making a donation – but how?recover. Together with our partners, 14 Fast help? The first steps taken by aid organizationsand through sharing our knowledge,we want to help donors to use funds 16 Making a donation – but to whom?more effectively for disaster relief and 18 ”Donors should assume responsibility“– Linda Polmanprevention. on donations and disaster relief 20 Guidelines for dedicated companies 24 Myth and reality of disaster relief 26 Glossary 28 A step-by-step guide to making donations
  3. 3. 2 Purpose 3 The number and severity of natural day) are increasingly the hardest hit; Confronted with this trend, many The advice contained in this docu- catastrophes is constantly on the rise: this is where natural catastrophes people feel the need to provide the ment aims to combat this uncertainty. in the last thirty years, the number claim the largest number of fatalities. victims with fast and effective sup- It provides useful information and of people affected by these catastro- This is not only due to the climatic port. This sort of support is generally guidelines for donors and companies phes across the globe has increased conditions in these countries. After provided in the form of donations. that want their invested resources by around 250 million to around 1.5 all, much of the damage and the Such type of commitment is made in to be put to good use. Some of the billion. Humans are partly to blame victims are concentrated in areas the hope that the aid organizations pieces of advice are easy to put for this sustained trend: in addition to that lack the right preventative and will use the funds entrusted to them into practice, while others require a climate change, global population protection mechanisms, or where effectively, so as to reap the maxi- certain degree of time and interest. growth and increasing urbanization poor building standards exacerbate mum benefits for the local popula- The guidelines aim to inspire more are resulting in an ever-greater num- the impact of natural disasters. This tion. But donors cannot always be conscious, strategic donations, thus ber of victims and increasing econom- is why in Haiti, for example, the 2010 sure that the funds will be used as enhancing the impact of each and ”From a single donor to a large corporation, every- ic damage. People living in countries earthquake proved to be as devastat- they intended. A lack of awareness of every donation on the individuals one can make one‘s own contribution to disaster with low and mid-range incomes (up ing as it was. the local situation, isolated ”donation involved. relief. This guide provides support for that porpose. to 2 US dollars per capita and per scandals“ and fear that the funds will Additionally, it illustrates how donors can turn be used merely to finance large-scale their compassion and willingness to help into effec- bureaucratic structures have created tive aid for affected people.“ a mood of uncertainty. Philipp Hoelscher, PHINEO expert for disaster relief
  4. 4. Some figures on disaster relief4 5 This info graphic illustrates the comparison between the number of affected people of different disasters respective to the sum of donations. Sources: EM-DAT, OCHA FTS, VENRO 0.33 million 486 million 1.8 million 3,892 million 2.4 million 83.8 million 45.9 million 93.4 million Affected Private donations Affected Private donations Affected Private donations Affected Private donations Flooding of the River Elbe Tsunami Cyclon Nargis Szechuan earthquake Germany 2002 Indian Ocean 2004 Myanmar 2008 China 2008
  5. 5. 6 Challenges facing donors 7 Anyone who wants to make an effec- This results in something known as The large sums of money involved Unfortunately, the size of the market tive donation for disaster relief faces a the ”CNN effect“: isolated catastro- make disaster relief an attractive mar- and lack of control mechanisms also number of challenges. phes are thrust into the public eye ket where countless providers vie for mean that an isolated number of because they make for a good story. potential donors. This is why, some- ”black sheep” are to be found among After all, the areas affected tend to Others, on the other hand, go unno- times, help tends to go to the places the many serious aid organizations. be situations in far-flung places. This ticed, often in spite of a large number in which the assistance is most vis- On the following pages, we will physical distance means that donors of victims. If, for example, a catastro- ible. After all, in order to attract at- explain how donors can tackle these have to be able to rely on the aid phe has occurred in a mountainous tention, organizations have to present and other challenges. organizations they choose and on the area that is difficult for camera crews themselves to donors in the media in quality of their work. What is more, to reach, this has an impact on how a manner that gives them advertising ”When confronted with issues like these donors donors tend to rely on the media the disaster is reported. This ulti- appeal. The sort of emotional engi- will have to try and distinguish between entertain- to report on catastrophes in other mately means that many regions miss neering that often takes place within ment aimed at boosting ratings and factual countries. out on donations that they urgently this context poses a further challenge information. The rules and laws of the media are require – others are inundated with to impact-oriented donors. As natural aimed at selling information to as many clients as funds that can never entirely be put as the spontaneous urge to send help possible. This is a reality that both the general to good use. fast may be – it pays off to donate public and aid organizations will have to learn to with a cool head. deal with.“ Richard Munz, ”Im Zentrum der Katastrophe“
  6. 6. 8 ”Climate change is anti-social“ - climatologist Mojib Latif on future natural catastrophes 9 Will climate change ex- Today, we can already see So can we forecast which that are already experiencing a lot Given this trend, would it acerbate natural catas- an increase in the number regions will be hit particu- of rain will experience even more make sense for companies trophes in the years to of natural catastrophes. larly hard in the future? rain – where there is a shortage of to focus their aid strate- come? Is climate change already Climate change will also have an water, this shortage looks set to be- gy on certain regions and It is, in fact, true that we can expect having an impact? impact on Europe. The impact on come more acute. Although the flood types of catastrophe at an to see more, and more severe natural Obviously, it is also true that the rec- tropical regions will be particularly in Pakistan in 2010 was not directly early stage? catastrophes in the future. In this ords available to us today are better pronounced. Even an increase in tem- attributable to climate change, it I think that the time frame we are respect, we are looking at a time- than they were in the past. Never- peratures of only a few tenths of a showed us what climate change is looking at here is a little too long scale of decades as opposed to years theless, the increase is already partly degree will result in a huge increase capable of. If you compare this flood for this sort of strategy. Obviously, because the impact of climate change due to climate change. The unfair in precipitation. with the flood that hit Australia short- however, these trends can serve as is a gradual one. In the worst-case fact is that the countries that have ly afterwards, it also becomes clear something of a guide. scenario, the global climate could hardly contributed anything to the Does this mean that we that poorer countries are less able to be 4 degrees warmer than it is today greenhouse effect, countries like will see more floods, in protect themselves from the impact of by the end of the century. By way Bangladesh, will be hit the hardest. In particular, in the future? natural disasters. Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif manages the of comparison, in the 20th century, this respect, you could say that cli- This is certainly true of tropical are- Ocean Circulation and Climate temperatures rose by only 0.7 degrees. mate change is ”anti-social“. as. The subtropical regions, on the Dynamics research group at the If this scenario materializes, conditions other hand, will be affected more by Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences would be completely different to those drought. In other words, those areas at the University of Kiel. we are used to today, especially as far as natural catastrophes are concerned.
  7. 7. 10 Making a donation - but how? 11 What should you bear in mind when Avoid earmarked ing a donation without specifying the Be mindful of the impact Donate money making disaster relief donations? The donations purpose. The recipients of your donation should Clothes, blankets, food – although following pages show you how you Try not to specify a narrow purpose in be able to prove a successful track re- in-kind contributions are popular, they can make targeted, effective dona- your bank transfer form (e.g. ”Emer- Support efficiency cord with similar projects in the past. tend to cause more problems than tions. gency aid for flood in Pakistan“). Costs are incurred for every donation, Independent evaluations published on they solve. After all, sorting and trans- Specifying this sort of information for example for bank processing costs organizations‘ websites are particular- porting these items is an expensive Making a well-considered means that aid organizations are or the administrative costs incurred by ly valuable in this respect. If you plan business. The containers filled with decision obliged to use the funds solely for the the organizations in question. As a re- to donate a larger amount, you should in-kind contributions put pressure on As a donor, never let anyone put you purpose stated. In the case of catas- sult, it makes more sense to make one ask your chosen aid organization to marine and air cargo capacities, mean- under pressure – be it using adver- trophes with a particularly high media larger donation as opposed to dona- explain how the donation will be used ing that vital medical deliveries can tising, phone calls or fundraisers who profile, aid organizations sometimes ting several small amounts. Paying by and what impact it will have. suffer. What is more, aid organizations turn up at your door and try to con- receive so many donations that they direct debit is less expensive than vince you. Your decision to donate end up with funds that are surplus to donating by credit card. should be a voluntary one, so take requirements and that could be used Definition your time before you make a final better in less known crisis regions. Did Large donations: There is no fixed definition of a ”large donation“ – every decision. Many aid organizations have you choose a particular organization donor and every aid organization has different standards. It is often the case, already set up reserves, allowing them because you trust it? Then trust its however, that donations of four-digit figures or greater are referred to as large to take initial measures on their own expertise when it comes to using the donations. For example, in 2009, the average amount of each individual dona- steam. money in the way that will help the tion in Germany came in at EUR 165 according to the GfK Charity Scope. victims best. You can do this by mak-
  8. 8. 12 13 can often buy goods at lower prices Chose the right moment donated for preventative measures on the local market using donated to donate Example can be up to seven times more effec- funds, boosting the local economy at Dramatic pictures on television make In-kind contributions with negative tive than an emergency aid donation! the same time. This means that mone- us want to help as soon as possible. impact: Haiti 2010 – the country is in Many organizations are active in both tary donations to aid organizations Donations can, however, be particu- urgent need of aid workers and medi- areas. are almost always more useful. After larly effective when the public atten- cation following the earthquake. But all, the experts know better than tion has died down again. This can the deliveries are delayed. This is Consider alternatives anyone else what is needed! help bridge the financing gaps be- because containers of second-hand When major natural catastrophes tween emergency aid and develop- shoes or teddy bears, donated with occur, organizations that collect dona- Ask questions actively ment cooperation. One option would the best of intentions, are putting tions often amass a lot of money As a donor, you should feel that your therefore be to transfer the amount at pressure on the unloading capacities within a short space of time. If you do questions are welcome. Especially if a later date or to donate money to an of the airport in Port-au-Prince. Some not want to follow the crowd, there you are donating a more substantial organization on a regular basis. A do- crates contain food that has since are other options that also have a amount of money, PHINEO recommends nation for preventative measures can rotten, or medication that has been positive impact in the long run, for Links for more that you clarify any unresolved ques- be particularly worthwhile. You can donated is only labeled in German, example, you can provide aid organi- information tions with your aid organization on do this – as an exception – by speci- meaning that it is of no use to the zations with a larger donation for use You can find more tips on making the telephone. Many organizations fying a corresponding purpose for victims. This means that these in-kind in evaluating their work, or financing effective donations on offer their own donor service for ques- your donation. According to figures contributions ultimately cause more research work on catastrophe preven- tions like these. released by the World Bank, one euro harm than good. tion. and
  9. 9. 14 Fast help? The first steps taken by aid organizations 15 Things have to move fast after a natu- At the same time, the organization As soon as it is clear what is needed, equipment who are needed. If a large organizations and volunteers in the ral catastrophe. The next paragraphs starts to target the general public the organizations start initiating aid number of people have been injured, area within a short space of time, explain which measures aid organiza- to raise awareness for the situation. measures in their home countries. organizations require more medical along with hoards of journalists. It is tions take before they reach the af- These reconnaissance measures take Flights have to be organized and staff. Then there are the logistics usually the case that the most urgent fected area and are ready to provide a few days – organizations that were aid resources have to be acquired professionals who will be responsible measures have already been taken assistance. already in the country prior to the ca- and loaded. Although inexperienced for coordinating the transportation of by the local people themselves in the tastrophe, or who have reliable local volunteers could soon make their way the aid resources and field staff. hours following the catastrophe. This Usually, it takes a few days for profes- partners, are at an advantage. They to the region affected, effective help means that the aid workers now have sional help to reach the victims. In can get to work on identifying the can only be provided with a team of So the preparatory stage involves to get their bearings in the midst of order to collect information on the basic needs of the local population in qualified experts. It can take another a considerable amount of time and the chaos, understand the coordina- scale of the catastrophe and the most terms of medical treatment, potable few days to mobilize these experts, effort. This is why professional tion mechanisms and focus on the pressing needs, many aid organiza- water and sanitary products early on. as they may have to be released from organizations have standardized areas where they are really needed. It tions start by sending a reconnais- their normal duties by their employ- processes in place. Nevertheless, the is only now that they can start setting sance team to the region affected. ers. If the focus is on disease preven- situation in the crisis area is often up mobile hospitals or provide potable tion, it is experts for water or sanitary chaotic – hundreds of different aid water, for example.
  10. 10. 16 Making a donation - but to whom? 17 Strategic donations are all about donation should be invested in the re- duct (see ”Glossary“). Check if you Long-term structures coordination of Humanitarian Affairs choosing the right aid organization. cipient‘s administrative structure. If country has an equivalent to that. Aid organizations can provide parti- (OCHA). The following guidelines are helpful an organization claims that 100 per- cularly effective support if they were in this respect: cent of the amount donated will go Private or state run? already in the country working on Strengthening local towards the organization‘s projects, In addition to private aid organiza- long-term aid projects prior to the ca- capacities Transparency this may indicate a lack of integrity. tions, United Nations organizations tastrophe. This is because these orga- People in areas hit by a catastrophe The organization is a recognized As a rule of thumb, it is fair to assume (e.g. UNICEF, UNHCR) also accept nizations are familiar with the country usually know better than anyone else charity and can prove this with an ex- that between 10 and 30 percent donations. These organizations often and its people. Look for references to what has to be done first. As a result, Background emption notice issued by the tax au- can be used to cover administrative cooperate with the government of the this effect in project reports or on aid you should try to donate to organiza- Controversial aid: Emergency and thorities. It publishes annual activity expenses. affected country in order to strengthen organizations‘ websites. tions that cooperate with local partner development aid is certainly a con- reports and relevant financial data. state structures, which plays a key organizations and highlight this on troversial issue – particularly when Seals and quality role in long-term reconstruction plans. Coordination their website. provided to countries with unstable Administrative costs standards The disadvantage with these organi- The large number of aid workers in or authoritarian political systems. Professional work does not come for Make sure that aid organizations zations, compared with their private the disaster area makes coordina- Potential donors should be aware that free. Good training for aid workers highlight their commitment to certain counterparts, is that the administra- tion essential. Check with your aid their money may have unintended ef- costs money, as do storage facilities quality standards on their website. tive costs are usually higher. organization if they work in collab- fects such as strengthening a corrupt for tents and equipment that ensure These include the German DZI dona- oration with others. An important local elite. They should try to make immediate availability. Consequently, tion seal, the American Charity Navi- coordination mechanism for example sure that funds reach the people in it is only logical that part of your gator or the Red Cross‘ Code of Con- is organized by the UN Office for the need.
  11. 11. 18 ”Donors should assume responsibility“ - Linda Polman on donations and disaster relief 19 What should donors who most but where the most money is on raise awareness among the public at I going to help, what are donations want to provide disaster offer. Unfortunately, media reporting large as to how donations are spent. spent on? Aid organizations have to relief be aware of? is often responsible for this phenom- At the moment, the public rarely be able to explain what they want to The background: disaster relief has enon. Therefore, some countries are poses any critical questions, although achieve and why they are on-site. One become an industry in its own right inundated with cash while others are good intentions in the disaster relief good option is to make a conscious due to the huge sums of money that not. Some crises are even ignored sector do not automatically produce decision to choose one particular aid change hands internationally in the completely by donors and aid organi- good results. The affected, however, organization and then provide it with wake of catastrophes. Aid organiza- zations alike. While people in areas deserve to benefit from the best pos- long-term support. When you have tions have to compete with each like these are left with no help, other sible aid structures. chosen your organization, you should other to attract these funds. areas are sitting on abundant aid keep checking if it is making progress resources. How can donors make and if it can provide evidence of the So what does this mean? effective donations progress made. Aid organizations are not only What does this mean nevertheless? interested in saving other people‘s for donors? I recommend that donors take The Dutch journalist Linda Polman lives, they want to ensure their own It is important to remember that aid responsibility for how their money is a specialist for international aid survival as well. This means that organizations are often just as inter- is spent: visit the websites of the operations in crisis regions and many organizations opt to work not ested in self-preservation as they are aid organizations and find out how is the author of the book ”The necessarily where help is needed in helping victims. It is important to they work. Ask questions: who am Crisis Caravan: What‘s Wrong with Humanitarian Aid?“.
  12. 12. 20 Guidelines for dedicated companies 21 Natural catastrophes prompt many Guidelines Cash donations In-kind contributions and companies to take action. Often, Specific guidelines help you to take Companies can either make an deployment of personnel however, these companies are uncer- effective action in the event of a amount available themselves, bundle In some cases, companies can also tain as to what is the right action to catastrophe. They support budget employee donations or boost these make a valuable contribution to disas- take. The following pages serve as a planning and show employees and donations using a matching program. ter relief by making in-kind contribu- guide in this respect. the public that the company has a In order to support employees‘ sense tions or assigning specialized person- sense of responsibility when it comes of belonging and trust, it is worth- nel. NOTE: Before donating goods or Note to dealing with donations. Compa- while to publish regular reports on deploying company personnel, it is Donations destined for abroad: the European non-profit organization nies should document how to react the measures taken. imperative to clarify what the needs Donations to foreign institutions are Maecenata International (see ”Glos- to which catastrophes and put clear are with the aid organization working tax-deductible if the recipients and sary“). One alternative is to set up decision-making structures in place. locally - ideally before a catastrophe their activities meet the require- an institution that enjoys certain tax occurs. ments of the country‘s legislation privileges (e.g. a foundation, associa- on non-profit organizations. The tax tion) with a corresponding purpose authorities have to be provided with which deals itself, or via trustees, corresponding proof in such cases. with obtaining the evidence required The complex duties of processing to show that the funds are being donations and issuing tax receipts for used in accordance with the statutory donations destined for abroad can be guidelines and which is authorized to taken over by intermediaries such as issue tax receipts.
  13. 13. 22 23 Partnerships with aid Choosing the right assess the company‘s ”suitability“ • Internationally active companies • The scale of a natural catastro- Examle organizations partner before entering into cooperative can opt only to take action in coun- phe can also be used as a criterion. A win-win partnership: DHL Larger aid organizations offer dedi- When choosing a cooperation partner, ventures or accepting large-scale tries in which their own employees Indicators can include official calls and OCHA. Ever since 2005, the cated contacts for companies and one has the option of considering the donations. The criteria applied often or subsidiaries operate. This sort for help issued by the United Na- logistics provider DHL has been help them to identify the right form of renowned aid organizations. Alterna- vary considerably depending on the of commitment helps to improve tions (via OCHA) or a request is- helping the UN Office for the Co- support for them. They can make ma- tively, one can consider organizations aid organization. Common exclusion the standard of living of people sued by the country affected for in- ordination of Humanitarian Affairs terial available for internal company located in the same region as the com- criteria include the production of and in those countries and also ensures ternational aid. Other possible (OCHA) with the transportation of donation programs or incorporate pany or can ask subsidiaries in the trading in weapons or products that geographical proximity between guidelines can include the mortal- aid resources by providing a team donation banners into the company‘s country affected to identify legitimate can damage human health, as well as the company and the aid measures ity rate, as well as the number of of around 80 logistics special- homepage. Another conceivable op- local partners. Cooperations are par- corporate activities that contribute to taken. victims or the extent of physical ists, putting its core competence tion is that larger donations can be ticularly valuable if companies and natural catastrophes. loss or damage: the EU uses the to good use for emergency aid. used to support specific aid projects. aid organizations complement each • Guidelines can limit any commit- term ”extraordinary disaster“ to Shortly after a catastrophe, the aid Long-term partnerships with selected other‘s skills. Make a donation - ment to certain types of catastro- refer to catastrophes causing dam- workers arrive at airports in the aid organizations are more effective Many aid organizations, however, are but when? phes. This often means limiting age of more than three billion euros. affected region and organize the than one-off activism and provide careful when it comes to selecting It is impossible to take action every action to acute natural catastro- transport and storage of aid re- learning opportunities for both sides. partner companies. This is because time a natural catastrophe occurs. phes. If a company‘s core business sources sent from across the globe. they are keen not to put an organiza- The following criteria may help to is restricted to customers in certain DHL says that around 4,500 tons tion‘s brand name at risk by joining make a decision on when to take regions, another option is to focus of aid resources were transported forces with partners that have incom- action: any activities on these regions. during the 2010 flood in Pakistan. patible values. This is why they often
  14. 14. 24 Myth and reality of disaster relief 25 Myth: The population affected is Myth: Every form of assistance Myth: After a few weeks, the situa- Myth: Low administrative expen- helpless without foreign support. counts. tion is back to normal. ses = quality Reality: It takes a few days for Reality: Good intentions do not Reality: The victims of natural Reality: Aid operations conduc- major aid efforts to get up and always lead to good results! Volun- catastrophes will continue to suffer ted in a professional manner cost running. By this point in time, the tary but inexperienced aid workers from the consequences of the event money. This is because experts local people will have dealt with the hinder the work of their professional long after public attention has been provide more effective assistance most urgent problems themselves. counterparts. Furthermore, donors diverted to the next catastrophe. than inexperienced, spontaneous Note The people directly affected know should keep the human dignity of the Donations and international support aid workers. This is why moderate More deaths, more need for donations? The need for donations is determined better than anyone else where help recipients in mind: In 2006, a com- are still needed for reconstruction expenses to cover the costs incurred not by the number of fatalities, but by the number of survivors that require is needed most and will do more than pany that produces pet food wanted and long-term development. by aid organizations are legitimate. assistance. The total number of fatalities following the tsunami catastrophe in anyone else to ensure that measures to help African Refugees with its 2004 accounted to just under 200,000. Most of the approx. 1.7 million homeless are taken immediately. products – the delivery of the ”dog people, however, were taken in and cared for by relatives or friends. When an food“ was perceived as an insult. earthquake hit Kashmir in 2005, around 85,000 died – far fewer than as a result of the tsunami. The number of homeless people, however, amounted to 3.5 mil- lion. What is more, the living conditions of the people living in the mountains of Note Kashmir just before the onset of winter were far more precarious than in the The databases ”Financial Tracking Service“ and ”EM-DAT“ provide current coastal regions of the Indian Ocean. figures on the number of victims, fatalities and the flow of funds in English (see ”Further reading“). Richard Munz, ”Im Zentrum der Katastrophe“
  15. 15. 26 Glossary 27 Code of Conduct Disaster relief Maecenata International Natural disaster Charity Navigator The Code of Conduct developed by Disaster relief is used in this docu- (MINT) The term ”natural catastrophe“ is Founded in 2001, Charity Navigator is the International Red Cross and Red ment as a synonym for emergency This program, which is part of the used by us to describe events such as the largest and most-utilized evalu- Crescent Movement contains qual- assistance. It is aimed at the victims ”Giving Europe“ network, has been floods or earthquakes that are related ator of charities in the USA. Charity ity standards for humanitarian aid of natural catastrophes with the ob- helping to process transnational do- to natural disasters, result in consid- Navigator examines tens of thousands operations, including independence jective of saving lives and alleviating nations and issue donation confirma- erable human, material, economic of non-profit financial documents of from political and religious views suffering. Its shorter-term perspective tions for these in order to enable tax- and ecological losses and that exceed aid organizations. They developed an and the consideration of local social and the context of a natural catastro- deductibility in Germany since 2002. the capabilities of the community or unbiased, objective, numbers-based networks. phe distinguish disaster relief from society affected to handle the crisis rating system to assess the financial the broader terms ”humanitarian aid“, themselves. health of over 5,000 of America‘s DZI donations seal ”reconstruction aid“ and ”develop- best-known charities. This seal of quality is issued by the ment cooperation“. OCHA German Central Institute for Social Is- Abbreviation for the United Nations sues (DZI) to non-profit organizations Office for the Coordination of Human- that collect donations on a nationwide itarian Affairs. OCHA coordinates basis. It confirms the proper use of local aid operations in the event of the donations received. humanitarian catastrophes.
  16. 16. 328 A step-by-step guide to making donations Further reading 29 1 2 The four most important questions • You want to set your own course? To whom? Literature Links that you should ask before making a ”Gradual catastrophes“, such as • Does the organization publish a OCHA: You can find the UN Office for donation in brief: flooding, but also refugee disasters financial and activity report on its Linda Polman: The Crisis Caravan: DZI: At, you can find, the Coordination of Humanitarian following military conflict are often website? What‘s Worng with Humanitarian Aid? among other things, a list of the Affairs at When? underfinanced compared to earth- • Does it have a donation seal and/or Campus Verlag 2010. organizations that have the donation • You want to take action now? Make quakes, for example. make a commitment to quality seal (in German). Charity Navigator: Charity an acute emergency aid donation. standards? Richard Munz: Im Zentrum der Navigator, America‘s independent 4 • Do you like to think ahead? Don‘t How? • Has the organization been working Katastrophe. Campus Verlag 2007. EM-DAT: This database provides charity evaluator, works to advance wait until a catastrophe hits – • Donate money – try not to make in the country for some time? extensive figures on catastrophes a more efficient and responsive phil- donate for preventative measures. in-kind contributions. ( anthropic marketplace by evaluating • Do you plan in the long term? • Reduce the administrative expense How much? the financial health of over 5,000 of Donate when the media attention and donate larger amounts to a • There is no ”ideal“ donation Financial Tracking Service: Data on America‘s largest charities. has already died down. small number of organizations. amount. Each and every donor has international disaster relief donations to make his or her own decision is updated on a regular basis at depending on the resources availa- World Disaster Report: The Red ble to him/her. Cross publishes detailed statistics on Maecenata International: natural catastrophes which are up- You can obtain help with tax deduct- dated every year at http://www.ifrc. ible transnational donations at org/en/publications-and-reports/ world-disasters-report/.
  17. 17. PHINEO is an alliance of strong partnersPHINEO provides guidance for social civil society organisations. Sharehold- profit projects and recommends thoseinvestors on various fields of philan- ers include the Bertelsmann Stiftung, with strong potential to make a lastingthropic action and specific projects the Deutsche Börse Group, KPMG, PWC impact. With reports on selected issues,that promote effective engagement in and Stiftung Mercator. PHINEO’s mis- handbooks for donors and recipients,the non-profit sector. As a not-for- sion is to strengthen the non-profit and individualised consulting for socialprofit corporation, PHINEO is supported sector and civil society. PHINEO con- investors, PHINEO offers a platformby a broad alliance of business and ducts a multistage analysis of non- for orientation: shareholdersShareholdersConsulting shareholdersStrategic partners • CSI – Centrum für soziale • Deutscher Spendenrat Investitionen • Stiftung CharitéSponsors • avesco Financial Services • Booz & Company • Baden-Württembergische Bank • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer