Sun potential savings


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Sun potential savings

  1. 1. The Quest for Potential Savings: Large Retrofit Projects Wen Lee Alliance to Save Energy
  2. 2. Wanted: Potential Savings
  3. 3. Large Retrofit Projects: Not scary!Myth-busting:• You don’t need previous experience to do this• You won’t be coordinating the actual retrofits• You won’t have to do all the calculations by yourself So relax already…
  4. 4. What Am I Doing, Exactly?You are helping your university identifygood places on campus for a retrofit.Facilities departments are oftenunderstaffed, and your research may help“spark” retrofit projects that were onhold/never would have happened. Potential savings are valuable!
  5. 5. What You’ll Need• Stakeholder support• Strong math skills• Google• Willingness to ask questions and take feedback• A good, feasible project
  6. 6. Find a Good ProjectMust be: – Simple – Worthwhile – Measurable – Of interest to stakeholders• Ask around – Facilities stakeholders• Look around – Be on the hunt for energy hogs on campus
  7. 7. Find a Good Project Lighting ideas – T-12 to T-8 conversion – Delamping – Powering downWater ideas – Low-flow aerators/showerheads/toilets – Irrigation improvements And more! Be persistent – don’t give up!
  8. 8. Calculating Savings• Ask for help! – Energy Manager – Campus Lead – Building Manager – Teammates – Facilities Director – Professors• Do your research! – Do it yourself – Find answers online, do your homework• Be comfortable with uncertainty…
  9. 9. EXAMPLECampus Cafe: Converting T-12’s to T-8’s Assumptions from metrics tracking sheet Source: UC Berkeley Green Campus
  10. 10. Financial Analysis Metrics• Annual Savings How many kWh/$/CO2 emissions saved per year as a result of retrofit? Calculate kWh savings  Convert to $ and CO2• Simple Payback Period How many years would it take before the university makes its money back? Upfront costs ÷ Annual $ savings
  11. 11. Financial Analysis Metrics• Net Present Value What is the university’s total profit from this retrofit, taking into consideration project life and time value of money? Discount Rate UC  6.6% CSU  6.0%
  12. 12. Look for Rebates! There are lots of rebates out there for energy efficiency retrofits – Up to thousands of $$$ – Rebates for universities – Check utilities website – Call and ask!
  13. 13. Run your calculations by someone! (Someone knowledgeable) – Stakeholders – Alliance Staff
  14. 14. Calculations done! Now what?Present your findings to stakeholders• Report• Presentation
  15. 15. Tips• Come up with multiple strategies (2 or 3) – Let them choose one!• Show the pretty stuff (a.k.a. money) – Only explain data and calculations if someone asks• Cut to the chase – Stakeholders have a million other things to do• Be professional – You are setting a precedent for Green Campus
  16. 16. ExampleDining Hall Lighting Retrofit Cal Poly Pomona Green Campus
  17. 17. Giving a Presentation• Accompanies the report• May be more convincing – (Not everyone may read the report )• Number of audience members may vary• Formal public speaking experience, yay!
  18. 18. Claim Metrics! (the best part)Source: UC San Francisco Green Campus
  19. 19. Thank You! Questions? Wen Lee Alliance to Save Energy