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Shifting the Culture: Result Oriented Occupant Outreach


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Veena Singla
Winnie Kwofie

Published in: Education
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Shifting the Culture: Result Oriented Occupant Outreach

  1. 1. Shifting the Culture: ResultOriented Occupant OutreachVeena SinglaGreen Campus UCSF Team ManagerWinnie KwofieAssociate Director, UCSF Facilities Management
  2. 2. Outline• Project Motivation• About UCSF• The Action Oriented Pledge
  3. 3. UCSF: A Health Sciences Focus Residents Postdocs 6% 4% Students Students •Medicine 11% •Dentistry •NursingFaculty •Pharmacy 8% •Graduate Programs- Master’s and PhD Staff • Research 71%
  4. 4. Goal: Reduce Energy Consumption by Changing Behavior• What we must do:• Inform – What can I do?• Motivate – Initial behavior change – Long-term behavior change
  5. 5. Reinforcing Behavior Changes• Each person pledges to one action minimum – Quantifiable – Focused and easy actions• Follow up with periodic updates on results – Monthly newsletter
  6. 6. Sample Pledge Sheet
  7. 7. Action Oriented Pledge Sheet
  8. 8. Our Method: Tabling with Building Utility Data and chocolate!
  9. 9. Our Results: Pledges and Potential Savings TotalsPledges 95 50 41 36 253Potential 76,105 16,690 13,944 12,017 118,757 kWhSavings $10,655 $2,337 $1,952 $1,682 $16,626 Actual Savings: based on data from monthly utility bills
  10. 10. CONSERVATION IS CONTAGIOUS Koret Building Performance for 2010 26% Energy Reduction $115,000 Savings Follow Up With the Target 2.5% Energy Reduction for 2011 = $6800 What Koret Building Occupants Pledged to Do Departments/ Room Lights Computer Shades Task Light Peripherals Building # of Pledges $60 21 $160 16 2 Total Projected Annual Savings for 2011 = $5310 $20 7 $150 9 Occupants Feedback and Next StepsYour building needs additional pledges to meet Send in your request for free replacement of thethe goal for 2011! following items:· Recruit your colleagues to pledge and act · Lunch room refrigerators manufactured before· Your building’s goal could be met if: the year 2000 o 10 more people turned off room lights · Old computer monitors of the CRT type when not in use · HP Laserjet printer models manufactured o 5 more people shut down computers at before 1993 night We will be sending you progress reports of how o 5 more people turned off task lights at your building is doing . night Contact Information Winifred Kwofie, P.E, MBA, MS Associate Director - Strategic Facilities Management UCSF Capital Programs and Facilities Management ½ 415-476-6469
  11. 11. Challenges• Scheduling of tabling events• Occupants’ understanding of University policies, i.e. computer shutdowns• Customizing for different audiences• Motivating and incentivizing occupants
  12. 12. Moving Forward• Continuous improvement of outreach strategy• Promotion of pledger’s commitment to action• Incentives to reinforce commitment• Keep the message simple• Connecting to occupants through positive stories“If you can’t do 100 actions to save energy, then just do one.”
  13. 13. AcknowledgementsUCSF Green Campus Team UCSF Stakeholders Conservation is Contagious Materials Design Gensler
  14. 14. Thank You! Questions? Veena Singla Winnie Kwofie