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Green Building & Smart Grids


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On September 14, 2010, the Alliance’s Policy Summit entitled “From Power Plant to Plug & Beyond: Energy Efficiency Opportunities Across the Smart Grid,” assembled global leaders in Washington, DC for a discussion on the role energy efficiency must play in successfully creating a smart grid that reaches all end-use sectors.

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Green Building & Smart Grids

  1. 1. Green Building <br />& Smart Grids<br />Chris Pyke, Ph.D.<br />Vice President Research<br />U.S. Green Building Council<br />
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  3. 3. Envision green buildings and communities in 2015…<br />… driven by evidence. <br />… informed by place. …powered by information.<br />Future<br />
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  5. 5. This presentation does not represent official policies or positions of the US Green Building Council<br />