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Campus Collaboration

  1. 1. Campus Collaboration: Green Campus Program andHumboldt Energy Independence Fund get “HEIFY ” Jon Mitscha and Max Tanti Humboldt State University
  2. 2. What is HEIF? The mission of the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) is to reduce the environmental impact of energy use at HSU through student-driven projects• Established in 2007 with 86% student support• Finances student-led project proposals related to energy• $10 per student each semester HEIF Solar Radiation Monitoring System (~ $70,000 )
  3. 3. HEIF Application Process 1. Students submit a 1-2 page project proposal by deadline early each semester 2. Projects selected by HEIF committee-vote receive advisor to develop project further ( i.e. accurate energy and cost calculations) 3. Project is funded based on viability investigation by HEIF project advisor and committee Funding allocation and project implementation handled by HEIF
  4. 4. GCP and HEIF: Funded Project CollaborationRe-light the Redwood Bowl: • Reduced light pollution with improved field illumination • 48kW power reduction from de-lamping • Annual energy savings ~ 61,000 kWh • Annual cost savings: $7,930 HEIF awarded project $75,000
  5. 5. Server VirtualizationGCP-HEIF Projects • Optimization of processing Fall 2010 power by splitting up computing tasks more evenly between servers; allowed for 4 newer servers to replace 40 older models • Significantly reduced server-room cooling load • Annual savings of ~41,000 kWh • Annual cost savings: $5,330 HEIF awarded project $19,702
  6. 6. Library Lighting RetrofitGCP-HEIF Projects • Replacement of entire third floor Fall 2010 lamps from 32W T8 to 28W T8 • Total of 987 lamps replaced • Annual savings: ~26,280 kWh • Annual cost savings: $3,416 HEIF awarded project $3,959
  7. 7. Comprehensive Building Energy ProjectGCP-HEIF Projects • Audit of building will be conducted GC-HEIF Projects Fall 2010GC-HEIF Projects • Signage will be created that stresses the Spring 2011 importance of EE to increase RE in our Spring 2011 grid mix and show Pv currently is far more expensive than many EE measures per unit of energy • 2.4kW Array from demolished building on campus to be installed on resident hall visible from sign location HEIF award TBD after system testing
  8. 8. Campus-Wide AuditGCP-HEIF Projects • Audit can not be funded due to it being required by Chancellor’s Executive Order 987 Spring 2011 • Audit vital for maximizing GCP efficiency • Will play a pivotal role in campus carbon inventory and Climate Action Plan Strong support from HEIF
  9. 9. Take Home Message:• Synergy allows BIG things to happen!• Work closely with groups on campus that share your goal -- particularly those that fund student proposals Get HEIFY!• Look into establishing a HEIF-type fund on your campus if none are present
  10. 10. Thank You! Questions? Max Tanti and Jon Mitscha Humboldt State