Family Student Housing Audits


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From the 2010 Alliance to Save Energy Green Campus Energy Efficiency Summit – Greening the Campus, Building the Workforce

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Family Student Housing Audits

  1. 1. Family Student Housing audits Kate Malmgren UCSC Green Campus Program Coordinator
  2. 2. Green Campus at UCSC Program Description • Started in 2006 • Projects - Housing, Dining, and Facilities UCSC GCP Current Projects • Dining by the Daylight Campaign • ESLP - Greening the Campus • Energy Star Office Equipment Purchasing Project
  3. 3. Project Overview Energy and Water Conservation at Family Student Housing - Identifying Areas for Improvement - Energy Audit Training with PG&E - Outreach and Education - Energy Audits - Conservation Measures - Timeline: Ongoing Project!
  4. 4. Outreach and Education FSH Green Festival Major Goals: Educate residents about - the GCP - energy efficiency - water conservation - sustainability Green Campus table
  5. 5. Outreach and Education Flier by Housing intern Gabe Martin
  6. 6. Energy Audits Basic Steps: 1. Conduct walkthrough of apartment 2. Discuss current energy usage 3. Complete audit checklist and questions 4. Show Phantom Hunter video 5. Send follow up recommendations Plug in Watt meter Next steps: Read meter before and after audit
  7. 7. Outreach and Education Conservation Tips Sheet Energy Conservation •Replace incandescent light bulbs with efficient compact florescent lamps (CFLs) • Saves 75% off lighting costs • Turn off unnecessary lighting • Use task or desktop lamps instead of overhead lights. • Unplug electronics, battery chargers and other equipment when not in use • Or put them on a smart strip to power down easily • Keep computers powered down • Off or in sleep mode • Avoid using space heaters • Buy ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and equipment • They’re up to 40% more efficient • Whenever possible, wash clothing in cold water • Hang dry washed clothing Water Conservation • Install faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads • This will cut heating costs by 50%
  8. 8. Campus Sustainability Council Grant Funding • Applied to fund GCP Housing projects FSH - additional conservation measures • Granted $2,000 Family Student Housing $1,600 = Furnace filters CFL’s Door insulation
  9. 9. Looking Back Challenges - Difficulty accessing FSH apartments - Establishing a new program at FSH Successes - Established energy audit program at FSH - Worked collaboratively with FSH residents, staff, and maintenance - Implemented energy efficiency measures
  10. 10. Looking Ahead Next Steps • Continue energy audits • Finish installing furnace filters • Install power cost monitors • Apply for future CSC funding Collaboration at the FSH Green Festival
  11. 11. Thank You Acknowledgements  Silas Snyder (Safety and Resources Conservation Coord.)  FSH - residents, staff, and maintainence  Phil Furniss - PG&E representative  Green Campus Interns  ESLP “Greening the Campus” class  Campus Sustainability Council  Morgan King (Campus Lead)
  12. 12. Contact Information Kate Malmgren UCSC Green Campus Program Housing Program Coordinator email: