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Smart Manufacturing – Modernization to Marketplace


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On September 14, 2010, the Alliance’s Policy Summit entitled “From Power Plant to Plug & Beyond: Energy Efficiency Opportunities Across the Smart Grid,” assembled global leaders in Washington, DC for a discussion on the role energy efficiency must play in successfully creating a smart grid that reaches all end-use sectors.

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Smart Manufacturing – Modernization to Marketplace

  1. 1. Smart Manufacturing – Modernization to Marketplace Jan Berman Senior Director, Policy and Planning Integrated Demand-Side Management Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  2. 2. PG&E’s Diverse Industrial Customer Base
  3. 3. PG&E’s Industrial Service Offerings <ul><li>Energy Audits </li></ul>Automated Benchmarking Service Heavy Industry Rebates and Incentives Energy Efficiency Implementation Specialists Demand Response
  4. 4. Smart Energy Management <ul><li>Automated Refrigeration Controls </li></ul>
  5. 5. Program Innovation Superior Energy Performance ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard Continuous Energy Improvement
  6. 6. Smart Appliances Smart Refrigerator Internet Controlled Refrigerator- oven Barcode Scanning Microwave Smart Laundry Room Appliances