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At the Associates Membership Meeting, Alliance Associates learned about all that the Alliance accomplished in 2010, and some of what we have planned for membership with the Alliance in 2011.

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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 2011 Alliance to Save Energy Associates luncheon. I am Kateri Callahan and I have the honor of serving as President of the Alliance to Save Energy. In the past we’ve hosted our annual associate meetings in conjunction with EE Global, our annual conference, but I’ve found that doing so takes away the focus from our associates’ membership needs. (click for next slide)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15-20 minutesApprox. 25 attendees (as of Feb. 2nd), room holds 50 max – majority of attendees are also attending CED-Give overview of 2010 accomplishments-How associates can get engaged, be involved
  • (this slide includes the logos of each associate present at the luncheon as of Feb. 7th RSVP list)Now, it is difficult to get representatives from each of our associates in one room at the same time, especially when there are over 170! - but I do want to extend a special thank you to each of you for joining us here today. The Associates Program is a cornerstone of the Alliance and your support not only strengthens our ability to execute programs and projects, but also allows us to build upon existing initiatives to continue our mission of creating an energy efficient world.2011 is off to a running start but I’d like to reflect on some of the tremendous accomplishments the Alliance saw in 2010 and provide a glimpse into some of the ongoing and new opportunities associates can be a part of in this second year of the decade of energy efficiency!First and foremost, our associates program!  By the close of 2010 we bolstered the associates program to an astounding 177 organizations, growing by 30 just in the last year!  This is by and far the largest the program has ever been and it is no small feat to manage.  Our associate relations team is working steadfast to ensure there are ample opportunities for associates to be engaged with the Alliance.  But beyond those initiatives lies a true “jackpot,” because not only are you able to participate with the Alliance but you are a member of an elite “fraternity” of the nation’s most innovative organizations helping to forge an energy efficient future in all sectors.  We welcome cross collaboration and hope that you will continue to think of the Alliance when venturing into new frontiers!  (click for next slide)
  • (this slide is animated)In 2010, the Alliance ushered in the decade of energy efficiency making significant headway in virtually all aspects of the organization. From policy triumphs to star-studded events and programmatic milestones I could spend hours detailing the incredible work and people behind our success, but I’ll take just a few minutes to showcase some of the programs and opportunities that I think will continue to be fundamental to our success throughout 2011.(click for next slide)
  • (this slide is animated)Our policy team was instrumental in the success we saw on the hill in 2010 through their engagement with policymakers, helping to ensure the creation and extension of effective energy policies– as well as securing a pledge from Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) to help bring about transformative energy legislation within the next several years. Last year we also named Senator Shaheen the Honorary Chair of the Alliance’s Board of Directors.(click)Building codes were a hot topic in the past year, and as a result of an aggressive campaign by the broad-based, Alliance-housed Energy Efficient Codes Coalition, the International Code Council adopted a landmark national model energy code that boosts efficiency for residential and commercial buildings by 30 percent.The Alliance Industrial team recruited 27 industrial companies, including 14 Alliance Associates, to voluntarily pledge a 25 percent reduction in energy intensity over a 10 year period under the Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now LEADER program. Another major accomplishment that I am thrilled to report is due to a collaboration between our Industrial and International teams, to implement the first Watergy project in the United States with Bucks County, Pennsylvania Water & Sewer Authority.The Clean and Efficient Energy Program, or CEEP as we all call it, launched a website, clean efficient energy dot org, which gives utility program managers access to best practice resources and peer-networking; CEEP is also in the midst of launching a peer-mentoring initiative to come later this year!Ensuring an energy efficient workforce for decades to come are the backbone projects of the Alliance’s education team; their Green Schools program which operates in eight states saved millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity, thousands of tons of CO2 emissions and millions of dollars in energy costs – nearly one million dollars in California’s 54 green schools alone! The Green Campus program, which engages over 75 college students on 16 university campuses achieved astounding results, in 2010 green campus interns collectively saved their universities nearly 4 million kilowatt hours of energy and engaged over 27 thousand people with their campus projects.(click for next slide)
  • (this slide is animated) The Alliance continued to strengthen institutional capacity worldwide by helping to create new energy efficiency organizations; (click)Last year we launched the European Alliance to Save Energy, which will co-host this year’s EE Global Forum. Leadership, guidance and oversight for EASE is provided by a Founding Board of Directors, comprised of Honorary Board members representing the full spectrum of political discourse in the European Parliament, as well as founding members representing key industry and business leaders and the head of energy, environmental and consumer organizations and associations. (click for next slide)
  • Release Date: Sep. 7, 2010Major Features User-centric content listings with interrelated content (allowing users to “discover” more content) Enhanced event listings (integrated agendas, maps, sponsors) Enhanced Associate listings (including networking tools)
  • Anticipated Release Date: Oct. 6, 2010Providing consumers with the information and resources they need to live efficiently and by doing so to live cheaper, cleaner and better.Major Features: Centralized website with tips, resources, product information, and news Organized around ways that consumers can save (at home, at work, at school, on the go) Listings of products to help save energy and money through energy efficiency
  • (this slide is animated)Policyinfiltrates every aspect of the work done at the Alliance because we know that an informed audience is an audience prepared to take action. Our signature events are no exception to this as they showcase industry-leading insight in a variety of arenas, the programs on the screen now are just two examples:We welcome associate involvement in our policy perspectives breakfast series, both as participants, but also as sponsors that can help take the series to districts outside the beltway! Policy Perspectives breakfasts are always full-house events and I’m happy to share that we’re continuing our partnership with the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition in 2011 to ensure associates throughout the country have an opportunity to get the insider’s scoop from key congressional and industry leaders.Another signature event of the Alliance is the EE Noon series, which features a keynote speaker for a one-hour bring-your-own lunch presentation and discussion. These events happen once a month at the Alliance’s offices and have featured subjects ranging from the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program to challenges of mechanical insulation for manufacturing facilities. The EE Noon series is an increasingly popular lunchtime event; if you have something you’d like to present or discuss please let us know, we’d be happy to host you!(click for next slide)
  • (show EEG 2010 video)Now in it’s fourth installment, EE Global, is the sure-fire way to reach a world-wide audience. Last year EE Global was our most successful to date, bringing in over 800 attendees from 36 countries for three days of energy efficiency dialogue in Washington, DC! This year we’re looking forward to building off of last year’s success and co-hosting the forum with the European Alliance to Save Energy in Brussels, Belgium. From April 12 – 14 participants will benefit from three plenary sessions delivering remarks by high-level government officials and industry leaders from around the globe; twenty concurrent executive dialogue sessions addressing various end-use sectors through four tracks ranging from policy, innovation and measurement, to case studies, and finance and workforce.An excellent avenue for getting your company’s latest innovations and ideas in front of hundreds of consumers is by participating in the solutions showcase, which exhibits the very latest in energy-efficient products and services and is staffed by the people who create and market them. Open for the first two days of the conference, the solutions showcase provides attendees an opportunity to see the newest innovations while allowing companies to reach a much broader audience. Something we at the Alliance are extremely excited about is the European Commission’s decision to make EE Global an official event of the EU Sustainable Energy Week; which takes place the same week and draws 30,000 energy professionals to the EU for the hundreds of events that are part of this celebration. EU Sustainable Energy Week participants in Brussels will be allowed access to the Solutions Showcase, providing more foot traffic to the floor than ever before!(click for next slide)
  • The Build Energy Efficiency Campaign Launch Reception is tonight! From 6 to 8 pm in the Congressional Meeting Room South at the Capitol Visitors Center(click for next slide)
  • 2010 was a banner year for the Alliance and as you’re now aware it ushered in new and exciting opportunities for 2011.Our goal with the Associates Program is to ensure there continue to be ample outlets for participation and engagement; I hope you won’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see as a member of the program!(click)I hope to see each of you tomorrow for Great Energy Efficiency Day! We have a packed schedule full of stellar speakers who will discuss why energy efficiency is the most viable way for the 112th Congress to embrace a clean energy economy. Along with keynote addresses from members of Congress, there will be four panels focused on energy efficiency legislation opportunities for job creation and workforce training, building codes and retrofits, industrial incentives and technologies and standards and labeling. One quick housekeeping note: A few minutes before we close the luncheon, Floyd DesChamps, the Alliance’s senior vice president of policy and programs, will provide a quick briefing for those of you who will be participating in our Congressional Education Day. Now, thank you for indulging me but I’m sure you’re all itching to enjoy the lunch, please grab a plate!
  • 2011 associatesluncheon2

    1. 1. 2011 Associates Luncheon<br />Kateri Callahan, President<br />February 15, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Thank you!<br />
    3. 3. Finances and Administration<br />25% Increase in Revenue/9% Real Growth over 2009<br />2008 Revenues - $10 Million<br />2009 Revenues - $12 Million<br />2010 Revenues - $15 Million<br />2011 Revenues - $20 Million (Projected)<br />Staff Increase of 25 in 2010<br />2010 Year-end Net Positive Balance <br />2009 “Clean” Independent Audit and Circular A-133<br />
    4. 4. New Associates in 2010<br />
    5. 5. Alliance 2010 Associate Survey Responses<br />Responses: 70 Associates, 78 individuals* <br />Response Rate: 40.5% of total 173 Associates<br />Breakdown by Membership Level: (percentage of category responding)<br />Founder: 53% Patron: 39% Ally: 44% Member: 26% Swap: 31%<br />New Associates in 2010: 9 of 23, 39%<br />*Where multiple responses were received for one Associate, individuals’ data was averaged to yield one response. Data is based on one response per Associate. <br />
    6. 6. Associates Survey Response:Overall Performance<br />
    7. 7. A year of success<br />
    8. 8. A year of success<br />
    9. 9. Building EE Capacity Worldwide<br />Founding Board of Directors<br />Honorary Members<br />Founding Members<br />Andreas Schierenbeck<br />President<br />Building Technologies Divison<br />Siemens Industry, Inc.<br />Niels Bjorn Christansen<br />Chief Executive Officer <br />Danfoss<br />Tony Robson<br />Chief Executive Officer <br />Knauf Insulation<br />Peter Liese<br />Member of European Parliament <br />Germany<br />Bendt Bendtsen<br />Member of European Parliament<br />Denmark <br />Sumir Karayi<br />CEO<br />1E<br />Claude Breining<br />Head of European Affairs <br />and Standardization Strategy <br />Schneider Electric<br />Sergio Andreis<br />Director<br />Kyoto Club<br />Patty Fong<br />Chief Operating Officer<br />European Climate Foundation<br />President<br />Lena Ek<br />Member of European Parliament<br />Sweden<br />Claude Turmes<br />Member of European Parliament<br />Luxembourg<br /> Monica Frassoni<br />
    10. 10. Policy Advocacy<br />Energy Efficiency Coalition<br /><ul><li>Representing more than 100 organizations from industry, academia and nonprofits
    11. 11. Led by the Alliance, the EEC exercises a broad outreach effort that involves congressional member meetings, letters to committee chairs, and communication with congressional staff regarding the coalition’s legislative priorities</li></ul>Build Energy Efficiency<br />Ensure the 112th achieves a<br />forward thinking, effective<br />energy policy.<br /><ul><li>Congressional outreach
    12. 12. Seminars
    13. 13. Hearings
    14. 14. Congressional field trips
    15. 15. Consumer involvement
    16. 16. Research and Advocacy</li></li></ul><li>Policy Advocacy<br />Energy Efficiency Portable Package <br /> (Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D – N.H.) bi-partisan bill)<br /><ul><li>Appliance Standards
    17. 17. Building Energy Codes
    18. 18. SAVE Act
    19. 19. ? Tax Incentives?
    20. 20. Home Star
    21. 21. Building Star</li></ul>Energy Efficiency Appropriations at or above the President’s request<br />EPA Regulations advance Energy Efficiency<br />
    22. 22. CED 2011<br />Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)<br />Senate ENR Cmte.<br /> Majority & Minority Staff<br />Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)<br />Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)<br />Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL)<br />Rep. David McKinley (R-WV)<br />Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA)<br />Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK)<br />Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX)<br />House Minority EWA Cmte.<br />Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA)<br />Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT)<br />Rep. Wally Herger (R-CA)<br />Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI)<br />Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)<br />Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI)<br />Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)<br />Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH)<br />Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS)<br />Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX)<br />Alliance Associates Participating:<br /><ul><li>3M
    23. 23. Danfoss
    24. 24. Building Performance Institute
    25. 25. Johnson Controls, Inc.
    26. 26. Direct Energy
    27. 27. Johns Manville
    28. 28. Michelin
    29. 29. National Fenestration Rating Council
    30. 30. Guardian
    31. 31. Habitat for Humanity
    32. 32. Copper Development Association
    33. 33. Rebuilding Together
    34. 34. McQuay
    35. 35. Schneider Electric
    36. 36. ICF Consulting
    37. 37. TAS
    38. 38. Whirlpool
    39. 39. Knauf Insulation
    40. 40. Prime Policy (Safety-Kleen)
    41. 41. Rinnai
    42. 42. ACEEE
    43. 43. NEMA
    44. 44. CREE</li></li></ul><li>
    45. 45.
    46. 46. 2010: The Birth of “LUMEN”<br />Lighting Understanding for a <br />More Efficient Nation (LUMEN)<br />Steering Committee Members: <br /><ul><li>Alliance to Save Energy
    47. 47. American Lighting Association
    48. 48. National Electrical Manufacturers Association</li></ul>Two Committees: <br /><ul><li>Retail Education
    49. 49. Mass Media Education</li></li></ul><li>Lighting Activities to Date<br />Conducted initial LUMEN meeting <br /> February 1, 2011<br />Issued a Survey Monkey questionnaire<br />Awarded $200,000 from DOE to Alliance for lighting campaign support<br />Secured 43 companies/organizations for LUMEN<br />
    50. 50. LUMEN Coalition Members<br />- Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP)<br />- Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance <br />- OSRAM SYLVANIA           <br />- PG&E<br />- Philips Electronics North America Corporation<br />- Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)<br />- Satco Products, Inc. & NUVO Lighting<br />- Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance <br />- Southern California Edison <br />- Stratacomm<br />  <br />LUMEN Coalition Advisors <br />- California Energy Commission<br />- Federal Trade Commission<br />- National Renewable Energy Laboratory<br />- US Department of Energy<br />- US Environmental Protection Agency<br /> <br /> <br />Exploratory Role to Date in LUMEN <br />- American Public Power Association<br />- Duke Energy<br />- Edison Electric Institute <br />- EPRI<br />- National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates <br />- National Rural Electric Cooperative Association<br />- Southwest Energy Efficiency Partnership<br /> <br />- 3M<br />- Alliance to Save Energy<br />- ACEEE<br />- American Lighting Association <br />- American Public Power Association<br />- Appliance Standards Awareness Project<br />- CLASP<br />- Consumer Federation of America<br />- Consumers Union<br />- Cooper Industries<br />- Cree<br />- Food Marketing Institute<br />- General Electric <br />- IKEA<br />- Illuminating Engineering Society of NA<br />- Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.<br />- Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance<br />- National Consumer Law Center <br />- Natural Resources Defense Council<br />- National Electrical Manufacturers Association<br />- National Grid<br />
    51. 51. Proposed LUMEN Activities<br />
    52. 52. Alliance Signature Events<br />Policy Perspectives:<br />January 12, 2011: <br />Feat. Federal Environment Executive Michelle Moore <br />February 10, 2011: <br />Feat. Senator Lisa Murkowski <br />EE Noon: <br />January 26, 2011: <br />Influencing the Energy Efficiency Market in Buildings and the Private Sector<br />
    53. 53.
    54. 54. Reach a global audience<br />
    55. 55. Alliance Signature Events<br />Tuesday, February 15th 6:00 – 8:00PM<br />Congressional Meeting Room South at the Capitol Visitors Center<br />Honoring the 2011 Unsung Hero Award Recipients:<br /><ul><li>Neil Brown,Senior Professional Staff Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    56. 56. Kevin Kampschroer, Director, Office of Federal High- Performance Green Buildings, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
    57. 57. Sam Ricketts, Executive Director, Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition</li></li></ul><li>