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On September 24, Alliance Healthcare Foundation invited Kevin Popovic, the CEO of Ideahaus, to host a social media workshop for our grantees at the World Resources SimCenter.

With an emphasis on work, Kevin lead our grantees—all with varying comfort levels with social media—through the process of establishing an effective social media presence, emphasizing the nuances and opportunities unique to community-based non-profit organizations. He started with an overview of the social media landscape and drilled down into specific tactics that capitalized on the functionality of individual platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

We recorded the workshop so that attendees could review what we covered and share Kevin’s insight with their peers and their teams. His PowerPoint presentation and the Social Media Toolkit that he mentioned is available for free as well.

Videos from the Workshop: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-CwI2rkvFSUct6sgesfl8-q4O2IG_VPr

Kevin’s PowerPoint: http://www.slideshare.net/AllianceHF/ahf-socialmedia1

The Ideahaus Social Media Toolkit: http://ideahaus.com/community/2013/09/23/social-media-toolkit/

If you attended the workshop, thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you engaging your community with social media in the near future.

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  • Don’t forget there are people at the other end of everything you’re doing. Not sure how you should act online? How would you act in person?
  • 43 our of 33,000 (or so ;-)
  • Don’t forget there are people at the other end of everything you’re doing. Not sure how you should act online? How would you act in person?
  • • Facebook Timeline • Google+ Brand Pages • LinkedIn
  • Status updates can be considered micro-blog posts
  • The manufacturer and operating system really doesn’t matter; they all take you to the same place (the Internet)
  • Don’t forget there are people at the other end of everything you’re doing. Not sure how you should act online? How would you act in person?
  • Link to video: http://ideahaus.com/20years/questions/q18/
  • Quote from American Journalist, Edward R. Murrow. That being said, let’s see what’s new in social media.
  • Review AHF Social Media Platform
  • http://ideahaus.com/community/2011/04/19/satellite-marketing/
  • http://ideahaus.com/community/2011/04/19/satellite-marketing/
  • http://ideahaus.com/community/2011/07/25/ideahaus-communications-planning-process/
  • http://ideahaus.com/community
  • http://ideahaus.com/20years
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