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AW/CS is AlleyWire's in-house creative and content agency.

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AW/CS Deck

  1. 1. Neil St. Clair President & Creative Director, AW/CS™ 646 470 5714 CONTACT BRINGING AN EDITORIAL EYE TO VISUAL STORYTELLING
  2. 2. AW/CS™: ABOUT US AW/CS™ is the digital consultancy and visual content agency within AlleyWire. We’re an energetic and sideways-thinking group with a specialization in content and video creation. We leverage the AlleyWire platform not only for operating talent, but also as a distribution mechanism for your message. We’re based out of Brooklyn and Manhattan, but have a global network of hosts, designers, marketers, videographers and editors. We have previously worked in Boston, Los Angeles and London, with upcoming efforts in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Austin, and China. We’ve worked on dozens of projects, including: 1) Crowdfunding Campaigns 2) Informational & Sales Videos 3) Nationally Broadcast Commercials 4) Conference & Event Coverage 5) Brand Creation & Content Strategy Recently, we’ve begun working on more comprehensive Thought Leadership & Content Strategies that extend over longer periods as well as Brand-Centered Newsroom Buildouts. Please see our specialty deck that covers these topics. Our focus is on creating meaningful and visually beautiful conversations that ultimately drive growth. ■ Video, 3-D/Whiteboard Animation & Motion Graphics Creation. ■ Content & Thought Leadership Strategy & Distribution. ■ Media Training & Management. ■ Website Design & Consultancy. ■ Collateral & Infographic Design & Development. ■ Location and Talent Sourcing. INDUSTRY SPECIALIZATIONS: WHILE WE WORK ACROSS INDUSTRIES, WE HAVE A SPECIAL FOCUS ON: ■ Young & Emerging Brands. ■ Innovation-Centered Mature Brands. ■ Individual Founder Personal Brands. FULL SCOPE OF SERVICES: ■ Competitive Research . ■ Brand Development & Enhancement. ■ Personal Brand Consulting. ■ Image Sourcing & Photography. ■ Music Sourcing & Creation. ■ Copywriting & Scriptwriting. ■ Creative Project Management. ■ Event Marketing & Planning.
  3. 3. THE AW/CS™VIDEO CONTENT CREATION PROCESS Video is a sizeable part of what we do, and while most clients are familiar with other types of marketing and creative work, we find that video and visual projects can be a bit more overwhelming. Below is a simple graphic explaining the process from start to finish. Proposal: We begin with a proposal to outline the project scope Pre-Production & Intake: During this process we discover a bit about your brand and get to understand your goals. We’ll also work on scripting, storyboarding, scheduling, locations and other logistics to make the project a success Principal Photography: We’ll film on-location to capture the primary soundbytes and b-roll we need Post-Production 1: Using the footage gathered in principal photography, your brand collaterals, and any graphical, auditory or other visual elements necessary, we’ll assemble what’s known as a Rough Cut of the piece. This is to show you the basic storyline and make sure the narrative arc flows. Post-Production 2: After receiving your initial notes, we’ll turn around what’s called a Fine Cut, a refined version of the piece, incorporating its full complexity After one more round of input from you, we’ll export a final version in whatever file formats you’d like 1 4 2 5 3 6 STANDARD EQUIPMENT KIT DSLR HD or Panasonic HVX 200 HD video with multiple cinematic lens choices Fluid head tripod and/or shoulder mount and/or slide for a choice of aesthetics Professional quality audio recording (including wireless) for crisp, clean sound Multiple options for lighting packages to suit your need All kits include standard cables, connectors and other necessary implements We have a relationship with several outstanding studios for any advanced set-piece, green screen and related work We primarily edit on Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro Integrated with Adobe’s Full Creative Suite
  4. 4. We work with more than 40 of the most talented visual story tellers, most of whom are on- staff with AlleyWire. But we work with an equal number of outstanding additional resources, including motion graphics animations, whiteboard designers, musicians, actors, whatever the need might be. There’s truly very little not within our reach. And if we don’t already work with the best and the brightest for something you need, we’ll do our best to discover them. AW/CS™SENIOR STAFF Neil St. Clair President & Creative Director, AW/CS™ Neil St. Clair is the Founding Correspondent & CEO of AlleyWire, as well as president of AW/CS™, AlleyWire’s creative agency. He was previously an on-air correspondent for NY1 and YNN, and is the founder of VISIT SITE FOR MORE... Josh McBride Managing Director of AW/CS™ Josh started his career after owning his own DJ company at the age of 14. Djing every school dance and Emceeing various events was how Josh began his career. After various internships at major radio stations, Josh finally landed the VISIT SITE FOR MORE... James Protano Art Director James Protano is the Art Director for AlleyWire Creative Services. He holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Painting from Alfred University. James has won several design awards including American Graphic Design Awards and Big W Awards. He’s done work VISIT SITE FOR MORE... Alden Peters Head of Production Alden Peters is a documentary filmmaker and published writer originally from Seattle, Washington. He was trained at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and also studied documentary and essay filmmaking at the Ludwig Foundation VISIT SITE FOR MORE... Thoughts from the Alley: How to Create the World’s Most Effective Crowdfunding Video 3 steps for successful on-camera interviews Thoughts from the Alley: 5 Simple Strategies To Help You Tell A Meaningful Story On Video SOME RECENT VIDEOS & THOUGHTS FROM AW/CS™
  5. 5. SAMPLES OF AW/CS™BEST WORK SIZZLE REEL: ALLEYWIRE CREATIVE SERVICES  1) Sparkology: Most Dateworthy Man in the World Ad Campaign (more than 51k views so far) 2) StudentUniverse: Nationally Broadcast Commercial on Major Networks (also did a version in Chinese)  3) The FitFem: Woman- Focused, In-Home Training Company “About Us” Video 4) Memoriis Investor Pitch Video: Memory is Memoriis 5) AlleyWire: Kickstarter Video–100 Startups | 100 Days OTHER CLIENTS INCLUDE:
  6. 6. AW/CS™: A DEEPER LOOK PROJECT: First-Ever Nationally Broadcast Commercial for StudentUniverse, a student-focused travel agency. RESULT: With less than a month from initial proposal to air-date, AW/CS turned around a :30 spot in both English & Chinese that created needle-moving results for StudentUniverse. PROJECT: Sparkology, an invitation-only dating site, needed to create a kickoff commercial to a major branding and publicity campaign. RESULT: AW/CS envisioned "The Most Dateable Man in the World," concept and created a minute-long spot, which to date has more than 51,000 views. PROJECT: Ultra Light Startups, one of New York's most respected entrepreneurial pitching platforms, tasked AW/CS with creating a video series of ULS pitch competition winners. RESULT: We created a series of interview-style "vignettes" that told the story of ULS pitch winners well-beyond the 10 minutes they get on stage. These have subsequently been used to attract additional attendees and participants. WE'RE ALSO EXPERTS AT LARGE-SCALE, MULTI-DAY CONFERENCE COVERAGE, AND HAVE PRODUCED CONTENT FOR: TESTIMONIAL: "We have worked with multiple production companies in the past, but AlleyWire was the best in quality and efficiency. They learned our business and made our vision for our broadcast commercial a reality without losing focus on our brand - and they did it under an extremely short timeline. They are good at what they do, but also understand the nature of business and end goals of the production." - Christen Luciano, Marketing Manager at StudentUniverse TESTIMONIAL: "AW/CS™ made the process incredibly easy for us. They laid out project deliverables, took the lead on creative planning, and did a phenomenal post-production job. This was a breath of fresh air compared to our past video production experiences." - Alex Furmansky, President at Sparkology TESTIMONIAL: “We've had a great experience working with Neil and the AlleyWire/AW/CS™ team. Ultra Light startups has partnered with them to co-promote our respective programs and we've also employed AW/CS™ to produce video for us. We've been very pleased with the results and the AW/CS™ team has been very responsive and a pleasure to work with. If you need video services, AW/CS™ is a great way to go!" - Graham Lawlor, Founder at Ultra Light Startups
  7. 7. AW/CS™PRICING SCHEDULE While every project can vary greatly in its scope and budget, below are the general guidelines for our comprehensive project packages. Media Training & Management $250/hour Personal Brand Consulting $250/hour Competitive Research $200/hour Content & Thought Leadership Strategy & Planning $150/hour Website Design & Consultancy $150/hour Event Marketing & Planning $150/hour Brand Development & Enhancement $150/hour Collateral & Infographic Design & Development $100/hour Location & Talent Sourcing $100/hour Image Sourcing & Photography $100/hour Music Sourcing & Creation $100/hour Copywriting & Scriptwriting $100/hour Creative Project Management $100/hour TYPE BASIC DESCRIPTION COST/ MINUTE Simple Complexity Live action, straight-cut with some color and audio correction. Basic graphics and music $2,500 Intermediate Complexity Live action, including animation, advanced edits. Medium- level of graphics and music selection $4,000 Advanced Complexity Live action or fully animated. Advanced graphics, custom music, non-standard equipment and location $10,000 Custom Projects These include conferences, special one-offs and other non- standard work TBD N.B. Projects typically require a 2-minute minimum Other types of projects for AW/CS are typically done one a flat rate, but we hope the below hourly guide will be useful for planning purposes. *As a Thought-FULL Partner, you'll receive a 50% discount off any AW/CS-provided services **In rare circumstances, we'll accept services or equity in lieu of payment VIDEO PROJECT PRICING We’re based out of Brooklyn and Manhattan, but have a global network of hosts, designers, marketers, videographers and editors. We have previously worked in Boston, Los Angeles and London, with upcoming efforts in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Austin, and China.
  8. 8. Neil St. Clair President & Creative Director, AW/CS™ 646 470 5714 CONTACT BRINGING AN EDITORIAL EYE TO VISUAL STORYTELLING