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AlleyWire Thought-FULL Partnership

  1. 1. Last Updated: July, 2014 You ARE NOT Just An Advertiser: Becoming a Thought-FULL™ Partner New York | Boston | Washington, D.C. (coming soon) Silicon Valley (coming soon) | London, U.K. (coming soon)
  2. 2. We have covered the outstanding founders and emerging brands in New York for the past 18 months and are expanding our brand nationally (e.g. Boston and D.C.) and internationally (e.g. London) shortly. Our original content is wrapped in two-minute “vignettes” that introduce companies as well as longer special segments that dive a bit deeper. Editorially, we’re focused on content for end-users to help them live their lives more innovatively, but use this content as a “leveraged access point (LAP)” to help foster meaningful B2B relationships between the founders and emerging brands we cover and those that desire a conversation with them. We have recently opened our “Thought- FULL™ Partnership” to new brands outside our immediate circle, and hope you will consider this as part of your marketing plans. This guide will walk you through our thinking and your gains as one of a select group of Partners. Our Partnerships are intended to be integrated, with each benefit building upon the others to form a meaningful Partnership with an ultimate goal of high-value conversions to new business. We look forward to hearing from you. AlleyWire is the leading video-centered media outlet focused on the innovation community. You ARE NOT Just An Advertiser: Becoming a Thought-FULL Partner ™
  3. 3. Of Interest: 1) You ARE NOT just an advertiser, but a Partner through content and multiple touchpoints 2) You will be the exclusive Partner in your vertical 3) You will be joining well-established past and present Partners 4) You will have a personal account concierge to ensure that you take full advantage of your Partnership 5) You will have a meaningful affiliation with the largest and fastest-growing video-centered innovation brand Your Benefits: 1) Access to our AlleyNet™ database 2) Video Content Creation 3) Ongoing 50% discount off AW/CS™ services 4) Co-Branding and Event Marketing Opportunities 5) Brand touchpoints via our social media networks; The AlleyUp™ newsletter and on-site advertisement Krystin Goodwin Director of Business Development 646 470 5714 Neil St. Clair Founding Correspondent & CEO 646 470 5714 CONTACTOur Audience, Your Influence: Business Leaders // Decision Makers // The Next Big Innovators Thought-FULL™ Partnership Offering
  4. 4. Thought-FULL™ Partners are those that intuitively know the value of being thought leaders. Our Partners are highly curated, and we want brands to work with us that add value to the innovation conversation, and tie-in with our brand and our community. As such, we ensure that each Thought- FULL™ Partner is at the top of their field, with an excellent reputation and with something unique and impactful to say. Typical Partners are looking to establish their innovation bona fides or see emerging brands and startups as a unique opportunity for growth and business development. Our goal is to give you meaningful, long-term relationships with AlleyWire, the innovation community and emerging brands–not just to simply raise your brand awareness, but to truly increase bottom-line moving conversions with high-lifetime value customers. Current & Past Partners
  5. 5. Becoming a Thought-FULL™ Partner What You Gain This includes more than 400 c-level executives and founders from companies AlleyWire’s covered as well as investors, advisors, service providers, bloggers, influencers and journalists. This is a network we have carefully built over time, and relationships that we hold closely. As a Thought-FULL™ Partner you have access to this network, which we can tailor into most any segmentation. We are creating a LinkedIn- style database for Partners to access, which should be available shortly. Customized Approach What you gain isn’t simply a list or blast email. We make customized introductions on your 1 Access to the AlleyNet™ Database Of the companies we’ve covered: ■ Time in Business: More than 4 Years ■ Money Raised: More Than $7.25m ■ Employees: More Than 26 ■ Companies Include: and More... Contact Metrics: ■ We add around 30 new covered companies/ month, or about 50 new c-level and founder contacts ■ An additional 50 or so “other” contacts are added each month ■ These 100 new contacts help cover any contact churn and avoid any introduction fatigue or duplication of similar opportunities Our exclusive AlleyNet™ database is made up of more than 1000 curated contacts with whom we have an ongoing relationship.
  6. 6. How It Works As part of your Partnership, we’ll work to segment our network to your needs, and offer: ■ 100 targeted introductions/$10,000 of Partnership spend ■ Anything below $10,000 is pro-rated, and additional introductions can be purchased at $1000/10 ■ Our team will work closely with you to craft your message, event or call to action to ensure the best result ■ Due to privacy concerns we cannot provide full copies of our list, but are happy to let you know if someone specific is contained therein ■ Additional Information and details on AlleyNet™ as a standalone product is available upon request behalf, whether via a simple note or through an invitation to an event or a specific call to action. We require that you not make this a direct sales pitch, but rather an opportunity to educate those in our network. So it’s less “Hi meet Company X and buy their product,” and more “Meet Company X, an industry leader in LLC taxation. They see you’re an LLC, and would love a few minutes to see if they can be helpful” in terms of the tone and opportunity we present. The Goal The goal here is quality over quantity, and to take your lead generation time from weeks to minutes. Would you rather 1,000,000 eyeballs converting at .0001%, wasting time on low- quality referrals or would you rather gain quality warm leads with a natural interest in you and what you do? OUR COVERAGE NETWORK Partners will gain access to the growing network of more than 400 companies and founders we’ve covered. We link our Partners with the c–level decision makers, adding around 50 additional points of access through our coverage each month.
  7. 7. AlleyWire is a unique platform with a singular set of more than 40 video content creators. The goal is to provide you with additional brand touchpoints and create meaningful content to deploy as part of your marketing strategy. As an added benefit, we’ll distribute any content we create as part of our Partnership on and through our content Partners, if you wish. The content will maintain your branding and be labeled as from our Partner; however, we’re also happy to cover you editorially, but must disclose our Partnership. The content we create is video-centered live action, around 2-3 minutes and what we would call simple complexity. We are happy to create much more complex and lengthy pieces beyond this scope upon further discussion. $12K $13K $14K $15K (ROI) 2 How It Works On the open market, these videos would cost approximately $4000 or more each. As part of your Partnership package you will receive four videos/$10,000 of Partnership spend, a $16,000+ value. Video Content Creation As part of your Thought-FULL™ Partnership, we’ll work with you to craft several pieces of education and thought leadership-oriented content.
  8. 8. Samples of AlleyWire’s Best Work Special Segments: 1) Top Listings: Top Three Apps to Get Runway Looks for Less 2) Creator’s Corner: Meet CharityBuzz, High-End Auctions with an Altruistic Bent 3) TechCheck: It’s a 2-For-1 Special… Cocktail Compass v. Happy Hours 4) AWBuzz 1.3: Living in a Robotic World 5) AlleyChat: The New York Government is Cracking Down on Startups, Should You Be Worried? 6) Alley on the Street: Internet Week New York General Assignment Vignettes: 1) Beltbox: Sing Your Heart Out Without Waking Your Neighbors 2) Stray Boots: Explore NYC Neighborhoods on Foot 3) Plated: Delivering Fresh Ingredients & Easy Recipes 4) Kapitall: Online Investing Made Easy, Fun, and Exciting 5) CaterCow: Meet the Catering Marketplace that’s Changing the World One Cow at a Time Interviews, Specials & Thought Leadership:  1) Thoughts from the Alley: 5 Simple Strategies To Help You Tell A Meaningful Story On Video 2) Interview: So What Does Arianna Huffington Really Think of BuzzFeed? 3) Where I’ve Been: Sam Lundin of Vimbly Shares His Best Advice 4) Top NYC Angels & VCs: Famed Investor Brian Cohen Discusses What It Takes To Be an NYC Angel 5) AlleyWire Inspire: Hire Our Heroes–The Marine Corps Trained Her, Now Who Will Hire Her?
  9. 9. AW/CS™ is AlleyWire’s in-house creative services arm, working with elite, innovative brands on their video and content marketing creation. As part of your Partnership with AlleyWire, you will receive a 50% discount for the length of the Partnership on any other AW/ CS™ rates (excludes rates of any third-party services needed). We are experts at creating meaningful video-centered content for advertisements, crowdfunding campaigns, product demonstration, newsletters, etc. but we pride ourselves particularly on creating full content channels and newsrooms to allow for ongoing control and leadership of your most important conversations. Sizzle Reel:  AlleyWire Creative Services  3 1) Sparkology: Most Dateworthy Man in the World Ad Campaign (more than 51k views so far) 2) StudentUniverse: Nationally Broadcast Commercial on Major Networks (also did a version in Chinese)  3) The FitFem: Woman- Focused, In-Home Training Company “About Us” Video Other clients include: 4) Memoriis Investor Pitch Video: Memory is Memoriis 5) AlleyWire: Kickstarter Video–100 Startups | 100 Days AW/CS™ Ongoing Discount
  10. 10. It can prove more difficult to get a client to sign up for a five-figure-plus service with purely non-human, digital interaction. As part of our Partnership, we hope to offer a soup-to-nuts integration of your conversion funnel, including the deal-closing, off-line event. Whether this is a seminar, a conference, party, dinner or cocktail hour, we’re happy to co- brand this and work with our specialized event Partners to secure everything you need. We’ll help manage the process, and ensure that it dovetails with the introductions, content creation and other brand touchpoints generated as part of your Partnership. AlleyWire also throws events from time-to-time, and if we have one of our own, you’ll be offered the chance to be a name sponsor of that event for no cost. Photos of AlleyWire's Innovators Gala4 Co-Branding & Event Marketing Opportunities At AlleyWire, we’re big believers in taking online conversations offline when it comes to creating needle- moving conversions.
  11. 11. While these touchpoints would be ineffective by themselves, we know that as part of our comprehensive Partnership approach that there is an additive effect. Over the course of our Partnership, we’ll craft a series of social media blasts that fit your brand and work with you to distribute them through your most meaningful channels. We’ll also ‘toast’ our Partnership and your expertise in our daily newsletter The AlleyUp™. And while our site only has three ad blocs, we’ll offer you any of those places you wish as part of our standard ad rotation to promote any event or announcement you wish. For specific demographics on our site, viewership and social media reach, please see the attached infographics. 5 Brand Touchpoints: Social Media, The AlleyUp™ Newsletter and On-Site Ads Through these additional touchpoints, you’ll be provided more than 10,000 shareable ‘impressions’
  12. 12. Can You Close 1%? Can you? Through AlleyNet™, content creation, events and brand touchpoints, you’ll have met hundreds of new business contacts and leads. Can you get 1% of 1000? Can you get 10 people to say yes. And, if so, does their lifetime value (not to mention their network effect and the overall brand awareness you’ve created) equal or surpass whatever Partnership value you’d give us? If the answer is yes, we’d love to talk. You ARE NOT Just an Advertiser: Becoming an AlleyWire Thought-FULL™ Partner As a young company, we have worked to price our Partnerships at fair market rates, and look for those brands that want to Partner long-term and grow with us. However, since we are young, we understand the need to sometimes trial a Partnership, and offer this on a limited basis with some restrictions to prove deeper value. We are happy to offer referrals to select current and past Partners as well. For the length of your sponsorship, we are happy to provide you with requested analytics to help you effectively gauge ROI. This must be discussed prior to commencement to ensure we have everything properly arranged. We are also happy to review any contracts from your legal team if necessary, but prefer to use a simple one-page document outlining our various deliverables to create an agreement. Possible Value Curve of a Thought-FULL Partnership* $0 $1K $2K $3K $4K $5K $6K $7K $8K $9K $10K $11K $12K $13K $14K $15K RETURNONINVESTMENT(ROI) *for illustration purposes only, not a guarantee of results 3-MONTH PARTNERSHIP =$5000 PARTNERSHIP VALUE & COST ESTIMATEDCUSTOMER LIFETIMEVALUE(CLTV) FROMTHOUGHT-FULL PARTNERSHIP=$10,000 NETWORKEFFECT OFTHOUGHT-FULL PARTNERSHIP+CLTV =$15,000 RETURNON INVESTMENT(ROI) =200%
  13. 13. All Thought-FULL™ Partnerships are Sitewide *Note that we are happy to consider sponsors for longer than 12 months, but this must be discussed prior to engaging **In rare cases, we may accept services or product in exchange for Partnership. ***If you are only interested in specific elements of our offer (e.g. AlleyNet™, we are happy to offer individuals pricing on these as well There is an opportunity for non- sitewide relationships, all prices are upon request ■ Category or Subcategory Sponsor (e.g. Tech, Fashion, Fitness, etc.) ■ Special Project (e.g. Top 100 Angels/VCs) or Special Segment Sponsor (e.g. Top Listings or TechCheck) ■ The AlleyUp™ Newsletter Sponsor ■ In-Video Product Placement, Studio, Equipment or Style Sponsor ■ Customized Sponsorship Opportunities (e.g. of certain events and video pre-roll) are Always Welcome Next Steps As we expand, we hope, we hope you’ll expand with us into new markets and new verticals. In the meantime, if there’s anything else we can offer you to create our Partnership, please let us know. We believe strongly in what we’re doing, and hope you’ll support it. Until then, keep Living Innovatively. Competitive Pricing Our research of more than 20 media kits and pricing guides from our competitors and peers shows that average CPMs top $100 for monthly rates, and with vertical sponsorships north of $40,000/month and sitewide sponsorships more than $75,000/month.. This is simply to gain “impressions” and not direct access, influence or content creation. 12 Month Partner: $15,000 total (or $1250/month) 9 Month Partner: $12,000 (or $1333.33/month) 6 Month Partner: $9000 (or $1500/month) 3 Month Partner: $5000 (or $1666/month) 1 Month Partner: ($2500/month)–certain restrictions apply Pricing Details Krystin Goodwin Director of Business Development 646 470 5714 Neil St. Clair Founding Correspondent & CEO 646 470 5714 CONTACT
  14. 14. Last Updated: July, 2014 You ARE NOT Just An Advertiser: Becoming a Thought-FULL™ Partner New York | Boston | Washington, D.C. (coming soon) Silicon Valley (coming soon) | London, U.K. (coming soon)