Safeguarding kids with allergies and asthma presentation by @AllerMates


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Safeguarding kids with allergies and asthma presentation by @AllerMates

  1. 1. Safeguarding kids with allergies and asthma © Copyright 2009-2012. All rights reserved. All characters are copyrighted WAG0907
  2. 2. Children’s Health and WellnessAllerMates is more than just a pretty face. It’s a companydedicated to the health and wellness of children. We provide:• Allergy and health alert products• Educational material to schools, health centers and physician offices• Consulting to global pharmaceutical and health insurance companies• Anonymized data analytics and research
  3. 3. AllerMates ProductAllergy and Asthma Alert Products for Kids Wristbands Dog tags Stickers Medicine carrying cases … and moreAnd in Late 2012; MediMates branded products for: Diabetes Autism Cancer … and other children’s ailments
  4. 4. What’s All the Talk About?
  5. 5. Allergies and Kids• One out of every 12 children, or 11.8 million, has a food allergy according to "Pediatrics," the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (2011)• 40 percent of these children have a history of severe reactions.• “Pediatrics” reports an increase in the incidence of food allergies of 18% between 1997 and 2007.• Kids with non-food allergies such as Insect Sting, Penicillin, Latex and Wheat Gluten account for an an additional estimated 8 Million children.• A child in the US has an allergy attack once every 3 minutes in the US. 1
  6. 6. Allergies and Kids• Every 6 minutes a child is brought to an emergency room or urgent care center as a result of anaphylaxis (body’s life threatening response to an allergen)• In the US, when it comes to the underlying cause of serious diseases, allergies are the sixth major cause of disease.• Allergies cost the United States health care system approximately eighteen billion dollars per year.
  7. 7. Asthma and Kids• Over 9 million U.S. children have been diagnosed with asthma according to the National Institute for Health• The CDC reports that at about 1 in 10 children (10%) had asthma in 2009• Asthma is the most prevalent chronic condition in children.
• 856,000 children are treated for Asthma each year in urgent care facilities• Asthma is the most common cause of hospitalization for children
  8. 8. Asthma and Kids• Asthma costs in the US grew from about $53 billion in 2002 to about $56 billion in 2007.• Among children and adolescents aged 5-17 years, asthma accounts for a loss of 15 million school days and costs caretakers $726.1 million because of work absence.• Between 70% and 80% of people with asthma also suffer from allergies.• Asthma was linked to 3,447 deaths (about 9 per day) in 2007.
  9. 9. The Value of AllerMates Product• AllerMates alert products are an ever present reminder to teachers, babysitters, coaches, camp counselors and even family and friends, about a child’s ailment• Caregivers are forewarned and can then be better prepared to watch for symptoms and respond in case of emergency.• They make kids feel great about their ailment … they’re the envy of all their friends for having a bright, fun character driven alert products that their friends can’t wear or use.• Moms love the feeling of comfort and security they get when their kids are safeguarded by AllerMates products• AllerMates products help save lives. National Center for Health Statistics 9