Allen School Career Connection- December 2011


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Allen School Career Connection- December 2011

  1. 1. Allen School Career Connection Education that Works Allen School I S S U E 3 D E C M E B E R 2 0 1 1 Career Services Education that works...even on the subways! On Oct. 25th, an Allen School of Health Sciences student came to the rescue. While Lia Chow was sitting on the train, she looked around and saw a middle-aged woman whose eyes were going up and down really fast. Initially, Lia thought that the lady was having a seizure or a stroke. There were some people trying to help but most of the folks were evacuating the area. She suddenly real- ized that she was wearing her Allen School uniform. At that point Lia said to herself, “I can do this”. Lia got out of her seat and demanded that everyone step back and make some space in order for her to help the IN THIS ISSUE woman. Lia says, “the first thing I did was to take her vital signs, her vitals were very fast...over 100 beats per minute. I also immediately de- manded that someone call a dispatcher and to activate a call to 911, be-Education that cause I remember from Class that if someone has a heart rate with over 1works! 100 beats per minute it is a sign of tachycardia and it could be stroke or some other disease. So while I was holding her hands I also realized thatAllen School her lips were very white. I then held her head with my two hands to 1Gives Back! open her airways because I thought she may be having difficulty breath- ing and as soon as I positioned her head a little back, and a little up andAdvisory Board forward I could already see a little color start to come on her lips. I kept monitoring her to see of any addi- 2 tional symptoms would appear. After 40 minutes the EMT arrived and I finally felt better.” The EMT thanked Lia for taking care of the woman and said that the lady was having a stroke; just as Lia had sus-Medical Termi- pected. “This whole experience has made me realize that I am glad to be studying to become a Medical As-nology Cross- 2 sistant at the Allen School and I am happy to look forward to that day when I will be able to help someoneword Puzzle and to put to practice what I have learned so far. I realize this is what I want to do and I want to be ready anytime someone may need my assistance.“Student SuccessStories 2 Allen School Jamaica Campus Raised $1,345.91 for Breast Cancer Research and the Allen School matched that amount! Job Search Quick Tip: Remember that net- working is one of the The Allen School Jamaica Campus students, faculty, and staff raised over $1,300 for Breast Cancer Research most important tools through personal donations and a luncheon! Faculty members, nine students and their families also volun- of a job search. teered for the Breast Cancer Walk! This was such a wonderful accomplishment that the Allen School also Think about every- matched this amount which means over $2,600 will be donated for Breast Cancer Research by the Allen one you know and School in total! Great job Jamaica Campus! how many people they know. Make Allen School Phoenix Campus Food Drive sure all of your con- tacts know you are The Allen School Phoenix Campus filled 5 HUGE boxes of food, toilet- searching for a job. ries, and baby supplies to be given to the St. Mary’s Food Bank in the Phoenix Area, helping those that need assistance around this holiday time! A Thank You goes out to Joanie Bartman, Career Services Advi- sor, who led the efforts and to the entire staff who participated!! Great job Phoenix Campus!
  2. 2. Institutional Advisory Board The Allen School takes pride in the education it provides to all students. An Advisory Board is a place for the Allen School to review, with industry profes- sionals, the curriculum, books, teaching strategies, etc. to ensure that all Allen School graduates have the skills neces- sary to secure gainful employment! The last Advisory Board was held on November 30, 2011 on the Brooklyn Campus. The following employers have helped shape your Allen School experience by participating in the Advisory Committee Meeting:  Nelson Menezes Vascular Specialist, P.C.  MedServ Solutions  Downstate Hospital  Offices of Dr. Mallick  AFAM Comprehensive Take a break and test your knowledge! Try to match all of the pink  Dr. Picciano cards with the correct green cards!! Thanks to all of the staff, faculty and industry partners who participated! Upon deciding to continue my education I saw the Allen School sign one day. I walked in hesitant at first since I haven’t been in school for a long time. I was greeted kindly by Eddy who is the person that did my intake. At first there was a little issue with the tui- tion but, with the help of Mr. Cruz in the Admissions department the Allen school ac- commodated me. They showed me that education was more important than the money. When I first started I felt a little out of place because of my age. Allen School treated me very well. Also my classmates are wonderful to me which eased the tension, plus the teachers are wonderful. No matter what problems I encountered they are always there for me even on their spare time. Teachers make sure students learn in order to enter such a competitive world. They prepare you with such is incredible. My experience has been great. I feel like I have a new family. Our class helps each other in any situation that needs to be addressed. We even stay after school in order to engage in group studies. We have made it this far through a group effort by working as a team. If I had to do it again I would not hesitate. I am glad I made the decision to further my education. It also has boosted my moral and self-esteem which makes me a better person. This also encourages me personally to let others know that education is where it’s at in order to succeed in life. But it also helps when you have such beautiful people backing you up and motivat- ing you through love and support. Julio Lozada December Student of the MonthHello, my name is Kim Ebanks. Presently I am employed by Carl Anderson MD (Internal Medicine) of Staten IslandNY, referred by Career Services staff James Delaney. My experience at the Allen School has changed my life tremen-dously and giving me the opportunity to become independent and the ability to provide for myself and my family. Ifonly I knew what I know now I would have made the decision long before now. I started working as a full time MedicalAssistant two months before my actual graduation in June of 2011 and have worked my way up by an increase in salaryafter three months and have become Assistant Manager six month after I started in April of 2011. I am not only aMedical Assistant, I am also a mother of four loving children who give me all the reason to make a name for myself, Iam not just Kim Ebanks; I am Kim the Medical Assistant. I am now able to hold my head up for my family and the peo-ple around me. I have gained a sense of self respect that no one can take away. Before I started school I felt like my lifehad no direction; nothing to look forward too and I had lost all hope for a brighter future.Now my life is full of great opportunities, I have a developed self-worth and I am able to help Kim Ebanks, Brooklyn Campusmake a difference in the lives of others as well. The greatest achievement over all is the op-portunity that this school has given me; the knowledge and power to take control of my life I want to express my apprecia-tion to all that had faith in me during my time in school by saying simply to all. Thank you. My life has changed for the better.